Words or Phrases You Are Sick of Hearing

Friday, September 15th


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Is this you are so they're a part of Erie pumpkin that kidnapped bite that are in spite are you sick and tired of the pumpkin spice. Are you sick and tired of a phrase or word that people continually use. Giant Timmy in the morning on San Diego's number one for new country KSO and pretty just after you have a word that you're you're sick and tired at home minister easiest the pumpkin spice thing I started thinking how have you heard or afraid he you think on the first okay because nick if you don't even like pumpkin. So Croat army went public hot I do like pumpkin but Halloween but I. Out the whole flavor and then like the popular right actors she likes here with the death thing and so like to all my friends that are still like that Al Capp. I'm really how do you how. Can I not invited to Thanksgiving Day I can right knee and 61957. Known number 1973. Injure or what word or phrase drives you up. Wall crop who got. Allah has. Hate the word Allah they think in northern California being arrogant and include an innate I know what people like California and every time they've they've alert yeah I get every Britain's hard on about a boy now that don't like Ballard. I don't know why I've with a strong pass and again that's worse and people and people can be different context now where does that make it. Ales totally true and it's totally doesn't leak children's girlfriend Gwen Stefani have a song hello good again with no doubt bred dog I don't hear that around him yeah. 619570. Number 1973. Words or phrases you're tired of hearing herself over use Natalie. People that Alex do you bated breath everything like that. Stupid harder yeah do you beta weirder than it I don't like that. Via a toll makes sense that point it is a good point tell what you Josh toward. Dick people paying an average. Everything that it is just dumb Albert too long it nautical word is quite the trend over though grant savage you just some old. And your stride you are to be young. Alone you know I kind of help get John I know it's unfair because he's out sick today by John says two words that drive me nuts 'cause I think he's too old to be using what are they that. The belts now oh that's a good yet he says bounce a lot I'm sorry say it because he says right in advance out Leah says and then the other one is Brad. So we are when Johnson's take I was twenty years ago he could say that John Harry. 619570. Number 197 threes here are those the words or phrases that drive you up all wall. Pumpkin spice you sick of that phrases that. Our friend nick certainly is 61957. Own number one in 97 to read what word or phrase are you tired of people all over using. Ari Farrell's an old beef Ferrell what word or phrase drives you up a lie is ticking here and. On main. Everything is the main thing. And got another adjective that I thought I made. I'm pretty sure we could find a thesaurus and find better words than on the eve being remade and they cube Ferrell. That Tim Canty I think afraid you're about to say it's something that Tammy and I shared guilty. What does that. Adjust and enhance. It and it's something that I do Salem like say an. Me. In that the people in the budget to an apartment. No real patent. Yeah I. The dog jumped over the couch. On Hussein and now. I'm just ahead on them all right thank you let's go to Shiloh and Oceanside Shiloh what word phrase he tired of hearing. Or. Heard. Especially Rick I'm not a teenage girls mouth right. I do and not unlike an article due to the last couple days of doing okay brawl. Comics and in. And brawn of Parker and ending I don't want embittered is. How Rihanna and San Marcos Rihanna what phrase or word are you sick hearing your art. He won all we seen a lot. I am in the military and my buddies there the entire and I have known him and my rare interview without Larry and we have gone through countless pregnant other. Whether or not it is a word. Do you come out on an every time he says it like. Is that. I need David it has gotten that during an argument now. If you just move on irregardless. All right perfect Tim is an alcohol and what Brady is or word are you tired of. Day. And love but don't let word attic. What's going away anytime you know I'm sorry I am think. I don't need to meet the goal later there's. What numbers and account I would not expect at add that expect. Hash tags still wish I. That makes them to order a record day.