Interview: Garth Brooks

Thursday, September 21st


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Long haired middle had that country was catching on when I want and every bar in college. And I heard that song you mean that the younger and more fighting country. As I ever look at some of my life I have no idea what I heard that song that was a big metal that out. That was the first country song I was introduced to and I think I guess I can think of books in my career in some weird way it's dark the clock. Would John Tim specifically Garth and as Garth Brooks joins us San Diego's number one for new country can sell it to wait till that's on display the State's coast holy cow I'm going to be on rail. He's always on time and her coldly angry for us ready for this accurate with hi John Daly. Reporting its gore Kerry got. Ours. Every time I know either Clinton at this early it's the only thing you forgetting that this really reigning CMA entertainer of the year rates yes or oh. Yeah I'll let it go to our pentagon and congress airliner a. Isn't Garth is not the first time we've talked he's at the last comment I hope and we talked to you but I do we do with such a street in temperature in the entire. Power to Garth o'clock O clock this entire hour. Dark o'clock Albany you'd better round here that's good you. Now I've got my get well around here always you know of course it's measure would o'clock here always. Home. And that current glut elect that you. Did this producers step. How are you get hi I'm just I'm Debbie because they eat your heart to Timmy hearted tickets each coach. He's been only got she's going to explode well see yeah and you might never won he's my number two on the list. What a weird because he's my number one. Oh that is to rein in each these beautiful inside now. And adapted to the Swedish guy were acting buddy he's the guy that we talked Meehan. Stagecoach group or birdies when needed but they never got a call from these guys tell me about it eager to move on you'll ever have the like OK I mentioned Walt is so important this. Would not you can Texan and say again I'm Tammy is number one night you can. Yeah well enough. The only woman on the try to do whatever but it did not order a little I don't know not that including wired. Was I was very Jones and go yeah. We are with Garth Brooks. Headliner at this year's stagecoach first time he's ever playing stagecoach and we just found out we can think Keith Urban and that's right drop our guard. Right now the movie it is super popular and I bring this up because I'm terrified of clowns balloons biscuit cans heights. Is there's something you heard Eric Hinske can now. Imbalance is there's something that steers you. No I mean not not the other thing eating habits your children or anything attitude you're right that's right that there's nothing weird. No not controlled congress oh. Yeah I want you. I wanna Coke or mine data where when there's like a bit odd that it was just this is. A Lebanese don't regard to humanity. Only after that what cargo port on until it's weird yes and. A technically. Actually. We are with Garth Brooks Garth isn't our headliner for stagecoach Sunday's headliner and we should mention. A with all due respect to mr. urban who will be headlining Saturday yeah and the guys in for a Georgia line headlining Friday tickets. Go on sale for stagecoach tomorrow. At 11 AM we are so excited and so cart this is gonna be your first stage coach. So this brand new for you I mean what haven't you done. This is got to be kind of exciting free because of that. More than they try to go to know who you know when you when you tour that in a mutual were like that that the page would do when you have everything that. And use that machine that not all heard that we go left or right because which used to big of a moving machine go. Good to change. Their vote but let. No no no look on the place she just go out and get back the music up to the Daytona truck and bill that ensures. Just what people. It is Garth the clock we've gotten good team more time with Garth Brooks Bryant we come back and talked to Garth were a clear up a couple of things first of all. If you heard our approach is basically giving people their dreams during his show. Got to cover that and also have to tackle the legendary by no story of Garth Brooks a 23. Hour long meet and greet with no bathroom breaks how is that possible. At Garth forty those questions answer with John and Jimmy. He'll love that song the river by Garth Brooks it is Garth o'clock am enjoying this hour very much item goes on saying that Tammy. And I'm on a major still standing quite frankly right and as Garth o'clock continues so does our conversation with. The man himself Garth Brooks first on a huge Springsteen fan seeing your shows I can tell that you are as well Bruce for years has taken request from the crowd like you know but the hold signs and he let there rehearsed and he'll display whatever sign he