Lick The Plate - Fish Stories - Seg 5

Friday, July 21st

It’s "Fish Stories" week with Captain Mark Mihelich from Boundless Boat Charters.


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Hey hey San Diego food eat it lick the plate I'm KSO and I'm host David Whelan this weekend hanging out with captain Merck may feel like from the homeless boat charters welcome captain mark. Think to a one of the best fishermen I've ever known pretty much scored something every time I'm with you we have had some success something slick significant aspect of thirty but people and all of that recently. And so tell people in a nutshell you're in an elevator with them they wanna know what you do what you do. I make memories from people there you guys do. Seriously though but I Syria's noted that anything from to our sons that Harvard brews watching the sun goes down hopefully get elected Susan dolphins to the twelve hour full day offshore fishing trip trees and downed tune and that of those. Or staying somewhat local and a half days and doing very relevant things like long special occasions you can just go out and create an event on the and it yeah and some filming and film crews were pleased. So it's just such it's so nice comfortable vote yet. Think motor honestly get places quickly we can that's your objective conditions and I street Andrews this morning. Yes and there is a promotion doing on the FaceBook pages so check it out for her broker insurance to to our sons that are recruitment. And seeing a lot of dolphins nights I just every damn I've been -- Had some type of magical experience and we've seen Sharon Dixon octopus we conduct implicitly. Did ink saying we have the hammer redshirt. Two it just amazing -- mean Toronto two and a hell of it all amazing fish to eat that yet found endless boat charters let's what senator us boundless boat charters. I would do this check it out to get people coming in from out of town. What every one and a boating adventure park can provide it and I love doing an entanglement articulate found this quote shares captain checkout the podcast to cancel and but come with the place.