Chef Brad is Back on the Wall of Parent Shame

Tuesday, September 19th


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Are messed up big time is apparent. Don't worry your human being were one of view and that's what we're going to induct somebody that we love very much actually the giant in his wall of parent shame. Not for the first time the making you repeat visits will be produced just husband Jeff Pratt and can't wait to hear what he's gone on at. Oh did he put a hot sauce on the pizza thinking it was tomato sauce and made his kid needed. Maybe that's its we've had that happen in the past you never know. ON presents. John and Sam it's veterans day on the net. Why make them take them out and they're just gonna get dirty again tomorrow. So yeah. I'm. And mom. I love what Walt parent shame involves one of our own that the busiest dead Animal Planet. Right now producers das husband right Jeff Brad how are you tell her we're gonna induct producers test husband chef Brad. Into John jammies wall of period change your story now. Well. Are that are tired of taking all three kids all by myself. Stepped on it a million times got blisters cold. Death actually brags about and likes doing it I. Immunity why you know. I really get out the house I figured out my own strategy at all the different stores which carts to use how to place the three children and I've become a parole and I was so proud of Brad. For doing it finally. Until I find out what happened and I'll I'll go on bell. I went to Hershey store cue ball so hard Grotrian needs. And I got a race car Kart the kids are super excited here. That's what they've allowed the race car are. Got that went shopping gotta have to do everything your everything out list. And I'm putting style of back in her car seat and realized she'd never diaper are human human human. Roll out that diaper or underwear. Believe they currently commands you might command all my god did you find out the Hardaway came up I have a commitment. Oh actually you get. This. And we like putting nothing I erred because she's on the verge of being party but I. She's done have accidents here it's hi all I can you know. And you don't want it to happen in the middle the store. But at a decade and are no I don't believe we've put a damper I don't regret. I you know I forgot. I would have to protest this John Jimmy Walter and she reduction well not really instill confidence and his daughter not forgot to put a diaper on the important is how to Brad feel did you feel like you messed up. It I'm out RBI or McCartney. After dropping in my own mind the she is then. Underneath commando. Berman reports you know our commando. And Ralph. All afternoon see who has the BLI IP. Honestly belongs on our wall I think that's terrific congratulations Brad. Lidge still excited about that. Black number two and number do you remember the first time it was when he left baby Bryce four years ago in that they apartment. By himself only accidentally locked in so far yes I don't have that was so horrifying that. That theory inaudible worse yet.