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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living better in San Diego public service presentation of the at a town San Diego radio stations and Gary league. The supper five fun provides financial assistance and support to post 9/11 wounded critically ill and injured members of our armed forces and their families. They helped them with the resources they need for the recovery and transition back to their communities. Joining us this morning is set for five fund community event manager Kary and Ellington. United States Marine Corps recipients and simplify community outreach spokesperson. Brian Maier and founders of the simplify open golf tournament Chris and Elizabeth Keogh welcome Kerry and Brian Chris and Elizabeth. Gary good to be here great to have all of you on the Saturday let's start with you Kerry and and let's let's get an overview we could on the simplified fun when the girl began. It began in 2004. Pound by a group five rancorous house since led by caring concerned should move was a nurse at the time. Is she a station on Camp Pendleton and she saw all the service members coming back. From alarm. And when he got discharge notice that they didn't really have health and one story she shared a classless and there's a couple. And then a service member lost a limb. And do her discharge from the hospital and she watched film life wheelchair for a husband to a pickup truck. And she is significantly shorter than her husband and she kept trying over and over to get him in the truck and he kept follow and eventually they got him and and then carrying just kept thinking opal what happened Wendy ho Lee whose gonna help them RD season your family or friends do you have any assistance. So she gathered a couple of her girlfriend and eighteen and they decide he's in a little help out you know knowing and that's how they can over the Indian. And and how long it goes this. A thirteen years now. And what what is the the mission. And 10% cut fund permissions to provide financial assistance to injured and wounded in critically and a service members and their families were injured after 9/11. And this is for all service members all injured service members from whatever branch doesn't matter. And I'm it's starting off helping Marines and sailors who attached to Marines at the time of their injury. And then in 2012 we started America's fines and I am lead last year we decided to combine both fines but yes our services are. And that since its inception. Know how much money do you think gas. Simplify fund has distributed Hammond service members. Do you think it has helped him well I would say they started with 500 dollars I'll fight Levys gave a hundred out of their own money and right now what we are helping December fight find its 181700. Service members. And it's given not a 115. Million dollars how far China the optics and then credible in different Americas and we've held around 19100 service members and given out seventeen point two million dollars to. That's very awesome that's that's Eddie do you Q do you follow ups with the the service members after you help. Now of course they can't get rid of it. If edit their family I really like and sitting next on. Yeah I think you know we keep up with them. A lot of that at the time a lot of our rightful you know other service as a tough and there is so they. A lot of instances I would try to reach out and they won't ask for how something like I need and I'm going through this link but you have a case managers and they're grabbing every used twins for seven and led. Ask for the house so it is a good balance elite we'd really tried and go above and beyond in the accidentally found it re taking care of them their whole link notches. Providing the financial assistance but helping out there Strasser need a break or anything. So aside from the funds that GQ men and when you just mentioned their other things that you do for the service members we do we have teen simplify who are and I golfers in a lot of sports there tennis courts but thinking simplified that we have a lot of I am activities helped them you know. Get over it there there injuries. And get them back into some sort of normal life cycle. And also half program now for the caregivers and their mom and sisters and aunts and all the family members. Well we want to make sure are we do is that we just not discussing the service member where we're taking care of the whole family because it's important to have kids how to of the kids deal with. You know they're their father and mother getting injured let me just we have. Something available for an analyst at camps for the kids and Dion Dixon on the tadic is they have that you know connection. And then for the caregivers and a caregiver retreat where all of the the spouses begin to get pampered and think it's just relax and afterward about seeing here this service members and seeking it themselves. On silly dude try to make sure that we have resources available all around not just the fine and this is just here in San Diego County right. Now it's any clear all we're alive wherever it is a service member or whenever they call we're there for the little fine aimed at resources around wherever they're located. Now understand that that's number five fund has an a plus ranking from charity watch dot org what does that mean. Type of recognition mean for an organization it's. We feel because he can't does to our own noise you hear is it's a big deal Charity Navigator dare responsible for our. Digging deep and peak making all of can sure everyone's organizations are top seeds and it how to eat plus reading is really hard to do but we're very proud of now when you talk about injuries that service members have kind of injuries. Are you seeing that that your helping these folks