Wall of Parent Shame: Day Drinking with Jackie

Wednesday, September 20th


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If you've ever done something as a parent that makes she's the only guy animal horrible horrible horrible bad things wrong. You're human being. And people make mistakes sometimes and better news for you you were also eligible to join us in a very exclusive club called John Jimmy's Walter action. Will you become a new member Jackie is about to get inducted with giant MEI sandy was number one for new country KS ON. This little and Brazilians and John in tennis balls parents and it is mostly Dumont because there's nothing wrong with posting in Paris and photos on your sixth grader on FaceBook. I'm hoping now. Remember Jim and I are not only the founding member of the founders but we are the members. As well of Johnson as well apparent change so no judgment here jail not at all. Now there's a it involved without all the really back at. All right Jamie's eyes in the course. Hot hot hot this triple a this regatta here you know judgment Jatiya. No. We have made arrangements all the older siblings he picked up the from all. And now my husband and I decided to put a lot that we never get to do that rabbit thing burying. Well at all and out. And so we went very lunch and wit do you a local place ear and had a couple years and I feel in a little. A little on the better guy. And my youngest child we'll call he had a you at all and end it injured him foul. And I had you call maker arrangements or someone else to pick him because I have he had some drinks for what that I could even at all. Check your being tremendously too hard on yourself you will range for a awry did you did you took advantage of their rare launch out thinking you had no responsibility is great to have. Had a couple too many which most of producers Duff knows a lot about him. And then the you actually did contact somebody else to pick up your kid right out everything I could help. Tell little ashamed and he's going to cool I am now let him but class I. Yes I know it's 250. Now tell you Johnson made up at odds are welcome to John and Jenny while appeared shame on. Mom. You just don't know exactly. The phrase often dump below I'll let it yeah. No this bill will not do well no you know like he's as gasoline maybe put. Now the puma Giles.