Who Did Your Kid Accidentally Call On Your Phone?

Monday, September 18th


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We had a really funny cute FaceBook message sent to a spike his own family member Jenna Jenna. 61957. On number 1973. Explain what happened please. I had message that he would apologize for my real calling it. He usually use this as screen shots. On the recent calls and your like I'm so sorry if it Merrill kept calling you know. It was so there is playing well until he got there really give everything I've always been the island eat not united by minute I don't know. Now leading it through but he won two tickets a stage congressional I don't think. And I wrote this Davis Cup. He called during Amber's show homicide on her way out of Iran yes I'm not sure she actually talked overnight so cute it just reminds me of how kids you know picking up the phone in the weirdest things they call is this is this something needs tries to do a lot. No one but the is not on my ball on the. Well he knows who to call when it's important that's for sure. I thought I would do and you might. Yeah. Oh yeah the only way the thing. Cute little thing it Adobe every night we get all my gosh what happy birthday with his name yeah or hot. Have a birthday Hudson stay off Obama's opponent they'll be in any game with mapping truck but I'm not all of my. I'm surprised as happened the producers that business you have your kids playing with your phone I know I get nervous every time. Rice who's for now he wants to play games on my phone and I just have a look through the App Store and he and he's playing games ha ha ha and organic and obviously don't have it SATA ports just a paint touch to pay. But you know what he does do he does accidental photography with your phone which I am I had surely pictures are really cool his perspective I love it up to share some of those yeah he did a lot over the weekend. Sometimes they're like man but sometimes not all yeah. Our phone number is 61957. No number 1973. Fuji kid call very simple Elizabeth which you can call. I am I don't get. I am. Called her grandmother who lived in Sacramento while I would that are up and then you bring me the final and then. Yeah. Because she did edit the program. That I would need to her. She called grandmother in no time. So loving and it's. You actually get into trouble number. Number. And month sad yes you know being mean to me she's right here hang up. Meanwhile she's a gold a. After exactly exactly and fitness equipment that it is it that Sarah could your kid call. What are you might want to eclipse I might not want to act deliberately. But I'll. I did that happens it's on do they find at least they didn't show up the police in shopping your house like they did with me. When my son accidentally dialed 911 while they are playing a video game in the 911 dispatcher heard I sure don't and to honor god. It was so scary he could have been bad so that didn't happen URL Sarah. Now he. It actor I figured it out. But thank you for that today cooling. Pleasing in your house surmise some whipping into the driveway superfast and that made me a little nervous and so I went to get to ended and I had it open and they came out they were. Very. And and Wesley timid doesn't rain that they were on guard. And I'm like is everything okay and you were beating their guns tolerant and one had his hand on a school serving I don't know what he's coming NCAA Al Ali but the best thing about our stories that didn't happen want to haven't twice. My son's phone for whatever reason if he had it his back pocket it would just it would it would call 911 in the second time they came out there like. Okay we're here again so just maybe shivers on Wisconsin morale when he's playing the video game sound yeah it was very scary. I ELI bunt down now one while biking ones and I had my bout my phone in my back pocket gets my blood dialed nine and won fair and I didn't even know until I heard a voice hello why do you need help public. Comic. It's only her with me hold up a hill I don't think. Really embarrassing enough about it that the concert all right 619570. Number 1973. Put your kids call. From the whole areas of the more refined Leah Harris all right 619570. Number 1973. Food. It's your kids call 61957. No number 197 BB carefully you your kids your phone number of the play with quote on quote. They scenery or 18100 dollars for the dill pickles limits on front it is a what do pickles and nice welcome Johnson in the morning in San Diego's number one canoe country KSL and 619570. Number 1973. Stephanie eighties county who your kid call. She never got much Dockery. You guys we'll never believed they had caught my daughter called dark about a year. Only god. And I don't cloudy honor. And I remember all I bet there are pretty and they're voted number on this. Oh sure sure so she paid attention. Yeah a little bit of both legally and support I've got like a walk a mile and you know. Thought I'm like yeah who caught you don't doubt about it and. I'll tell you know I I think Leland good looking to him he can't. Yeah. I got in my attic crawl back in there are split into the other times the great but my daughter Jeter wanted to know what went in there and you're OK a lot of. I bet you want an. Awesome thank your parents can lose in the go low they Niko is going on the morning. Who's your kid hub. Yeah actually what we can do it was one of my friends in high school. We we're at a house party and someone but I'm not low light. And the cop kinda had raided the house if there's no word yet on any. My guy out regularly dear old tunnel and you bust up the party you're out. Exactly. A how many tickets are given that night. You know actually not being aware that they were at their house call on him and someone you know. Some would endanger yeah. They went there actually bought them RD. Wall around the clock hey thanks ego take chairman all right let's go to in Marie end Anthony is in marine what is your kid call. At twin girls and they have my own a lot. Yeah and then went kinda decided to call my mom when I had picked them early and was in a little cookie. No way yeah. Actually in congress they hit me god. And I don't need. And I'd want to impeach you why you. Did and Barack incidentally I. Real quick like yeah and taking. It. Yeah I mean it's crazy. They can't loss in the past and. What happened to him and when he all the I'm like okay nobody talking high end. And then he wouldn't name and I didn't. And it's not my favorite I'm my own culture they got there and it caught my ax had any apple now. Yeah. He did you know and I'm like yeah. You might the search for dinner and you know. That's where I start conferencing Keith and Ed together allies. Don't show that's hilarious. It pretty I mean hey they're pretty funny girls did they are sharing. Yeah I'm proud cabinet. On people who are supposed to play hooky can get really hot the the daily news insiders you've got to work early to reduce the beach take hold your boss it's. You might not work and getting us the beach. And she says go blow ahead and I'm.