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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego a public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. The zero the end of prostate cancer is the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer. Zero advances research improves the lives of men and families and inspires action. Joining us this morning is zero California chapter director Vanessa Peterson. And Genesis healthcare partners director of marketing Rhonda Gilmore welcome Vanessa welcome Ron. Good morning thank you for having. That's seven both of you on the show today zero B end of prostate cancer that's long name it and tell us tell us a little bit about easier if you would of an asset. Sheriff. You know whereas just over a twenty year organization. Be really started and as a collaborative effort in the community and as a national prostate cancer coalition back in 1996. I know they're actually modeled after that breast cancer coalition you know breast cancer has you know it now is everywhere. And we're working hard to try and be everywhere swelled with prostate cancer so yeah effort the past many years. We've iron and grown and changed in the space we started. Really is an advocacy organization. And being the face of prostate cancer to congrats and I am a testimony from survivors and those that lost. Loved ones of this disease Ammann over the years we've changed in Pratt programs that the community. Brought local offend some people can and take action. Now in over forty communities in the US and continuing to grow today. So he's injured you're in over forty communities yes and that's through our zero prostate cancer run my program okay. Give other chapters is your year DM chapter director here in California. How many other chapters are there yeah well we are a small but mighty organizations so and they are our tech and these three other chapters so myself you're in California. I have a counterpart in Texas that works throughout Texas and Oklahoma. And then as well some networks out of our national office and Alexandria to handle Stan the mid Atlantic area. So land we are a smaller offensive whereabouts when he person operation. What went corners and Alexandria Virginia. And that's that's your view arranged and cross country correct we have national programs and our scope of work and does cover the US but. Our chapters you know like myself. IA. Really focus on California and Utah. And I can make my counterparts Texas and Oklahoma and and my aunt bare kind of partner the minute mid Atlantic area. Covering some of the seats like as Virginia the Carolinas Pennsylvania. But you are run block program is really how we can get out in the community a lot of them are and let fridge. Other applicants and our champions across the country he's spread awareness so the run walk and is is. That takes place in a lot of a lot more areas and then your chapters yet I doubt it's exactly it's it's our way as of being where we can't first staff and so are run our program is really how we've been able to grow as an organization. And it's a unique model because we partner with large urology groups in over forty cities I think this year it's 42. And these urology groups really take ownership of the event and make it their own in the community with partnering with zero. To produce an event that you know brings people in the door areas Texans take action and were able to answer is zero to ten. Obviously subpoena whether raising funds. Who they're raising funds for and how they can take action outside of the grandma. What is the mission and of a zero I mean I think it's in your in your. Zero the end of prostate cancer but can you elaborate a little bit more. Yeah absolutely yeah so exactly are our mission is to create add generation zero arms Sonoma and one half T suffer from prostate cancer so really. Our mission we'd do a lot of Africa see. Works and we try to encourage actions that we give people the opportunity T have the voice response action alerts through your email. You know telling a senator senator support whatever it is that initiative that we have and we have education. I'm so we have the very comprehensive website. About prostate cancer risks. Treatment option n.'s latest advances in research what's going on in the news I am we have educational webinars that we have typically quarterly. And then just the awareness he sees through our landmark program. And through our system media and various other programs that we've done over the years so really our mission. I receipts and prostate cancer is through and abacus C the awareness. And education piece and I think it's becoming more. People are becoming more aware of of prostate cancer over the years I've seen an increase in him in myself it myself as far as hearing about it more. And and that's and that's that that's really kind of our biggest. Saying they were trying to work on is putting a toy see it that it's happening and it prostate cancer Texan won any men so this is seen incidence rate as breast cancer affects women. But you know women we talk about our health we talk about what's going on and see hear about it by the clintons who are you know the committee member is producing the events. Kind of doing everything so for men. This is affecting men at the same as breast cancer that we're not hearing about it we're trying to get men to talk about it retained at the women's talked adamant about it. If the women to talk about it and the more the week. Talk about it input a voice to it and make it seem okayed to speak about and hopefully more men we'll talk to their doctors and maybe talk to their family members about. In reference and a family when should they be tested. What do I do if I do get diagnosed my buddy had a media could talk to him to support him are asking questions that I'm going through it found. We got to get the guys opened up below that mark how long have you been with that zero. Only about a year and a half that organization like I mentioned before is as small and so. Because of fire pretty quick growth and are run walk program that's only thing going for about ten