Descanso Elementary School is Going Gold

Tuesday, September 19th


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All month on KS ON. We are going gold on TS ON dot com and what that means a September is the month where we recognized children fighting cancer for childhood cancer awareness month and joining us right now is the principal of the scans so elementary school they're gold gold again this year with principal Donna Burton good morning principal Donald. Good morning we are having our netcam and different kids with cancer again this year on September 29. He and pleasing girl. At Purdue and meet and their family and fans would as far as. Minimum of a dollar Tony can and can't take to clear their picture elements typical all day long on September 20 I could. I understand this is a special event even more so this year. As you are honoring the lives of a couple of your students Jason Lyon and Riley brands Dell. Yes. We are doing to prevent an honor I'm case in my hands. And also in honor of Reilly grand scale to. Unfortunately lost his battle. Just be out few months ago and I am knowing these employees personally and Howell. Wonderful. That they were are and can't play strong young man named word and Don Powell. Amazing their families are. I thought that it would be just a wonderful thing to do you look at that and and and there memory. You're usually thinking how hard it must be an educator to lose it to a child want your students if it will affect you so deeply. You know it it really does it affect you know personally knowing and you know knowing Kate and personally competent also professionally I was different grade teacher. Hand and then just very close that the Yemeni and then come up with Riley just you know growing up with that and his family with my. You know with my younger on you is I'm very good friends with him and his brother and his family it puts a lot of things into perspective and you know you get need to learn that you know your family is the most important thing that you have and you need to cherish. Every time minute that you have with and hands you know that's the most important thing I did this so called that you know I'm really do hope that. Com by having events like this we get to drop on awareness then and grade them sign for the American childhood cancer organization. And of course that's got to be helpful for the students to who have known these kids or for kids. You know gorgeous a little confused on on what this is what kind of an illness like this means and I imagine that's a great opportunity for teaching is well. You know it really is it says that compassion and and toward others is not as the others are tackling. You know you never know what somebody to arias and and why they look at the way they do are wider acting the way they act. So it is it it's a very good lesson and that can cash and and then just you know making sure that you know where where that you know other put your pride priorities straight even as a trial. Scans elementary school is going gold again this year by hosting a jam and for kids with cancer Friday September 29 principal Donna thank you so much Roy you're doing and it's good to the kids askance or. In such good care. I think you they're very much so we are we really do appreciate that.