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Monday, June 26th


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Good morning and happy Father's Day welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego a public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. San Diego coast keep it is dedicated to making sure our waterways in San Diego County are clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy. Now and for ever do this through regular beach cleanups. Advocacy and much more joining us this morning San Diego coast Kiefer program director. Kristen Q welcome Chris and glad to be here Christa let's start with some background information on that San Diego coast keeper like. And it all began and why now nothing publicists are San Diego coast keeper was founded actually in San Diego based keeper 22 years ago announced that we've been around for awhile. And we were founded initially to combat chronic pollutants in San Diego Bay so pretty targeted mission. Today's generation has expanded in our name shifted several years ago with that so we are now San Diego coast keeper and our mission is quite simply to protect and restore fish doubles winnable. And drinkable water is across San Diego County felt that pretty much cover all the waters below average Bethel a lot of them as it turns out that yes all the water so were here to protect water quality for everyone and yes or jurisdiction is the entire count he felt big job. So how long have you been with San Diego coast keeper Ivan because keeper for almost four years now so sometimes it feels like. It's gone by a flash and sometimes it feels like it's been forever but yeah for four years this. And and have you always worked in the nonprofit sector. Tennis or not. A source Syria. You know I've done how did have the knowledge conflict like an affectionate thing I was doing before consumers actually in the peace course that's about as non profit as it gets. But yes I have always been interested in the environment can. The bulk of my time has been a nonprofit sector. In what drew you to the coast keep. You know 'cause current has always had a really good reputation for protecting water quality so I have been familiar with if you are a lot longer than actually worked with keeper. I was drawn because keeper because you know for me I always associated that name with. Just really good environmental stewardship and protecting our waters and have always been a lot of lover and took his keeper felt like in natural thing I'm very pleased to be here. And end one of the biggest things that tea San Diego coast keeper does is his beach cleanups. We do have a very robust beach cleanup program are really a marine debris program I should say and we do several types of between upstate yet we have. Did a really good cleanup program that's kind of at the heart of a lot of outreach work we do in and certainly engages the most people in this community members so we have. Three different arms and RRBs than program and the one most people would be familiar with are those publicly answer so we actually. Partner with our friends and surf rider foundation their San Diego chapter and we host. Suited for big public clean that's every month and anybody's welcome to now we've got a really great turn out for those under just a really a fun time. For everybody we also. A sponsor cleanup program and so companies that are interest in getting team building events or wanna figure out how to give back to the community inner. You're interested in being good and finals Dugard and had some good. You know corporate values. Often reach out to us and will partner with them and host clean up through their employees actually come on practicing in the cleanup and to have a day of service we just really fun and always a good time. I'm an only have. Total lending library of supplies called beach cleanup in a box. And basically when we're not using our supplies they still going to be on the community being used by people who need it can't come into a cleaner upper you know they have. Church group or a girl scout group or. About clever when you name it old Phil reach out to us about conducting their own doing yourself clean up. Tangible. You know what people bar supplies for Phelps can eat yet the supplies are pretty busy. Hardworking clean up supplies. So so people can organize around if they can't and they got tech Q for the supplies and how does that. How is that working out and just call you say we want your supplies on to clean up we have actually need it and a bit more formal than not because it is a pretty popular program which is. Drilling for us so we have a very simple little form on our web sites are website is. Www. SD coast keeper dot org we of the beach cleanup page that explains in all three of those cleanups. And at the very bottom up pages just the simple farmer you can fill it out if you have a small group you know up to Tony five people you can request supplies. And if we're already using them and we have availability we will pocket kit for you anything can pick up in ticket got to ever beat you wanna get too. He final lot of just individuals with split you know friends and and such or is it mean the organizations or when nonprofits you know I think that do it yet mainly greasing clubs. And classrooms though we've actually had people come out for birthdays in other it's cnet's Stephen is best hands of Stephen's friend that got its pretty funny. And basically any any group you can imagine them and and as far as the sponsored that cleanups. Same kind of process frantically just generally people to shoot listening now and say hey I mean I heard about that if we read on your web say what do I need to now we also have a sponsor clean up pack in on a website that answers all the basic questions about. You know what that partnership looks like. Aaron and then we just and the fourth from there and and we work with that group to choose a gain data good location and and and move forward from there you help guide them through yeah I believe so we we try to make it as easy as he can so you know when people come to us with a B charity wanna clean that's great if people need recommendations are happy to provide those. It's it's a little bit more tailored so it's more public and private group he just wants they do between now is there anyone beach. That needs more cleaning them and then another it's amazing how popular that question as. Pan enough to handle