Interview: Russell Dickerson

Tuesday, September 12th


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Mitt Lindh is playing Kia joins country fest Christmas December 9 as is Tyler far Grammy winner Mary Morris. Glen echo. The aforementioned Midland and Russell Dickerson who you're gonna get to know. Right now I'm Cindy was number one for new country KS ON with John and Tim in the morning and right after we're done talking to Russell Dickerson you'll win tickets to kiss Owens country first Christmas. At the inn of our conversation this portion of the show's been brought to by the 99 cents only store. We're gonna have one more humid day in and that's a quote off the bat look for highs seen in the seventies and eighties Russell Dickerson is a big hit with the song you'll or is he of course is also at cancel his country's best Christmas December 9. We had a good time getting to know Russell he opened up a foot Georgia line on Saturday night. Arrow in our area all iPad. Dagger and a half I can understand you all you need to Tammy there's two. We are with Russell Vickers and Russell Dickerson is just got done an opening for. Tens of thousands of people right now before Florida Georgia line takes the stage possibly millions maybe even Miller might have been a million people. Or dudes we always overestimate the not a maybe ten million. They're Russell Dickerson is playing RKS when country first Christmas. December 9 this is by far the best deal in town I absolutely because it's buybacks for twenty bucks series leaked forty books. An understudy or anything like a time of Lao Tse when he bugs used to get paid if that's not a bill I don't notice. Publicly back to San Diego in December any reason to be out here. I don't care we're digging holes I will come back to San Diego to hang with the RA wanna play around and never have I ever aka Barry you game. Yeah okay. Never have I ever. Eaten food out of the garbage. I have not really never have I ever use the women's room when the men's room lines too long time have done that absolutely go to way too many truck stops. Old and a man I've been bill almost every trucks up and America and if there's a line. Sorry sorry gentlemen I'm going in the women's off the game you go which state has the grosses to rest area bathrooms. Worse problem I don't know all of them I mean there's like they're the worst in there and there all the worse or an answer yet. I I live by the way FYI Starbucks path that there was ever oh yes man get a little cold brew get a nice little. I could do this all day kind of never have I ever. Tried on lipstick. Alia I've definitely done that yeah for sure I really nurture yourself because those like kiss and a girl you know and like I was on my lips Russell Dickerson. Not really many thanks young gun violence whenever.