years. The identified areas that we've had so many events and release saying okay we need local boots on ground we need somebody here who can take the opportunity ends. Meeting individuals and who want to help out meeting. Patients he may need further information and am fining people who work at a company. That could educate employees about passing cancers so and they started a chapter as we said the chapter program about three years ago with my counterpart in Texas. And then they hired me about a year and a half ago and then my colleague in the mid Atlantic and the by the Erica. So it's a railing amp have you always worked in the nonprofit. Yes I have nonprofit arena a hot. And and what what drew you to to this organization. My my first kind of my foundation. In nonprofit work with actually with the American Cancer Society. Out here in LA about twelve years ago tonight I have been in the cancer space and nonprofit health states for several years since and and while American Cancer Society does a lot of great work for a lot of cancers. Pressing cancer was always planned that and it and you know her and share many reasons wasn't one of the priorities and and so when I was looking for or other jobs and seeing what was out there when I found zero. I thought it was exciting so you know I I was aware of prostate cancer incidence armed men weren't talking about it you know I felt it was very important just for me personally and and having a prayer and some can get behind. And I thought it was great as hero was focused as a prostate cancer. Was the place for it and I could see the opportunity as a small organization to help. With my background you know working for big charities and what I can try to do you hopefully you know here in California to fill the chapter and and to build some more and local support. Now that the survival rate for for prostate cancer. Isn't this the that this pretty good survival rate for it especially if it's caught early right gap. Which is which is interesting because yes it has and has a very high survival rate if caught early but different testing for it. Symptoms don't present until later seats disease. Therefore you know men have more complications and the arm and a survival rate goes way down so. This is where we're trying to come in with the bands like our run Watkins hero you know and community to. Hopefully get men aware to think about it stick to talk to their doctor to get tested early so we can catch it currently. Before the survival rate goes down. And how many people in California and in a manner are diagnosed each year with a is estimated at just over 141000 men will be diagnosed in California. And this year such when he seventeen as statistics and with an estimated. Just over 3000 men will lose their battle to the disease. So right now it's about every twenty minutes and minutes tightness and and on the research front or things don't we we make progress. Yes alleys making progress and zero what does that mean initiatives that zero. Works on every year on the national level is to protect the finding of the prostate cancer research programs at this is the specialized program for prostate cancer out of that department defense. So there are many disease specific research programs out of that DOT that many people don't care about. And I actually wasn't aware semis or even with and I am background in cancer related causes. I'm so the DOT has a pretty aggressive. Research program since zero dissented every year and tries to increase the funding for that program. And because a lot of different. Treatments have come out of that program even within it we had three in the past six years. So there's always something new it which is fantastic for men. Something new is always coming out different treatment options had to treat the cancer to think human therapies. Immune therapies. So are heading in the right direction that we always always need more help. Cosmetic you're 0360 program. So this isn't and you initiatives Flores. That we've been doing for about six months. And this is essentially an extension on the medical care at that one would receive from. Their doctor's office or that the hospital where they're getting treatment it's like our patient navigation programs so once they leave they might have further questions about. What their treatment options are or. I had those you know how to like filed paperwork with Medicare where I am you know and some heat from my job. Because I'm missing time tricky now. What am I right it's how to try to look the support group is there an enemy and I can talk to news that's going to the same things that they can call and tell our hand and 0360 program. We have a dedicated patient advocate for that individual they can call back as many times that they alliant. And that person will help them with whatever it me Snead and we get some case reports back. Tennessee you know women are calling and for how long is easily take how many questions you know how many hours I spent from the patient advocate for this individual and it's and it's. Pretty interesting and an a lot of feminists it's it is focus on questions on like Medicare and you know meet the financial assistance as they're having trouble paying cocaine. In a medication co pays we can separate fat and I heard what he said he which is kind of fascinating that this individual app kit that. Is helping hand that patient will sit on the phone with Medicare for like an hour. Just to get an answer and look at the paperwork printed and sold out within a pitch on Henican for them. So it's ears how can we help a man overcome the hurdles with treatment and paying for medications make it's expensive so. The 0360 program is I mean it's priceless for air. An individual or for their family that's going to ask what's the age bracket that prostate cancer. Typically presents itself and a man I'm so I mean it's not a typical anymore but it's you know it's it's always thought of as like an old man's disease that really isn't. Anymore but and you know can present itself. Easily over the age of 65. You know for fifteen as news. Britain and since rate is higher. But