Friday Famous Face-off - September 1st, 2017

Friday, September 1st


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Attack. Eric is indeed it was my partner Eric good news. All things football since football as well football fever has hit. A and I really isn't anti good morning Healy. You into and we are partnering up this morning. Re going first it's your core. I think our Heatley we have everything has to do with back to school so just imagine yourself getting back to school and what you're gonna find around. Don't be afraid that you read that this is what can carry other books and notebooks and this is the person who educate the kids in the classroom. This is apparently to play. A carry on. And this is what you measure wins. And this person in charge at the school the big person and opponent. And this is what you write in. No spiral and this is the noise that John just made. It rings in his now yes now I realize this is the thing that takes something away if you written not you can take it away with this great. Yes. Some schools make kids where everything the same article called Bart yes. This is this is tightening you go on the world I went on its. At bitter yes. This is not the regular teacher body. And yes in the little pockets it's not a camp and it. I. Yielded real well Haley you Tammy Lynn vision. Now when he was older. And older guys are way too Kane Eric in Escondido high now. Good morning Eric we are you twelve right today. Well. Businesses that would be easy with particular president and instead Erica look you know to pass and can't. I did all things football he goes the exact middle of the book football field the no god know what's it called the idea that this person who's in charge of the team. I don't know under the yes this land where my head's gonna get hurt. And a so yes does this for three point. 00 yeah I'd until rivers who in my. Quarterback yes and I Wear this every time it's my team. Name or the whole thing pants Jews. Airport yes. The reference to a flag I just commit today. Oh yeah on the guys on this and at the bugle picker but the other guy that kicks on the team. Yes seven points is a Miller is a kind of beer yes. I play that that the Qualcomm has got to the football. Yes LaDainian Tomlinson was this kind of player running that this is the exact middle of the game it's called. First of all seventy points is not international to the American League is not a regular. Can we get it right we do you would totally call me out on net you got twelve real and the field goal this horse field goals could be a oh. It was a really good and very fun the guys were free. And home I'll center with a pair of tickets to the doll Martha club. Enjoy that well it's on. The last weekend incidentally so get out there and and been on the ponies in the meantime as the summer 101000 tickets both you guys have a great weekend thinks was in John Tammy okay and so I'm.