would. I'm hits a variety we've we've seen little visit visible injuries as well as you know invisible and it traumatic brain injury and PT EST. Of course lots of lamb. Injuries this game and all sorts of injuries. So it doesn't really matter what kind of injury. Yelling I'm gonna say a fuel you don't fit into this category right now and I can now it's VG serve DG I injured okay. And and what is the process similar somebody gets a hold of you. Within injury and and need assistance what's what's the process while the crosses the collar airlines we have two numbers line on on the East Coast line at the West Coast and Lee. Did she get information to our caseload. And I'll exit of the keys seemed nonetheless the casing in the east. And we try to get to the service members within forty cent to r.s which I don't think our sales of that in England won four I have. We want to make sure that whenever there am their issue is we're gonna reach out and to hear them. And and as far as the funding that they get. Heavy determine how much again how does that work well once they're proved we figure out what it is that Dini in their talents and their case manager will go case by case it's an individual case by case basis. But I would say we really entered turn them down rule it's you know. It's what hurting me that we can't really. Picking shoes and then I will fate if they colony CE my doctors suggested this that I needed I had surgery and it's you know the most comfortable and it's gonna on the heals quicker. And they may be a thousand dollars 2000 dollars more than the typical band we're not gonna see now where it's gonna cut its asking get it because it isn't happy you know. In the accident that he felt we did the chief of includes geared silly give her mom T shirts and hats and stuff like apple we may we actually picked. That like the content is the quality of the content quality of the hat and everything we've agreed to go above and beyond me to get all the qualities stuff because you know want them to AT and uncommon to have on skinny she used. Frowned you know serving and we want to make sure thing that the so. So you view you know you're doling out all this money. Where does that all come from well donor. My Newton became addicted to it are wonderful supportive and there is renowned government fine and we don't get any money from. The federal government at all so we just too highly religious blight on our wonderful supporters and it's no grants. We you know individual donors. Incredible individual and each of those national. You know I have they're volunteers we we go to camp held on to drop off money to retire we've we get some onion. Does go with the details of it looked good offices him and that stuff around it. You know and and and these ladies and just me or China hi somehow. That's Aetna. This fantastic thing out at them now Brian you are recipient. Of funds from simplify fund. Europe marina right correct correct so. On me tone and half year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I was before it was a bomb technician has a radar technician on this went to Iraq and Afghanistan in the capacity is upon technician in Afghanistan. All dismantling nine AD. Heidi it detonated my right hand and that resulted in the loss of my right hand write a book above the wrist. And then my right leg below the knee I'm sorry above the knee and then my thumb index and middle finger on my left him in this was. A bomb that you were dissembling or disassembled and this is so my job in in theater was especially in Afghanistan analysts. He is who it would patrol and we would remain in a central location in the patrolling the area and then whenever unit would run into an explosive hazard. You know either and I heating and provides explosive device. He can remnants of war which can be something gunfire or anything like that any sort of explosive hazards. We they would call us out and then we would mitigate that hazard in and how long go to this happened. I was injured march 14 2000. Okay and and how did you hear about simplified fund. You know I never heard about the simplify fund. I woke up and December 5 fund resentment that's it for Leo and was so. They they had to phenomenally do you have phenomenal network within the military hospitals and health care system. And severe earn very much on top of the freshly wounded and one hour after Bakke case manager and now ladies in the room if you. And she was like hey is there anybody and the at the bedside here's Cheney's that you don't have his. The military abides by strict rules and regulations and mother and father hand them pay for that so often disdain major these guys. You know uninteresting and we now so sever five phone what's outside the box and almost every capacity and comes through for the service member which is amazing. So carry and is this pretty much how it works and for supper five fun when you're assisting people like. I'm Brian yes I usually say we we kindly (%expletive) them but I. Can it be on the basis so we did a lot of that they say they wake up and the other groggy do we got me like news is Cellini never. And it says and I'm Maria on the we just gonna make sure that there while taking care of windy week that we don't. They often leaking up and and please that they don't even know that they were they are they don't know that they got injured so and you know it's in May be. All of across the world so they're not bigger had them on their dad and wife whoever else. So our job is to just show up and just provide the assistance and to see he hears information and we have our little brochures postcards to think he's you don't talk right now. But we give them information so that weeding out yes we here we're here for you android there every step of the way when every rule. And right what was that like for you vented to