SeaWorld Adventures with John

Tuesday, June 27th


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Think our friends at SeaWorld yesterday they have something called the radio boot camp DJ boot camp as well it was called Tammy. Many have wrong data have insomnia tonight it's horrible and solid you tell the story yeah. Palm oil yeah I was unable to sleep on the other night just hardly at all and so I had to go home and intake and now I just wasn't gonna make it. Come from when we're done on the show to sit around waiting until 1230 and I just knew it was going to be bad so yeah I had to pass and I was so bomb all home all. Mean yeah totally tell you when I say. No we didn't Tami we sat in a dark room and we took tests you know don't tell me that it Lysol is Gloria Ayala the social is awesome on the it was awesome though I was a kid my favorite book ever was Ferdinand the bull story about a giant but meat ball. Who only became aroused up when he set and beat it and went on set and beat jumped up and he snorted he went crazy and pull fighters saw him is only got a feeling I get in the ring on yeah they got him in the ring and only to a sit in the ring and all the flower rates and I'm back out of passion he was happy for the rest of his life sure does my favorite book. So imagine my surprise. When we were told that we are not only going to meet Ferdinand the beluga whale all. But feed Ferdinand the beluga whale right hang out ideas with Ferdinand the blue whale meat and Ferdinand the beluga whale kissed me now muscles right on the cheek so sweet. It was silly it was very cool but I did not geek out anywhere near as much. As our associate producer Jessica now on just your cries at anything that is sure she cried several times during the bachelorette last night I. I haven't confirmed yet but she's not yes he did out. Console her bucket list being grown soft and an and the thrill that she had when she was being told that we were going to meet Ferdinand the beluga whale. I secure it just happened. We checked it. Out quick political way home. So he's he's grind it as you can you know he's got a I'm going to be eight dollars for secure it just happened. We just let it. Out quick political way you are here Rio Ferdinand the blue well I was super aggressive I kind of on its platinum up without. You go to dinner the waiter and I asked Sammy he's that he likes fish somehow I cannot comment I cried I was bucket list it was fun I was. Off and Tammy is going to be so you. Basically as a whole days to now. Yeah. Have you ever that a dog in the studio as bananas I can't count Angelo either of them like any and the pain now whale I know I remember two years ago when we did that experience with SeaWorld and when we got you up at the dolphin and. We can't I think it was too. Yeah it was such a wonderful experience such a wonderful experience to be that close of the animals and their selves we and so on and the work that they're doing as far as saving so much wildlife I mean SeaWorld and you know if I can just. Lecturer SeaWorld for him and helping to tell us enough about that we have you know about bowl of the wildlife. On the marine life that they use is an evening that people just don't realize well in they don't CN because that's a behind the scenes is not like he can sit on tour you always have people can come through there all the time because what they're doing yeah. We went back. To the team member only area. That's where we met Ferdinand shall Ferdinand for awhile it does a group of us together. And I didn't hear what it is we're going to be doing you know I heard was Jessica saying. And and conclude contracts with a look at. If I was at what just happened. She's clearly not yelling at our two guys that yeah made that benefit that's that's that's that's that's that's right that's all of them are yet he was gone view. Well I want you know you're up back up beautiful memory for me because when my nephew went a little lucky 23 now. Need to put on my lap I jury bird and the bulk. It's. So yeah. Partly our men and Iron Mountain flowers. And he didn't mount and flowers just when you got. I. On some well good I'm glad that really makes me cry about Vizio my mommy history that story to me I think it's I think I think I still haven't somewhere. And did you love this activity ever heard of Ferdinand the bull he was this will meet bull but became this huge gigantic pulled all wanted to do is chill man has no flowers and he sat and that. All fighters from across Spain were looking for the most fierce bowl and they should have thought oh that's our guy that's our bowl and they brought Ferdinand in it by the huge display and he sees all these flowers in the middle of boring is stitched. Up and starts realm of cowardly and what's your problem it was great. Yeah he loved them and then you I love it to mom's idea teared up till the sauce. That is amazing has agreed to get a memory like that is match. It is wonderful all right thank you very much can.