High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Cody is Going on a Dinner Cruise

Tuesday, June 27th


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One I think or lord cruises and events for helping us Alan Johnson is high 5000 hometown hero on tour and let's say good morning to Cody Cody has been in the navy for nine years correct Cody. Thank you for your service brother how are you today. Do really well thank you looking forward to talking to you about well you're service. What's going on your life and hopefully I get a high five from effect we get elderly right now but a high five for your service or Leo get ready. Gary how high 5000 number 3967. Right through the phone for a man bought them got. We can you share a few highlights from your time in many before us. Our letters there's been there was meant in any between current chip then. Being like per year and been in Japan audio they would help out there. Just to give him glory on the world and help out different country. How far does it to be a totally different land like Japan. All in principle I back Byrd got there and I'm originally reported corporate got there I'd like wild it's an in depth with different. I'd eventually know you've written it it cannot be pretty pretty up. Cody is with us Cody is a navy man nine years and counting in thank you for your service my friend. We are gonna think you even more so with the help before blower by awarding you a and aghast. 83 course gourmet dinner cruise aboard the horrible or my man. We're very welcome this a small token of our appreciation and from horn blowers as well I'll read every with Tony. What about that I'd say that's probably pretty good idea or if you everywhere and we always think you and those who served directly for your service puts. We also need to think the military spouses who are back in taking care of everything else while you're out Tino defending America so to UN Rebecca have a great time and norm or okay. What I Cody appreciate you and anybody else who serves go to kiss on dot com. Gore contest stage do Cody did. And out yourself up maybe with a horrible or dinner cruise like Cody did for our giant in the high 5000 hometown hero to her face for joining us Korean had a fantastic time by hanging. Yup duke.