wake up and there's somebody there that you don't know what's there to help you know media server five phones actually sure percent of the Dallas and the young Marine Corps motto is simple for Dallas which means always faithful. Com and you know what it's amazing that when you require that. When you take that sympathy team and especially in the combat areas and things like that. To see that come to fruition is impressive it's like you know useful we do for some disgrace and it's an amazing organization and and so so you were injured. What ear again 2011 some 2011 you're injured. Always VM was recovery process like he had rehab I would assume I actually haven't. Really fast recovery process. From the date of my injury to outpatient down here in Balboa park was about thirty days. So and that was with your plantation pretty much you know stitches everything's being premature medically amputated with these suited up and then. As I was pretty much out on out on the streets are here in San Diego thirty days later and from then on the US. That's that's Mays I know I know points and knock on I don't know somebody else is looking after me too as well here. Palm and then there's about three or four months of really intense occupational therapy physical therapy in any kind of over experience and with the new normal is going to be. And the sacrifice fund gets involved and as well so they're their bedside. And then simplify phone you know nature as you. Moved through in people with your injuries that they're there to make sure that you have to support you need. Now with Inca. Injuries like that your mind I'm sure went through a lot of a lot. Yeah you know everybody thinking about what what's going on that's what's gonna happen next Amber's got a process that it got to go through when you know it's fortunate in that. For the reason my process for sure and with simplified fund their yeah exactly and then have the support of you know the most amazing country in the world do you come home and have. Most amazing charity in the world view therefore you something else and and now you work for them don't you. Correct our cannot reach so long I was I can't advertise myself as the world safe dispatcher and you know then. Then really traumatic grief. A lot of most dramatic growth if you don't you know I don't let my invitations keep me down I'm always turn around down my girlfriend is even more. Crazy and I am as far as energy level and going out there and getting after it and I'm trying to keep up with her most of time and then. I enjoy very active in and between lifestyle through time. And and so is TTS via a part of your recovery to get issues with that he chasing you during that so it once again. They never diagnosed me with any sort of post traumatic stress. And I never experienced any of the problems with sleep. Hernia that stuff has had interest in conversations with some mental health professionals and I've got to the conclusion most of the guys that I knew especially where in the UD community. You know we all knew somebody who gotten hurt or killed in multiple times and and many differences instances we know multiple different people. And down he sees guys go through these things and it's not it's a big deal but it doesn't look like you said they could deal and then they handle it really won't he watched and continue to be people that they are. And I had that before I was injured so I walked into the known what I was myself into. And especially as a bomb technician community just yet no conclusions about immortality in fact more powerful in your mortality. I found the more easy was Carrie at my job has just come out. They today pay another another bit of ground to win so minute when I got blown up we get this little. Pak who would take a photo each other and thus far through the pending the the environment in the you know for good shot at obviously you know when imperialists and hurt kinda take a photo or something. That we would take that photo only would make our best effort. Just to smile through it just become public who can keep me down. I and then. Jus like K you know these guys and you us myself into the fight for whatever reason didn't survive the battlefield they can look back and photo and say hey. He leaves himself and yet you look at it could be found the gun you know it's a path. That was as a community outreach person at supper five fun what is it that your actually doing there. So I primarily go and do speaking engagements I had. Once again I share my story a lot of people have a lot of different questions about the veteran community from VA need to put like what you're talking about post traumatic stress. Own you name it and get the best questions and I enjoy fielding them and I feel them from my position as a veteran on a humble cog you know what I mean I'm not China. People political or anything like that I just mentioned the questions straight. Do you do anything else besides working with simplify fun. Keep up for my girlfriend once again abstinence is just pretty pretty full time job. Taking visualize different opportunities that are out there and there's a lot of really cool outdoor opportunities to hiking things like that that are taking advantage of didn't back into school and you back to school which is one of those things that can get paid to go to school on why don't have a degree already but. And then not get into realists as well I don't and unless it's always intrigued me and then I'm always. My primary focus though is involving this number five tons. Mission as well you know. Kerry and mentioned December 5 phones. You know offers of support to these people but it's a lifelong support that they pledge so it's always interesting to see different things and how things change should be part of anticipating that helping guys it's always possible