Throwback Thursday - September 21st, 2017

Thursday, September 21st


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My favorite things on the pilot. Danielle is alcohol good morning again you know someone who Danielle we hear your work yet. I saw you in trouble we didn't know he knows right now to an Eagles yes I'll look at that invoice for you. It. And my door pull all thing now right yeah well as and don't Iran and Iraq the economy grew up Donna. Okay. All right did. And I am streetwise is audio all of these things happened. In this particular year once history for a loop a little bit but that's because that's when the song was released. So you listen up to these three and then I'll ask you what you're you think that was OK okay Syria. The Clinton actress remember it and gathering of six grand. October and mixing the fuel. Joseph La. Vega Biggio. Ayalon did that show whether we make insulin that shows so it this year. When owner router was caught shoplifting she she she took 6000. Dollars bruised up and our experts released the Christmas song called decline us. And the fairly odd parents started in this year while Danielle I'm clueless and whenever you go first here again. OK so. Fairly odd parents they thinking now around the year that I had my daughter. I'm gonna get 2001. John what is your test that's really. I think it's too heat I think. I think Winona stuff went down the nineties when she was at the high heat of her popularity. He really can killer career for a long time. What you're do you think it was only she's fabulous a stranger things I. And our yards and a sense of caution when I was younger I'm gonna say it happened in 97. Danielle you hit it right I'm not 2001. Nice thing. He has. You know you always -- back to our children as a nominee we always have spent our time line well and usually you figure things out with songs John with us working together so that's why through an curse Christmas song no bigger than I would be that would really threw for a loop Danielle color me impressed ahead. You have a pair of tickets to go see Lee Brice next Thursday at the house concerts in the park. About the me and I am tickets yesterday older you don't know you want him try to you know keep hearing voices.