Will Tammy Ever NOT Be Afraid of Clowns?

Wednesday, September 13th


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Great news for us horrible news for Tammy. I'm telling people are really loving me. How scared you are clowns in the segments that we don't playing him because it is the biggest thing right now and it features new this curious count of all time it role in saying this is the best thing ever heard of test a picture of our FaceBook page of a clown in grades in a subway holding your red balloon they were on horrifying. You yeah I just yesterday I believe it was in Mexico. Someone was breaking people dresses that clown in the little got her little boy it was asking people for help because he dropped his boat out there and then the clown comes al-Qaeda and chases them down one person was single little boy they just. Oh yeah. And she. To add up. Tammy and clowns best bits ever all of this was nobody at my friend and now this William legit no bids yeah so this is whether one rapping about it. And. I. Suddenly go that scary period only. Up up up up up. I. Many people go to MER KUAE. It's about time they clowns get the break that they deserve you're getting calls a bad name. I'm not it is my paraphrase Bon Jovi you give clones of that night. Not not not at a at a. 61957. Out number 197. Dream Carroll is in Oceanside Carol what's going on. Now candy I know your break down that might yet. Before you are always with the current. Exactly aha. You little tiny. He didn't. On keeping it. And he actually had been on the play at China museum. Think namely big bag and I don't you created it became you go and very well. Kyle and me. I agreed to blame for Tammy beating every hormones. That made it. Tying. Went out and not one that. That are in the army. Would give me are trying. Crap I know there are I've. Met several of them what we've done parades but I just have a thing with the make up it's just right it's just a thing but think of zinc. I'm afraid at all and still come on and wonderful clones and history Ronald McDonald. Yeah do would you be without his French Fries and hobbled Bozo the clown his psychic cookie for all of that or zigzag. Thing right now. And producers staff's dream job is to be a clown did you haven't given name. While I was bubble so I illicit well at the Turkey dinner at my church and I was growing up my god awful horrible thing ever in my life. A legit he's made an up. And my meet are huge for Halloween one year so I was like how well at the Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving time and I'll be the case about why it was chronic Thanksgiving. I don't know I didn't know. Yeah. See you inclined evidence here alone and now Lou we're out there and plays the potatoes. And you get an amendment rights and I had my mom you know. And leave it there aren't that way and they're happy. I mean that. I think it would get an Atlantic. And I think you should get a clone collections that would be Great Britain. I'm sure they are they're just not my thing and literally right outside the key is who studio right now is a small car full ball 35000. That's. A given and make you want him with them actually are why you think your daughter of zigzag we appreciate your call me. Great.