there are men who present disease in their forties and kinsey and thirties so and depending on the aggressiveness of their cancer it's typically a slow growing cancer. But I know of one volunteer that I have here in California that he was tightness of 63. Which means it's cancer been growing in his forties so you know he could have caught it earlier heartache and doing some screening earlier. And you mentioned that they had symptoms don't present themselves. And MI they'd do it can sometimes be may be too late right can we talk a little bit about symptoms and and and how it's diagnosed prostate cancer. Typically can be diagnosed through either PSA test if they notice the TSA is right things. You know as its primary care doctor they are noticing the PSA levels this is Derek you know checking it every year. Imus it's going up both her full are. It's doubled to over the last time that they've received a PSA they would refer them hopefully typically two meteorologist and you know I can talk about the next steps but say someone's not getting their PSA checked arm or a doctor maybe could do additional rectal exam. Where they are actually able to feel the past and in need to check for enlarged prostate for a mask. Cities are just ways that they can just check and say you know maybe something's going on here what we need to look further. I am which is ready or out Sicily comes and says to help further and to identify if maybe they need a biopsy may be a need another PSA. Meeting need to take a little deeper seat with a family history is you know but sometimes symptoms can present. Decreased urine flow. May be having a large pressed me. I don't run I mean you can help me with some idea there is some. Worked out an injunction and things like I'm after the patient has been referred her urologist and after that initial testing our. If there's. Suspected of recurrence. The patient is possibly refer to our prostate cancer stunner. Where alternative treatment is offered. And I'm different forms of treatment toward that. Particular disease you not I've had I've had a couple of other people on the show before we talked about prostate cancer and I think. From what I remember from Neman and personally as well that that just because you have enlarged prostate doesn't necessarily mean. You have prostate cancer right that's correct but so what what kind of treatments are there. When you're diagnosed with prostate cancer or after you're diagnosed. There are many and has there. There's an awful lot yeah I had any on the patient. I mean you can definitely go to news that zero website and Anglican C and it depends too on what stage they iron. Say it's you know it's fair that you have a positive diagnosis that could be early stage. Maybe they've identified that it's slow growing cancer. And it's a decision that team attacked and that patients may be going active surveillance. Which means this is kind of like a watch and when he went to go back for repeat PSA and just kind of keep checking in. They could identify its early stage but it's an aggressive form of cancer because luckily we have really great. Testing and you know people may have heard of this through breast cancer therapy airing cancer exit exit to check any picketed genetic testing genomic testing. To see if it's an aggressive cancer Kazan that would really decide what do I wanted to hear it's the guy that actually got to do something quick if it's a slow growing cancer OK let me. You know take some time to really think about this in the press it was going to be removed. Off most often. That's another option. Right there really isn't very DN being there and various different treatments for this this cancer exactly and depending on what stage it is TF it's a later stage disease there's certain treatments that are just. I mean not an option. What about risk factors is is it's hereditary. Yet that's another risk factors is Stanley history and your age you not be serious about her older you get. Race for African American men are diagnosed at one point seven times and greater and and Caucasian men. Also if you're in the military and had exposure to each and. Or inch that's out a risk factors out. Now Alaron you are with that. Genesis healthcare partners. That's a little bit about a Genesis Lira a large multi disciplinary. A medical practice here and saying accompany. We have over thirteen offices throughout and county of which seven are urology office says we have a prostate cancer stunner in San Diego. Three radiation oncology offices and then two guests and technology offices. You'd you also have a foundation to rented the Genesis healthcare partners foundation tells that that is correct and we're very pleased to have had that all tied down about a year ago. The Prostate Cancer Foundation. Is actually sent in that we use them and we partner with zero. For our upcoming want that happening in September. And with those proceeds from the out Locke were able to. Use that money to help educate men and women. Who have been affected by this disease. These patients are exposed to their options about resource isn't dealing with this disease and also you know help them navigate to the net indicative. Complex rolled it can be at times of insurance a financial support. On the emotional support during this difficult time in their lives the foundation also supports. Dozed that are in need so we would be producing things like a screening clinics and things like that which we haven't actually had a chance to do yet. But for now the symposiums and by far a we reject our own client base will be reaching out more to the public in the years to come. And this is where the survivors and their spouse come and we educate them again on. The latest in treatment and I'm cutting edge things that. That we are committed to helping them fight this disease and talk about screenings you basically talking about PSA test cracked visitor to surf there are definitely. Areas containing a penny which are densely populated dinner and snide getting in getting screenings to chino are so important McCain and and you hold symposiums. How often of those held their help