a lot of things that depends on timing here we we do how all of our volunteers all of our cleanups keep data cards so we provide them with a little sheet they tally up we find. That gives us and really interesting numbers and it also allows us to kind of start identifying trends in different beach locations. So we do have and need air quotes here we Gibbons courteous to each definitely come up with every year. Which is basically just a measurement of pounds per volunteer found. So you know a pizza has had a higher pounds per volunteer accountable potter in a quote unquote dirty speech you could also call that our. Beach with the people who look at the most to try to partisan slack off police to. And picked up the most trash so for the last last year that was sunset cliffs so not be treated by quite a lot of trash and the incident last year. And then near reform out of siesta island sound and how it essential that sees a lot of tourism largest a lot of use you can pretty much guarantee be found fighting a little bit more trash there. I'm with the fiesta island especially after OTL yeah that would give Canon exactly who. Yeah nasty possibly tell you know I think here he does this shed and plastic like that Intel's. Yeah there's not a fan and so that your your beach cleanups that you organized mostly ones you have two months she'd for a month yet. We have a full calendar of those also available on our website on the beach cleanup page. So those are Saturday mornings typically Saturday mornings nine to eleven and every other Saturday. Is is about the normal schedule and they're down all of the count all of account yeah we try to bounce up and down the coast as much as we can't. Just to get back get back and spread and get some north county and there are some south down in their guests and end all done by volunteers. Yes though there although the volunteers are open to the public we throw but apparently bring out all the supplies and we just say hey come meet us there's no need to register in advance. You can just come sign in you can get attached ever than glands and and inescapable two hours or stay for half an hour it's it's kind of whatever you wanna make it so what what what do people need to know other than that and as far as if they want to help out with one of the cleanup site when they need to Wear a cast yes no that's a good question. The first thing you know is when and where so that schedule again on our website it's a good place to start. You'll just sign in when you get there so you don't need to register in advance we give a Weaver available on our website if you wanna print that out at home and bring it and you can do that otherwise to sign into anyone under eighteen Wilmington parent's signature but all ages are welcome. He's signing you show up you get your supplies. The thing you should be prepared for is that we are gonna ask you to keep that DS because this is in essentially a big citizen science project so get ready to tally of what you find. Which is why sometimes it's good come with the fronts just so somebody can panicky that Cali she gallon and so it can be picking up you can trade off. And status come out clean up definitely Wear sunscreen even if it's not keeper Sonny comes on and on down the TV is Garrett in the cloud so we're sunscreen. And we'll have since been at the table for you if you forget it you'll find it. On the table and then on bring bring water because you will be watching her on for a couple of hours and of course we would really prefer that he run up water in a reusable water bottle because we define a lot of plastic bottles and pick up. Through China to generate too much trash to be picking up trash so. Watering your favorite reasonable a lot of out on a patents on screen is basically you're your basic clean up to and shoes. She. You know closed toed is is best for this type of activity that might feel seem a little counter intuitive most people on our flip flops and barefoot on the beach in exactly. But it's important to remember that your safety is really the top priority hearing you're going to be walking a lot more than you normally would be on the beach so. Close stood she is there anything that you can trump around in for a couple of hours is is recommended. So what what kind of impact. DC from these cleanups yup that's a good question I mean I have and I basically answers in the form of numbers because we deal however. Our volunteers keep records of the trustee fund that tallies. And so you have those those interesting numerical results but then on top of that I think it's just a really good opportunity for fans to engage with the natural resources. So when he spends time you spend a couple hours picking up trash you start seeing trends for yourself you start seeing what's really out there and it had a lot of people come up and say you know I never really thought about. How Nolan and eating a Snickers bar like I never thought I'd find that many Snickers bars rappers on the feet and can again make you think about you know these disposable. Rappers and just kind of disposing. Of our Josh a little bit more wisely your baby trying to stay away from those. Convenience items that are. Package is for once and youth. So there's a lot of there's a lot of different outcomes that can record but definitely preventing pollution and improving water quality as a big ones. Pat I read that I'm 2015. Volunteers picked up 75006. That that's the Cherry Hill county and and during coastal cleanup day worldwide. The band back in 2015 over two million cigarette butts where. Picked up by volunteers around the world so is that our number one culprit here. San Diego County it sure is yeah. Figure but surveyed one interns last year we did find a bunch of those against the found almost 60000 singer about last year and again not just doing astute for cleanups a month. And so. They just stay on top hundred it's it's kind of amazing there they're just the big culprit so sicker but are interesting because. I think that people who normally wouldn't litter other objects other items you wouldn't consider an insult someone who can throw water bottle off the car window. Seemed to not think twice about during cigarette butt out their window open on there is a plastic foam filter and a cigarette butts so it's it's not an abiding grade and that's here but does contain a lot of toxins so there. A litter problem but they're also water quality problem. And candidacy university