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Friday, August 25th


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He although John party. Answered the shroud off the and the mass. And his latest single heartache on the dance floor. John party the last time we talked to you with stage coach. And you were super tired and try to gather your trying to gather your energy for performing. I have a feeling that you've got a lot of rest since then a pickup. Truck. Now all you. Error or earner job of we looked your phone right now what would be the goofy is pictured you open it up and open up your photos and go to like I don't know. Photo number six what is it. Problem John you do the same wall opened up our photos and find out what food and sex get murdered who or. Hand me and I wasn't into the B or 560. The evident adept. Live here. Obama at the picture of my mom Bulldog. Alone. John what is your photo or number six my photo number six is of this unbelievable morally spider. That was the that was making a web in my backyard and the web was like is big is a billboard it was the most amazing thing I wasn't scared watched that spider make the web for like an hour John party which really shows I got no life but what I. My sixth one is a picture of a T shirt. In on it is a round ball more with the letter F on it F bomb like F bomb got it. I'm John UN John wins the mom Bulldog always trumps everybody else so hey man this tour is almost winding down how things Betty I think is surely you know standing out as a highlight. This year well the big year for better. And I think all of us being together. They hit like a big year all of us I think where it celebrate now well was out on it worse than. Everywhere we play with great who have always find subtle manner that would that sound like it to her immediate year. We know that you've toured with Turks in the past is a matter of fact I've got a very vivid recollection. Of Dirks Bentley standing on the side watching your set the last time you guys played a match is from have a beer grab a couple times ago I remember exact dates but. You only see them very often Dirk is like hale talked to guys a second but I'm watching my pal John party and I thought that was really great idea I ever other stories we're. You don't even get to talk to the headliner let alone get to hang with them and have them watch your sets. Yet now under is great I'm and we all know what they're there. You know we we've done a lot more acting. Like together need to or Spain volleying. Yoga. I just I had an interesting image of you guys covered in paint from people while doing yoga poses. A Herbert separate. Separate occasions real quickly he ever played the game never have I ever yet. All right John party never have I ever stuck dom under a desk. Pardon in my elementary school. Okay never have I ever been kicked out of a bar. Are prohibited well are maybe the next idea that never have I ever gone on FaceBook while drunk. I don't have they'd let go never have I ever jumped. And held on party Dirks Bentley it. Leave early so we can avoid that massive traffic we always get on Friday I'm telling myself that Melvin would you want him all right we'll see there and this is Deborah Simon in the valley view casino and hotel traffic senator.