once the year. For prostate cancer we hole also hold 14 over after black hair for women. And does this Fleischer we have one in June and we'll have another plan into Disney teen in October and. Zero also of the NASA that you have a summit in in DC two division is that bossier. Yeah that's what C area as civil Leann. Fly out about a hundred applicants a mile across the US that we typically and look at can we have a high and high target areas where. Peterson congressional leaders and that we need to sway in favor of whatever our priorities are ever asking them. To vote in favor of that still have advocates come out we'll do a boot camp. Kind of a date what Sarah's up to. What are the latest and greatest in prostate cancer I'm going on right now we work with the lobbying firm that Billy kind of trains the individuals about how to make ask what are our priorities that we will be talking to. On Felix officials about it and interior appointments and civil stagnant and the help. And to our visits and talks and about our priorities that's usually the first week in February. That's talking about before about that prostate cancer research programs that's our we're always every year I mean parity as you know. Making sure that they vote in favor of increasing funding bringing Romanians video do you support that program. And this past year we are talking to them also bouts and upgrading. The PSA test. From a SC which Aaron. You know for a heart still complicated to get NT but there's a task force called the United States repetitive task force that grades. Screening tests like the PSA like mammography and colonoscopy. ABC or PSA has been at. Which essentially means do not deal. So when you take that away and it can cause some confusion around because this happened this is you know of the past ten years is that it's a lot of confusion of wonder like if the PSAs covered. What needs to talk to my doctor went away DO. So it's been graded. And yes making progress on the right direction and so it's like see your doctor to talk if the USA is right for you and it does depends on. You have to family history what your agent let's erase what's your exposure in entities and orange like I mentioned before. The sun I was very affected this year but isn't there a lot of funding that was supported right after the summit it was some legends legislative. Changes were made right after the summit of right so that was the that was for the prostate cancer research. Programs so that it's. Kind of confusing it's don't know what was going on with that approving the budget but that increasing funding at ten million was actually in response to our work from that when he sixteen summit. So we of the budget for the fiscal year seventeen budget was approved at that clean and I am whenever it was and may. So we got the funding basically for our for last year sent and when we're talking this year in February. It was to keep refining and ninety million for the past to cancer research program because in our minds this is before it was approved we've got a few you know it's gonna be approved we're optimistic so we're gonna just talk about 4 am the next year's budget to keep it at nineteen million. But I think it was helpful that because of we had just been there that it got approved for the ten million and for the fiscally assessments and that's it. Now is is it recommended the forum forum a guy. 55 and over. To get and I know you said the PSA count it depends. On your immediate family background and and other risk factors but. Generally speaking is it is it advice for May and 55 and older to get a PSA every year. Well that's where it yet that's where that day US yes yes that's housewares and pensions and had upgraded it to seasonality. You know it's like 55 an and a fair. And zero we recommend earlier. And by you know anybody can go to our website in and says syrup cancer that work and it may be lookup a little bit more about him from Cyprus back. There when I look at tested. But really really is to say talk to your doctor at that individualized decision continuing a physician. So you have a lot of good information and on your website and running that risk factors and such like that yet Tynes more than Cutler any input. But what an evidence we have a lot of information on our website I'd say you've got a big big event coming up here we've got a few minutes left let's talk about that. Is your zero run walks September 9 is the date for that. How many years you've been doing that here in San Diego. This'll be our third year actually. It's only been in San Diego for three years and we are happy and very proud to be able to hosts that. Here in San Diego for Cerro and and that Genesis healthcare partners main sponsor of the event that is correct. I'm there will be held in deanza cold this year as it was last year. On the great place easy place parking have to pay for parking. We start promptly at 9 o'clock usually are are a participants get there. Good hour early we have a wonderful warm up guru that comes in and just really gets the crowd going. Last year we were able to get some television coverage it is really awesome so I think we hello over 400 people their lashing the before that we only had about 230. They are growing in and it's a five K right that's correct. And I understand you have a a one mile walk as well. Yeah of course we we we typically get a one mile option of most of our events fool our people who just get scared me BF five K which is the 3.2 miles. Or for patients to launch a shorter distance arm and we also had kids stash. For a dad senate disagree here at hit stash for dad where. The children nine an unfair can run a shorter distance they getting K with the red tape that has a zero logo on the back. And they can't have run in support of the superheroes and their lives. And it's always a favorite part is the events and it's a way to get the whole family involved so children can trying to perfect their parents confront their kids for fifteen dollars for kids at the cape they get to run I have so much fun. And then they can and still be able to participate with their parents in this main either