Friday, August 25th


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Hey Amanda beach that weekend. Kite Don. This weekend I am doing a big. Event Al at the plate I volunteer app and a volunteer high caliber portrait you out in valley center we're going to have to food tax babble that. Babble about barbecue in three at California are coming out at yeah. And I'll Wear out but when you have eight local band playing that week and I'm like how are and where. Shelling op and our pastor talks that are available for adoption suggests that may add spending from eleven at I've yet. Perfect thank you Bobby that weekend. Going to be on. Order laying it on our back on. Yeah they're beat that weekend what's your name. Ronnie go ahead be a weekend. I looked at number 10 in the morning result today. They do act edit them and urged you know I think what a lot of nice. And do I don't know what we're let up a blade or is particularly at guerrilla Democrats. Nice good for you illegal birthday actions and what did their to lose when it's pretty. Have fun now all right good morning John and Jimmy V that weekend. I'm yeah. It's a popular call. Policy and a one of the boats. Not if we don't like and they can't I went there. Hope you'll love yeah. Jealous you can't blame I can upgrade very Smart call see you later.