opportunity. That's great of your attitude carry and how much of of the money that's donated to simplify fund. How much of it actually goes to the injured military members 94 cents of every dollar. This represents a group where very heartening trustees happening now. And again so no no funding but from individuals to get to corporations. And or businesses that donate we did we and a lot and me could be you know. The mom and pop for someone had been Lemony it's so funny our our events are just so eclectic we have. Kids to host that lemonade stand press if you Lebanon beads foxy tournaments or concerts. Of course golf tournaments or whatever her feet and. So you do have other events besides golf tournament which we're gonna talk about just a minute. You do have other ads he wrote me a really interesting eventually we have a lot I think up to four engines. Fifty inch even think he keeps growing. We speak to people that actually contact you imam put on and that forty yes so typically they reach out on her in full line influence and her fight fund that award. And our or call our office in that they one entity. There are connected to one of us carried the event management team and we just reach out and kind of figure out Howell what events there when a close when and how we can support them. And it worked together the tournament. You. So you don't actually yourself. Put on events it's no doubt contacting you that wanna help out fellow player party event comes to picking up. Yeah they reach out and these if you wanna help I think we just worked together and expert that you know where. They had a wonderful even that being one who is caressing me provide the support. Service members. I see so so. Chris and Elizabeth you are the founders of the simplify open golf tournament. Which is actually taking place tomorrow. How does this all come about what to view why why why did you start this this fund raiser and why simplify fund well. I had a dog who passed away Michelle and she can be at work on me and she said. He said look you we kind of do resisters faction and then. But the 2012. List on the eleventh until these guys don't come with these injuries. We got to do so much about us Michelle what a watch or my gonna do she shall we like golf. Stalin golf club and nice yeah action probably raised when he ran something you know Google phone and so okay role will do that as a professional and not come up. I'm not gonna work on the supply know who any of the money to solicit you view and one about committee members John wrote them. So launch a Bose. Separately in a look up the charity she thinks that deserve the help they both came back. Not moralist simplify funds. So we'll call the slash that's us could be something so got to go back yeah we got to go right so. We went out to we'd we didn't doozy Kerry and figure we went on the London for a we went back and Pamela and so low. I'd argue about how we do this but we want to help his formula trying to do now agree that he principle that can't tell us what you want muscle Ottawa hello want to I mean you know life over just talked about this so. Anyway yeah I belong to shatter ridge golf club up and investor almonds for the general manager. I said look if I do it's I need some help like can't be pan am a phenomenal amount of money out to him for this golf course and everything else that he gave me is. To the states. The fees they charged the same as they were back and and twenty tool and this is now but he seventeen. Eyes so. The deal we came out who was that if we were gonna do this we did not want to be accused of taking collecting money. An entirely in a room and take the money back to pre for the appointment so. Much my wife and I talked about recent vote if we cannot do this let's make sure every penny we raise. Coach the central 5% I have to admit it was kind of a self defense because. We did not want abuse accused of a ham on money and a source or did you get thousand box and then I recently got 600 you know. So that's worth of the briefest of these sizes that we may all donation checks or anything else. Right from the dawn of themselves we estimate that simplifies fund we never touch a penny of it I'll send us checks will take him out dimple in his own camp alma. That it sounds from my daughter and just get on me one day in and mom Michelle pass away. She passed away Adam just under a month from the the north role. Tore government. So I'm bodies I have planned a few buddies who hopefully this thing this of this Elizabeth among more which which we didn't. And I'm not give it to her if you missed an event the latest on the next couple of them like like to study is that. We're via every other Sunday on today he'd be he did before the oath of sentiment before the torment stops. We have a group of guys from teams simplified. Or any other marine who wants to come along we get the Sandridge shatter pro supplant. Give them lessons thank you know the gulf closely to hopefully play a pre round before the parliament tomorrow. And so that's that's gonna gonna have now beverage and some pizza was supplied by the office. An and all the money that you raise as humans go straight to sympathize for 100%. Of us on my company. We make a living from from the military. Kansas is the one way or weeks a year of at least giving some of them back to mean something that of those guys. Beat you rim to rim guys like Brian middle these guys that come out. And play goal pumped that would blow your mind to see these guys play eagle publishing had a little things I took it took him out. So yes so that's that's a big part of that and that's how we sound and out and it's gone. Charmingly morality where were we raised in. Five years 7101000. Dolls. This man that's a one day golf club champ had a demolishing content of little moment. As you know you've got a 144 