Interview: Jennifer Nettles

Monday, April 18th

Jennifer Nettles is headlining CountryFest on June 11th!  


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Whose city is number one for new country KS ON that is sugar land and Jennifer Nettles has been announced our headliner for his wins next country's best June 11 we're going back to Oceanside. Brian the first person in the world go to country fast or not. Well first person in the world to win your country's best tickets are on important if. David fry. What is the thing that's right and again that they'll be a pre sale you're gonna get that email this morning's that are not cancel and loyal listener. It's not too late to sign up for a sex club members well she's done at all. And now she's back in San Diego as our country's fast headliner Jennifer Nettles. How are you sweetheart it's been forever since we've talked TO. I am dead buried Tammy I am really really good at it I get a quick question for you. Thank you stood your book a locker did you pass on the love. Now on Abu Ala bit bad a lead I I haven't seen the little locket and quite a while but I know right where it is. My Georgia. Act alone I even so we're talking and well I I I had this dream meant that I was supposed to give this necklace to someone and in it I had written a little note that had passed I love a good fortune I've put in the brutal Lockett I was wearing it. And now as we're watching Jennifer Garner as we came to talk to Jennifer. Years ago at a Sugar Land all this and I just knew I was supposed to get a tour and tried to govern short. Yeah for sure I had forgotten until now you're you're mentioning it at all. He was cool watch you perform that night wearing of the match. It was a it was a click Eee PC Julie Kelli than mr. teal color come. There is not finish it up before Jennifer Nettles is one half of Sugar Land she's just been announced as our headliner for country since June 11 in Oceanside a movie star of Broadway star and also a mom which we Jennifer Nettles is now gonna get inducted. The giants and he's wall parent sham wow. All the veterans. You must. Britain's right. Diners news. Just when Disney World. Snippets yesterday morning I wake up I spent we kind of think that easy either I mean I wake up and I and I look at it like. His pants down the back of his opponent I. I think they're down but. Literally he completed if you if you get a bit about debt and displeasure at bats but he put this thing again advantage and I thought if he lifted it. It's stand up and smelled it and yeah. But I haven't really achieved a home site. In the white I found out like well I'll get near him so I really think and and I. Act jets but that day on your pants and and you just touched your own up I mean what. Every every kid is done it and most every kid is finger painted. Yeah yeah yeah that's the way dollars. And welcome your proudly now never Johns. And we look Eric JL I love most about this story is that people with little kids think that the gross in the ever heard and every parents again Don we have on that. Well I'd I'd like one but do you have a little less the year after I your gross theater ain't it. Steve did that. Sure how that feels that Jennifer Nettles our newest member and Jennifer Nettles as our country fess headliner will be debuting her new single did he just touches on. It's.