Helping Your Kids With Their Homework

Thursday, September 21st


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Were you ever guilty of doing your children's homework for them I never did it for them I would occasionally help them especially when it was all this big projects do. Tomorrow. But I wouldn't do it form I would sit with them to make sure it was dunks that they wanna hear guiding hand trying to get a lot of us as parents are guilty of of not just kind of pushing our kids this size it's easier just let me do it. Which doesn't help the kids at all but now we wanna hear about whether or not you're helping your kids healthy accusing your homework or just flat out doing it for them at 619570. Number 1973. Jenny is on the naval base thank you for your service Jenny. Carl do you help your kids with your homework. I'd totally do her homework for her because they haven't thought much so much it's like. She's only she and her pregnant and on the big pack it. Are you worry that by you doing her homework for her when it comes time to get promoted to the next level she's not gonna be ready because of that. Now I I don't necessarily do all of that but he had to do like 90% of it. They just so I can get it done. Is turnabout fair play maker two things that leaning out there. And summary young lady doesn't work to do. That's funny bit I think Eric case in San Carlos Katie do your kids or more for them. Am. Not help me out a lot. Homework she didn't really do that he would do or mean. You help me get through that journey and I say navy's seventh grade and I ain't cheap stayed up every night I went bad and weren't there and check out our. I can get through my next market but. Oh my god your mom is awesome. Yet can't. And maybe I'll luck up. Golf hall of that so still my mom I remember very vividly and so bad to a point where I think I'm learning disabled in math. And I used to lake sweat tests so badly I would just panic in fail in my mommy suspend. Cold worse upon. Hours into the butt crack of dawn help me with my math homered and earlier I totally can relate to that. Wonderful call thank you for that moms the best. I attrition north park employee attrition. Well I'm learning a lot of appearance today in what they will not do as far as their kids' homework where were you at with this. I'm well I let them aren't they I have four kids of my county and I don't know if you've ever had the pleasure in common core math when their children. I. Well and learn to Mel says we don't laugh don't Jimmy Carter on match. Weighed about how we alert right. Well I'm hoping my older daughter is now and six great but she won't gotten. This amount that she kept yelling at that the upcoming teacher that a dynamic Egypt at that and I totally just. Lost my temper by guys like well they've. I don't know the answer do you know yeah. And it's it's frustrating because this is how you were taught. And other going against that listen I'm I'm just thinking the lucky stars that I am so bad at math my kids know so much better than asked. They'd ask anybody in the world before they ask me as far as help their map hallmarks though. Early so I learned early. Core math and I thought. I thanks for the call. No problem about Jennifer you do your kids home reform. I went to college and I my degree. And a little work. Helping my left has a mark. Oil Julie yards. Yeah I parent and I don't call me at all that I. Accurate yet give projects. In that classroom. That beautiful act it's. Important peak apathy and Aaron I would Apollo because it clearly out of the parent how it. Half. Yeah you know what you're Miami by cub scouts when it was so evident that did dad's help with the I didn't help with the plan would derby car that is Opel car themselves. And that's how I feel like they didn't get good jobs went really. The other county get. Now Jeanne earlier you said your dad webinar helps you with your homework but he did get engineers to help you with your plan would your request from the way they snippet. He doesn't like helping heal as they what do you guys think my son and I did this. Engineers yeah. Oh I know is Belmont chill was near the car and a one that counted how would your championship they had engineers know little things to enemy. My another.