players and rightly or kitchen few hundred bucks apiece a solo law Molly there's a lot of money that was spot where we need to please app. Brian are you playing in the tournament and no I don't golf. Thank thank thank the island if those two fingers and turn you have got another sixty years since they're a little problem and applying them. Yeah. Now soulless bit that the determine is tomorrow via simplify open. And if two people still register for this I mean it is tomorrow. We are actually sold out we have a full course and a 144 players which she hasn't been Lawson of had every single a year we've never had a foursome go unsold. So unfortunately. For those listening we are sold out this year. So tells tells a little bit about the event and and and this hopefully will you know maybe people that listening this morning that would like to take part when we put it down counters so I can do this next year. What what what can they expect this of that. For one thing about our golf tournament that's different lots of people of golf tournaments but when. My sister my dad and the committee where playing in the first he then they want to make it different. And what we do is the sponsor of come forward and able. Pay for foursome that they bring three players and we provide a service member to be their fourth. And this is a way to bring community closer to our returning service members. And it's funding marik tournament that we we take a lot of pride and it's about more than we always hit more than a golf tournament ha. And we had people let adult some wonderful relationships. And win service members and it is more than gulf to again you have yet but some contests. Yes we do we have our our putting and chipping contest which is always fun but in the big. Kick off. For the opening ceremonies is always been wonderful we have. A color guard that comes out every year Marine Corps color guard we have pipe and drum corps from local firefighter. Billy from orange county and San Diego we have firefighters come down but their bag pipes and drums and it's not spectacular show and in a big sixteen. At present the colors in a big sixty foot flag they get presented and it's it's quite a show so that's always open to the to the public to come I have to be part of yeah. The golfing tournament to to go to this known LA are opening ceremony kicks off at 1130. And at that shattered golf club up in this and every one and communities more than welcome to come up then and see that. An end there is a dinner an and is this than the normal thing work for for this event at a dinner. Auction yes yes we have our around our dinner. And have a silent auction live auction of some wonderful prizes and donations that and the community head Jodi again this year. When you actually feel about it one little story. Well we feel sudden to do this we we we really had no clue and so we decided that an amateur karaoke set up first to go down to. And at the naval hospital San Diego and ready yet. So shall we weren't very proud of Mario tennis up a fight showed some we roll up will be packed and and a federal hospital waiting for. Leahy commander I think she lost to come and show Austrian hospital and a guy rolls up close and he's in a wheelchair and look Li. His legs were totally gone for the this guy rolls up and he said I saw your because you know I should Zamora thank you for what to do on. We also Vera Dora hand say you you wanna thank us now that these these guys are so amazing thing I mean. What we're taught to thank them but they're the ones come in Austin San thanks thanks simplify find him and and that's what's historic about this whole thing and and a those that need pout about this whole thing one about one of our committee as a good friend of mine Jim Montoya. We happen to be at the naval hospital but look at decided to throw hospital. There's an admiral Benjamin Montoya on the on the platform both President Reagan on and everything. Sort of a photo of it and that particular reason niacin does this you know this guys and yes umbrella. His brother didn't even know who that his name was on the plaque hospitable. So we invited him to speak at the year and we actually made a plaque tough for him with a photo of this the first time he has ever seen us. On that it was nice of you really fantastic and he spoke beautifully I think. And that kind of fun navy guy and a little little punch Marines yeah. He was left out he gave Maltese cousy got sort of thing you know. But the the such. A beautiful thing and then passed away the I think probably about nine months after that so. Is is this golf tournament held the same time every year pretty much yeah within a couple of weeks it's always in June so okay just so people know now I'd say yeah sold out for tomorrow. But at somebody listening this morning. This is interested in taking market next year they have they have and ideas and actually we'll probably have a date for it I don't know if we haven't yet but we'll have a date. By name by Tuesday or Wednesday. OK so. Kerry and we are just that. At a time here so what is what is the website for simplified fund it is tempered by foreign dot war. And are you on social media we aren't sacrifice bunt and put Aaron. In Sudan and it's. Okay and and again anybody who wants to help you with your mission now with a donation can do that at your website tablets like yes and provide fund that sort. Aren't Terry and Brian Chris and Elizabeth thank you being on the show thank all you do sympathize fund hands thank you are not appreciate entity and good luck with the other tournament tomorrow and action thank you. That concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management VM account San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from the living coast discovery center. Until then I'm Jerry Lee have a great week.