did a really interesting studies several years ago that showed. Dot. I think one cigarette butt in a liter of water can lead to like 50% mortality for the fish in a liter of water now so. There is a little study at the free quote me but it's a pretty interesting one. So there is. There is a pollution impact to cigarette butts and so when they're on the beach that basically sitting there right on our last line of defense before they get into the ocean. And a nicer reverse leaching all those chemicals back out of them so they're everywhere and their problematic and we'd really like to see a decrease in the number of cigarette butts that we find. And and you're doing it is there an event coming up in in PB yes that's actually next Saturday so it is on June 24 at crystal pier. And we're going to be hosting one of our normal cleanups the nine to eleven the difference is that. Surf riders also going to be in attendance so we're gonna kind of co host that particular events and it's going to be history needs beach cleanups organ try and really dig in on that day. And pick up as many figure about as we can't. And still be curious to see if we can mean a bump the number up for next year but it's going to be a very targeted events will have you know vultures out on the beach can't alt country trash launchers on the street picking all kinds of trash but. The goal is really going to be to try to scrape up as many figure but hasn't cantonment area before they make it into the ocean. And as information about this on US senate there is CI also on the schedule on. And we'll be putting out on social media as well. Bush Somalia. Major beach pollutants in our era of it there's the cigarette butts and plastic is also a problem plastic is a big a big problem and not something that we see. Year after year is not. If you don't include cigarette butts classics still makes up about 50% of the trashy fine if you do includes Airbus which again how about classic on filter it's closer than 90%. And plastic as as. Most people know it doesn't bad agreed it just breaks and a smaller and smaller pieces and then it becomes eat basically easier and easier for marine life two in just a plastic and it's very pervasive. He just doesn't go anywhere he just sticks with us forever and it's a big problem for her our water quality we see any any M. Changes. Now that plastic bands are not allowed him San Diego County seeing any changes as a result of that doubt that's a that's a really good question and that's about ban just went into effect just a few months ago were can be really interested to see what that point seventeen data shows he's done a pretty excited for those numbers to come out. At the end of the year. Because that it will be the first start of you know when we've collected data that's overlapped with the period where that the statewide Baghdad has been in effect. So I definitely recommend checking out those results in the post and probably in January next year and that that be interesting to see you will be in or what can change it's made out because affect plastic bags. You know week trying to about 5000. Fully intact plastic bags on beaches. Every year and that number has been decreasing a little bit over the years so not a lot but just consistently decreasing which I think is in part just because more people. Even before the bag and are starting to reuse those and bring their reusable bags and has handled it better and I'll. None so. There there are interesting because. You don't normally find intact plastic bags on our beaches because they're so light weight that they can just blow right across the sand if they don't spend a lot of time on the beach. The fact that we find any is. Interest and her now. And that's of the plastic bags they Wear refined most of them are packed caught up snagged up in vegetation are Kenyans or rivers and streams of the ones that are really. Suffering the impact of plastic bag. And it that you make to the beach to Campbell already crossing into the ocean very quickly so there they're highly mobile and I want to finally reach oftentimes are just fragments of and that's laugh now. They're an interesting problem all of their own. And styrofoam also problem is an. We find a lot of the plastic on the yeah so that's that breaks down again and tiny tiny pieces and it's impossible to clamp we actually did this. Debris study a few years ago and that was in a wildlife refuge here in San Diego and we found a staggering amount of styrofoam and you have. Really frustrating for our beautiful dedicated volunteers because whence our offense than sitting in the sun for early on time if you try to pick it up crumbles. And so you have you know what may be used to be out. Plastic covers are from and it yeah. Civilians. A thousand pieces of plastic so it's really frustrating also. That's that's a night and you really don't want to against the environment it its brutal and it just turns to dust they probably but plastic dust so. I really recommend people stay away from non material it's it's just devastating when you see it out environments now. Stay away he can't cripple I here's here's a question I'm sure you get. Not quite often in the letter some of the most obscure or weird items you find during your cleanups to be careful last. In yeah. And there's a lot of strange things to be found on Kenya beach at that turns out. And you know euphemistically. Ticket sale of personal hygiene products and found. And but there's there's also just a lot of iphone's long cell phones out there buried in the sand there and path or at the final on driver's license as a final a lot of my favorite. Weird item I think that I've ever seen her in on a data sheet came from this last year and I was a ball of human hair and I just I. I have so many more questions faster then a yes and if it gets interesting out there you really see some of that. The seedy underbelly of of humanity when you go if you let let people off left behind you if they need to glanced picks and yes and we do provide plus I should mention. We don't make you weep for my gloves and also trash everything even if you need like three feet of clearance between yourself and trash we'll give you rituals and the public. Now our bays and mortar and other waterways aside from the beaches you you have another way of handling those right after the. Cleanups obviously that's a little self explanatory focus on the beaches. But you know I see India against we