sees that tickle his fancy you've taken that to a whole new level. With granting people wishes that they don't even wishing for there to say. Skip my wedding to come to see you and next thing you know you just go out taking a lie or okay for your couple went into the wind did this start and I can ever imagine what a liberating feeling that must be give somebody a dream like that. I had a big surreal for me I would look at it the other way around to get could be the person. That code you. The effects of your child to get to be the person that looks in that envelope when mom. And that debt does not you know and yet Picchu and they're gonna name the child Brooks no matter what. Good worker you know. Felt to a bit cross breed you can imagine a greater honor than that I wouldn't give that to anybody yet sealed so. So that's pretty cool and I think we're lucky to be part of. You have my dream job not being the entertainer not being a songwriter not being a musician is being that philanthropist and edit it and of course because regard he can't do it quietly although I'm sure you do plenty quietly steps like alternate that's my ultimate goal in life I am going to be a flat wrist Eminem make people's dreams come true and they're not even an always meet. A mere bit not because. Think about what surely have a court appointed dumped me you know nice you know and in vitro or trick it's editor until. Attic he when he more than I do right now Coldwater Creek there ago. Yeah. All right so here with carp was listening to Garth brooks' talk eat it it's sometimes hard to realize this is the number one selling your soul artist in the history of America. Because you're still sold on earth and you still take the time to talk with us and we're never gonna forget that did now a second the I I I needed to clear up to him I've talked about this for years. The old fanfare now CMA fest the story the legendary story of your 96 appearance where you'll. Went to 23. Straight hours. Without a break. And automotive analysis Tonya and I apologize for being crass how did you go to the bathroom I'm being I'm being dead serious god how could you do that. You know my thing was any time you'd hook which is going to be tired at all because these people approved a thunderstorm came through their 2 in the morning look up oh world image. Pollute our problem we will be don't hear an hour. Nobody. Left everyone just trying to poncho and that is like whole week out it proper crew urged. They were in for the night so the longer you may no longer you better be there we are triggered you would be either twelve Sergio Garcia a 23 bit. Egypt's. It's hard at all for it's. But how yeah how. Old. When. Every so so cool and I remember it was nothing of the bathroom did you at least pitches a pound burger something during that candidates used talking with food your mouth you're signing autographs. No matter we didn't because what we ordered pizza for everybody you know they're not cutting each candidate so many people. Then you know you only so many peaches so yeah should negotiate better. It was just great I've got all markets are getting home. And I remember. I think and I should be solved and I was actually before even. To back Tuesday so. Boca grounds Sunday you know I mean until I can ms. meals for week. I like an added total Saturday Night Live skit Garth Brooks at doing that and having to eat in a retiree talks easily be deploying out of his mouth but I don't care. One. Funny everybody street everybody you're wet from sweat or praying we all don't get buggy Jones and it was great that the old fanfare the well I'll try my hundred degrees even indicted you know. That was that was Google's tools yeah I miss those also sounds awesome repugnant it's. I gotta tell you. But in the moment except that Burnett right on here and it shared recurring order. All right I wish we had more time Garth Brooks is coming back again it was supposed to. They'll tomorrow complicit in a world. Whereas there are clowns that tell us we can't look at them backstage. Let alone talk to them backstage Garth Brooks you are one of a kind my man and I thank you for everything you've brought to our format into our world. I love you guys very much thank you Kerry yesterday Paige urged senior. And I am at that. The united Arab. But it did and I. Iran producers just send in the calendar invite him and we want to forget who took a look like a bad judgment when we think I'm doing okay. I'm good I'm doing as. My question on the oldest one I don't think he wanted to these Turkey does have to magician never tells his tricks and the rule of I. 23 hours has been confirmed point I guess 23 hours no bathroom break no food Graham I couldn't be Derrick Brooks and I was like fifteen minutes left. It peculiar that the only. Quickly for five days Rebecca. Is that food cover up after ten minutes about iPods more. I can't expect that as a kid you don't angry. Only doing all right we really enjoy the movie do.