site care what mile event and for those that. Want to participate but can't participation. If you have something for them as well right if yeah are those that you know are trying to say they don't want to we still get that option at this news for dudes so it can't see there they wanna be on a team that they don't live in San Diego whatever that whatever their reason. They can still sign up. I'm for 35 dollars they can register for the snooze options stay at home we will send them a share in the mail. And then they will still be given a fundraising page two news tennis solicit donations from friends and family in some part of the event. And in what is the registration fee for those that are participating. NASA says the fight Kaye is thirty and the white malice when he. And each participant gets me shirts some with some nice when it as an athletic path shirts. This is units produced at the locker and is quite overwhelming it's gratifying to see the families and patients who walk. For and in support of a loved one it really it's very overwhelming to kids dash I think I tops it off because you realize it. This disease is not just affecting men it's affecting their wives and children. And it's. It's very very gratifying to watch. Yet disease like this doesn't just affect the person who passes it affects loved ones friends people around them Bryant just like us you know our breast cancer counterparts that have been doing it for years you know week. Our offense are also weighed sediment to connect with other men offensive virus at a lightly shirt this year the participants aware let's head dark blue. Shirts the can identify who the survivors are in and the guy is you see them connecting with one another and it's just a way to see that they're not alone. Or those who are a little bit more outgoing. Easily half a couple of at the kids at each race that you know saying hey can you talk to that guy. Indiana has Stanley with a little worried about hand me to hit some questions and it just to get them connected it's seeing me do a little bit kind of in the castle signing and it it it helps. Have always heard just positive things after the fact not only from a family that's from them and saying thank you you know it may be filled not alone. How does that not east talking about and reaching out for help for. Just venting so there. Buddies there's a very I'm moving a portion of the race where we do hats ceremony for survivors. In your handing those out and it's it's very very touching to watch that for those men to come up and get those cats and you know identify with the fact that they have been dealing with this disease and how they're handling it and how well they're doing or not doing and it really is quite movie. Yeah and actually and that brings up a complaints at this year over its evening in conjunction with attic caregivers ceremony. Because like you let run I was mentioning that it doesn't just affect them and it affects the whole family in and those who are caring for them so. Care givers it's I've seen men wearing them women kids and they look at a purple sash that says caregiver. And that's over really well at some of our earlier events that I had in June and July that they Wear them with pride tee because they had this happened sedan they are going through it just is matches and is the man. Absolutely and then our symposiums I think this last year we really did we had a guest speaker coming to talk about intimacy issues. And it really resonate with a lot of the people in the audience I I saw couples. Moving closer together and looking at each other and you could see that was resonating with them and that was really a wonderful thing to see because the women come and you know it's a little about the men and they're sitting and you know that there are dealing with some pretty intense issues right on the other side of that dark. As far as registration. Can people registered the day of the event if they don't do it ahead of time yeah of course of course we'll be with and I'm there by 730. In a cemetery to just about 9 o'clock let me get started attic and buck up and registered its five dollars more. On day at both. But they can finance pants okay great and and what what is your website and can they sign up at your website as Europe. Yes I am yet the best leads to fight nerve ends come along and I'll give both say can find out more information about zero our organization and zero cancer dot work. Let's see RO cancer dot or not they can science that run block by putting in their zip code. To finally near them some ethnic parents in this area or maybe they'll be travelling make it fine by and went on vacation I've had people. Do that before or they can go to zero prostate cancer run dot alert for a slash ST. But for San Diego. Spokane and are you on social media zero and the walk gaffes yet we are all over social media time we have. At pizza on cease. In sticker and we are on Twitter so it's at Sarah cancer. Our hash tag is and prostate cancer and then we have peaches for the San Diego race we have a separate group to strip the from a program. But you can find mystery at Sarah cancer okay. And and real quickly again proceeds are apportioned proceeds go back to that Genesis healthcare partners that is trek to the foundation a vision for education and on screen and things like OK great and Rondo website for Genesis healthcare pardon my Genesis health dot com. And are you on social media we are on all of them Twitter. Face. We usually boost up right now you can just go into our FaceBook account and actually register from there as well. And what else we have so we have Twitter Yelp instead Graham. All right well pretty. Finessing and Rhonda thanks so much for being on the show today. Thank you for all you do it does zero and Genesis healthcare partners and about with a walk. Thank you very much thank you some acts. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veterans San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a cup San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from saint metal and so he says until that I'm Jerry Lee have a great week.