Whose Weekend Was It - September 18th, 2017

Monday, September 18th


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Jolie is in Alpine to play. Hey Julie Elizabeth starting your weekend. My Cairo. And the end but do you are they older is that way it was unusual. And there ninety. Keane when he plan and 24 at the wanna hang out let me calmness this. We pitcher's advantage Alex carried a concert turned it off and Farrior in oh yeah I totally totally get that John is gonna share a story it happened either John producer stuff or me. And your job is to figure out who's weakened what's. All right Julie one of us. Spent the entire weekend wearing the same clothes yeah. We did did that. What are. Saw a computer that has is that out trying to change close with you baby. Is it producers staff. Really we'll have a noticing. Is that actually the case you didn't have time to change clothes isn't imaging well part of it and the other part lately seen is since and why change for the next round about a close did you think it's been a bonnet anyways and until Friday I finally pass out in the same clothes I was hearing all day. Saturday I woke up no time for a shower so he's going in the coming out. I don't clean kids that got me going in and I asked out in those same club and my dollar in the morning so we're. And in my throat. A colossal we're talking spit up filled close in normal everyday sweat after it. Itself. And for three days and no shower through those calls were three to play you'll love this on Sunday when I was Skyping with my sister she's like Cowher is while. Yeah. Only area. There are in and out against free says yeah well that's only areas you email me. You nailed it when it as a general air tickets. To go see leave brace Thursday September 28 Debbie hos concerts in the park. I'm like aren't thinking oh my. Enjoy that Julie is part of the summer 101000. Tickets. Think you're playing Newsweek and was it.