High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Anthony Is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Friday, July 21st


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Anthony is a marine Anthony we went to canceling dot com. And signed up forge on to at least I 5000 hometown hero tour is three course dinner cruise with the help of horrible or cruises and events at the housing gone around it. Well first and foremost thank you for your service and John and I have to give you high five right now Gary Mann here you go erratic through the phone. I. Feel the patriotism nor hidden that type 5000 number. 3971. Group where Anthony for so I'll make you feel comfortable but I mean I sit your name is blowing all time favorite guy names ever does love the name it's also tough sell a tell you can't donate donate our unit at. And anyway Anthony where you from now. I'm not given that you are now emerging from Virginia. Wonderful these long way to be out here with us all even San Diego or seven years now RA can now I hear your in the in the reserves yeah. High points of your time being a marine or what is your high point right now whichever one works better. Right well right now I'm trying get back into the activities I guess let one I've pointed. Have a package in do you go record right now. Nice except are some people who wish you the best in that and then he is your continued career as a marine reserve and we also want to let you know that you are going 83 course gourmet dinner cruise aboard the horn blower. Our full minute we gonna bring with the Anthony I bring my wife Jennifer that's a lot of that Gary Anthony who can. I think you're. The guys are battle warbler dinner cruise before I know we have now you're gonna enjoy it so much and again it's just our small way of saying thank you for your service along with horn blower cruises and events. Often have very appreciated anti we appreciate you yankees than I yet. One up thirteen year old daughter a wonderfully the other on the way have dinner cruise and. I. Particularly the bigotry service spell it. Thank you.