Will John Eat 30-Year-Old Wheaties?

Thursday, September 21st


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Wouldn't you eat. Thirty year old serial a I was question of grass and I've acetone dumb questions in my life but I did. You're only hear what this sound is. You're about to find out who John Tammy in San Diego's number one for new country K and so and so we are moving her studio is very soon. Down the street but we've been ordered him. Almost of noxious leave well our manager to purge everything of iron ore per usual more time no but you know what people put it off a look at some other people lists nothing's movie so we are at cleaning out our office we got nick and actually brought that everybody has you knowing your office and personal things that you love. One of the things that I have is. A Wheaties box when the Minnesota Twins won the World Series. In 1987. And never opened the boxes and this ensued. You accept them. I'm really sad this is a piece of my childhood when my favorite baseball team the Minnesota Twins. Won the 1987 World Series Minneapolis Saint Paul based General Mills put them on the Wheaties box yeah this is a box. 1987. It's never been open it's a bull it's not good honey what I know it's no good with the collector's item and it's not worth crap you know my son aged below the back of their I don't know what that is how little existing college you know rodent bite but I think you Shelby NC within it. Well is still serial I don't know there's not bug me. Can open OK I don't know what to do. Did so you either to throw where he had taken home. I got to hole but got. I want my got enough on what I got the word. Anything with the cheapest and honey was inserted into eaten athletes who ran mouse no. I went in there. This is this how old is the serial it's been thirty year old Jerry who this up thirteen. The serial. All this time I've got cool off coupon that it would have resolved or Wheaties. This is the one who sent me to a what I say 20% between sets off look. No expiration date I would use out of my god that's really funny you're easy the third girl who fought all of. Say if you have that you should there's no white and red blinking and then. Before. I don't know about I don't variant you're you're like any coverage Hillary got about. Oh my god well if there is nothing if there's nothing in there I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll Gil de currently right. Hey we don't do this is really about and joking this is very important only dramatic for me it's mathematically. It's. Been. Wait Oakland that. What does that. What is that. What is that. Now it's just a burnt. Please look so charming to me all right a daughter got serious trying to. Thirty year old serial Donald Liberia they'll not here is thirty years old. Most of you are younger than this hurdle of how serious. This corn flake or the sweetie. Okay. I took it about Charlie presenting this. But there communion Wafer. This would not chocolate taste like five well thought the whole ball of thirty year old cereal is going to be I can get sickness and I. We'll find out I. Well my some magical memories and Newton first got the clock than thirty year old serial them. And at what else can one day. One a day. Beautiful video on our FaceBook game and the full video that there's more of that growth since it.