Beat That Weekend - September 15th, 2017

Friday, September 15th


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San Diego's number 100 Hendry can't Selanne when John and Tammy in the morning we know what John's doing this weekend. Throwing up and having a fever but hopefully he'll get better her. It's time for beat that weekend pretty stuff what are you doing all right so tomorrow they're trying to pick it's Oceanside harbor day is still fun and then you know I like a good deal there is a consignment festival on calling it called. Bless better than Black Friday you know I am least concise one howl. The central. I have health. Up outside they'll love it and course here you know in Austin tried beautiful. I am a ticking off four friend's birthday party this weekend expecting to have all night of fun. 61957. Own number one at 973. All right Syrian mission valley beat that weekend. And I am actually going to collect them all in San Diego. Is a whole snacks. Collectible is a 24 hour race and I thank guided by PM. And it went hours so weak so I'm all around San Diego in do you get crazy band like with strangers there. Go to home at shell there's been my serve food and got the win mean Iraq I mean everything. That sounds really fall in yeah not great good for you good luck. Closed Monday and let us know what you did. Who aren't perfect. And maybe we Canty on the op all you're going golfing with your dad how old are you. Old are you good golf hurt while. I. Also coma when did you start playing golf. I don't know. For him. Oh my gosh how cute a snoopy golf sad how cute. Or good you play well okay I'm. All right bite you on the mile.