Spy the Lie - September 20th, 2017

Wednesday, September 20th


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Camille is in don't need to to play. Good morning today we're talking about scaring our children usher this is the movie it's that kind of prompted this. I did hear a story about a twelve look at that is globally but that's our theme today if respond ally scaring our kids one of us is lying to you Camille. Camille the U ever hear your kids or vice Versa and. I've been longstanding and my daughter now 23. We can carry other. She'd come in late at night and I caterpillar air under it. My climate between the clothes. Senator Lott. And I do you really need to Ireland made Larry silly feature story one of us is lying in and I'll start Camille. At one point I decided to scare my youngest son the same way my appearance steered me. And it cost me a head injury. Come AL my oldest daughter when she was three I couldn't afford a clown for birthday party so I dressed up as one. And scary so bad she cry the entire party. All right Camille it was a slight Cuba skewering our kids. I don't think you. In my life. Camille and I without my deck with my neighbors and talking about our appearance she's just curious when we were little it was kind of evil silently added in my concentrations obsessed with horror movies and switching drink this with the but we are talking about I don't know if your parents ever did this where they put the night on their face and they come in. Are there any looking like mom. Mean it's not. Either maybe it's not as squishy faced and appears to that race and we were laughing about it I decided I was run upstairs I was gonna do the same thing to my son who was probably four races eighteen. For that soil running loft. I look at Michael and he proceeds to. Had me it's little or no Camellia understands grades. I think he's grown into a bye now go agrees with that age it was a watermelon too because arsenic and now. He he. A huge. Yeah I mean huge pieces of solace advocates and it was you shot. Alison Nicholas sustained serious I don't like guys with this ad and I just stood there like that again that's what I get it. I deserved that cubic counters my friend and hold him. I'm old didn't go his plan and well recently settled ticker with up and he's scared Camille. Despite lie and you have a pair of tickets to see Lee Brice Thursday September 28 at the house concerts in the park. Yeah. Welcome to mailed part of the summer 101000 tickets and KS a way with John and Tammy had the right to the Cranium right smack in the middle my head. You could indeed be a persistent. How would not yet not like that no like guys they'll come.