Wednesday, August 23rd


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Midland welcome to San Diego's number one for new country KS ON nice to have you boys here. And it is surf report guys. Go ahead please go ahead and go hang on which of the three of you is this. Mark mark lead singer of ms. Lynn with our surf report ago. Okay. It and it's what's going on in this sport from the Oakland we got a pretty it's also evidence for self self looser and that's considered schools should confer. Or to succeed dudes whose book won't step up the forward. It's been more time of the green room. That's odd but this seed also fought hard I don't think gonna throw and as perfect I'm not gonna lie boys I don't think I want this interview to continue I think that's pretty much if at all. I. There I can't top that that was beautiful. Hey listen first of all congratulations couple years ago I remember lots of reports from the naysayers that there is no country music anymore what is this with a chain wallets in the girls in the back of a pick up truck and penalty guys took that as a challenger does that we're a step up when we first surgery can problem it's like wow this is it's fresh but it's it's familiar it's it's new but it's not it's just it's so Cooley here you guys as a group with drinking problem monkey is Owens Terry and up man. Well thank you we of our our intentions who has two income load the the scene. And to try to create something that was really unique in and fresh and you know the bit that this music just coming from Egypt and camp and it's typically it's an aggregate of over different influences them. Our commonality is our love for for country music and the stuff that has sold on the songs could actually take you someplace. And it was you know went with that we hope that these are songs they're going to be around for a long long time. Marc Jess and Kim are mid Linden they are playing PS Owens country fest Christmas so December BS super excited about that more Q and I have something in common your from Tucson and I lived in Tucson for a couple of years. What. It was a I know he's he's younger than me how I love that town I enjoyed my time that I was there. And I had moved there from Wisconsin so nice difference in the weather and once I did that I knew someday I would be in in a great weather place and non in San Diego. Well I think it's got a sister city a lot of people in and from Phoenix is here now in Tucson bill spent a lot of time there in the summertime. Really had noticed I had. You know obviously because through rely on out there and it's Paula just spent six hour drive down that they across you know not far from my favorite town in Arizona which is Phoenix. There is an jealousy just like everybody favorite via the -- like to arouse me when it comes that says every you know there's a huge revel return rates abundance San Diego get a shout out to much I got my family there. And my sister lives just upset tomorrow there don't mind again ex wildcat and to Sony and there. Very nice so cool and dissident group of guys you go. Nobody cares camp. So it is what family be coming out to see you guys play and I imagine they will when night when your for his own country first Christmas. Oh yeah absolutely. And we'll bunch Finland France doesn't get you know California is is that our second home and real spent quite a bit kinder campus from California originally the. More this yeah I'm wearing California. All over I'm just a California boy I was born in the valley in Los Angeles and I spent half my life in the Bay Area. What remarking can ingests from Midland now we don't know what time with you boys. So bombs wrapped this up now and say congratulations and best of luck for the next single after drinking problem which will be do we know. Yes X single called make a little. OK perfect can't wait to hear it and again Caylee to see you guys come December perky as it was country first Christmas. Thanks for jumping on board now before your two famous and get like you know eighteen Grammy nominations and you know we appreciate the sound we appreciate how cool you guys arguing to meet you in person. Thank you guys and thanks to everybody and at San Diego to support the look you guys can and see you guys this that's what.