Lick The Plate - Fish Stories - Seg 1

Monday, July 17th

It’s "Fish Stories" week with Captain Mark Mihelich from Boundless Boat Charters.


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The case San Diego movies it's with the plate I'm Kate as so and I am host David Whelan this weekend hanging out with captain Merck macular. From boat was boat characters welcome kept them are. Think you Boylan perished. He's in any LD bookmark that he set up a we're gonna do fission the day. And each day you know give a little way I've cooked this sodium on this Monday it's going to be how. And I just caught a 38 pound halibut to recently on your vote that was like a thriller of a lifetime unbelievable instead of going in the -- preparation of this Google heavenly help of that and it'll come up I don't know if it's a precarious or not but it saved but her mayonnaise lemon permits little huts speed just finish it in the broiler in the brilliant finish at last two minutes and it melts and it's a little problem toughness. So where you're from and born and is in Phoenix there's on the blues. The voting capital of the world. It is believed that per capita is everything so what was going on voting lies and we need is your family did there and yeah I'm instance the literally six months all the growth on boats and actually though over Phoenix's rudely. Room in the region on the boats stations in moments and started out doesn't happen in the cabin for Atlanta ended up yes definitely skiing and wake boarding started actually skiing third vote for years of random. Stamping almost every weekend there's the most votes house votes from Lake Tahoe quite a bit so this is this goes way back area my so. Cooking at home what was your mom doing that posted she's definitely you know through those who was on because there's such as this full blooded Italian mother every Christmas because on today so in earlier bouquet but you know everyone's had a restaurant job against him in high school. And then they used to bust people's ass. As we know that there about three weeks and I think it but yet today because of a familiar captain of the CI RA and to be back tomorrow we'll have to mark the that would from. Check out podcast. Canceling. But that was the place.