Lick The Plate - Fish Stories - Seg 2

Thursday, July 20th

It’s "Fish Stories" week with Captain Mark Mihelich from Boundless Boat Charters.


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Hey hey San Diego movies it's with the plate I'm case as so and I'm host David Whelan. This weekend hanging out with. To mark my Hewlett. From the homeless those characters welcome kept them are are ranked you need professional so you know it done today it's going to be that tuna. We've got some tuna I love the tuna just the quote he inning you know that's everywhere now but it's just for me but it would get cucumbers from this that curtain thing seaweed salad you know red chili flakes avocado. Marinated it you too can do that too if you go moments poachers that left off yesterday grown up lots of voting Arizona. So what happened like when you turn eighteen what. For me team ended up staying in Arizona for quite awhile but moved to California and 2005. And started out comic captain listens opened San Francisco we were listening for about two day you were kind of there. Has decided to get my license away in the ocean random you grow and ultimately. The organs. Apparently. And then what happens UN along trip they tend to make this clicked period like it might wanna do this part of getting your licenses viewed as a required to you times those on a volunteer who has been doing deliveries in Minnesota since Americans have really Aaliyah and a date when that went South America gets kind of drama filled. Yes there are a 110 foot sailing out through the Panama Canal. Delivering to saint Thomas in monster's story and government at saint Thomas and the vote is about six months leftist. Columbia was involved in this certain Cartagena Colombia with circles. That's while men. Does this he story. That is stories we yes all right. Be back tomorrow talked more with the market that would propel us to. Check podcast. It sort an attempt was the place.