live in a place that is bordered by the very charismatic resource which is the Pacific Ocean. And it's easy for us to overlook from the other the other natural resources we house our streams rivers and streams San Diego is Criss crossed by rivers and streams and I think most people don't know about because. Most of our reverse of this planet and channel why it's so they are in concrete they look like ditches that are rivers and more. But those waterways are still important they still impact the health of our ocean. And their worth protecting on their own as well so. We do we you know are Bane of our rivers are strains are estuaries those are all very critical parts of the whole watershed eco system that we live in you know San Diego house. Eleven watershed management incidents are different distinct you know geographical areas or water falls on to those pieces of land and runs down together picks up everything it might. Defined along the way it and then flows out to the ocean so we do a lot of advocacy and a lot of outreach to protect the water quality for freshwater resources as well. And polluted runoff. Tell us what what polluted runoff yeah anybody that does not polluted urban runoff is quite simply San Diego's biggest pollution problem. So here in San Diego when it rains which until now isn't always that option. The rain is fully picks up anything that hits in her city rates so meandering runs across the parking lot it's gonna pick up. Carl oil oil Estrich I'm a car it's gonna pick you know dog puke that someone didn't you know thought known for looking in didn't pick up. It's gonna pick up anything that's on our streets so any fertilizers. Frown you know when he fertilize your lawn or pesticides or cigarette butts again. On anything that's on our site north iRows it's gonna run into those storm drains. So stranded on a cut from the curb and you'll see a lot of and they don't appear eyelid downstream a delicate precious little picture of a doctor golf and and that is literal that water goes straight to the storm drain and had threat after ocean. So that's called urban runoff so it's basically when Rainwater turns into you pollution because it picked up all the pollutants that we you know cooking in our city. And then pollutes our waterways so that's essentially the reason it you're you shouldn't be swimming three days after rains yeah those signs enjoyed it assigns grades everyone knows that but on the reason for is not that there's anything wrong with the rain it's. If Hitler AE it's what picks up and then basically you know our eye for an extra coastline and in front of all of our hopefuls you have this kind of churning. Soup of what we sometimes semi jokingly call urban rule. And that's just you know call did stuff mixed with the rain water that's not a sitting on the coastline so. It's a real problem are better off as a real problem and it's it's the one with a like a simple but not easy solution which is basically that's all of our responsibility to do better. You know if your car is leaking you have to fix and you have to pick about your pets. Another really good thing to do is. Localize your landscape you know and that doesn't mean traveling cactus but that you know San Diego is Tony with an extraordinary amount of biodiversity we are so lucky to have. The variety that we happier there's so many beautiful placid she's from that really reflects the beauty of San Diego itself. And don't make us look like any other place and you know in America. So really focusing on those native plants. Is a really good way to prevent urban runoff that might seem like it. Interesting connection but because you know if you use vegetation in your property that doesn't require a lot of those inputs from. Fertilizer that doesn't require constant watering your basically reducing your own impact with urban runoff because. You're not in how fertilizers and all that excess water running after property and getting into the storm drains so the more you can localize your landscape the less impact he'll have on our water quality. And if you changing the oil in your car if you're changing that oil in your car in your and your keeping your car from leaking in any the next and it rains. In front of your house it's not going to be picking up your pollution in ticket the ocean you'll have done the responsible thing and you'll be protecting. The whole thing neighborhood in the health version the health of our rivers from the pollution you've contributed about oil. Greece when you when your in your kitchen and you people that throw greased down there drain. Yet done to that. Me toiling Dreessen and so it's all those things for the ghosts return waste water treatment plants and their their pretty. They're pretty difficult they need to be scraped often and sits in the landfill anyway so do yourself and your waste water treatment plant workers the favorite but that's in the trash. It's gonna had a little anyway and it's it's just hard on the system so. You know the storm canisters to support are two different systems in San Diego so the cirrus has done is the one that's gonna handle all of all the waste water from her house and the storm drains a system that can handle all the whistler from outside your house so your line and and all that good stuff. Both of those should be treated with respect and know that you know in our modern world we live in places where we can kind of wash things away and enough to ever think about them again putt. Our systems are all connected and all of them in a tie back into the health and environment so. I'm just be Smart can't be Smart with your choices any other advice. Or tips for for people listening today to help. Keep our water so waterways safe and clean yeah you know there are a lot of things that we can be doing and you know that's not turning to me because. We all can collectively make an impact. One thing that American and you know I mean come out to be trying to pressure come help pick up trash about us. But also maybe even a better thing to do just try to cut back on the trash that you personally create. So try to issues things that are not just for the sake of convenience so. We live a very kind of disposable lifestyles at this point and the more that you can't hampering your own pockets of almost cliche at this point never knows that but really it's you bring your own copycat. Bring your own water bottle. Cut back on the packaging used. And yet take carrier car pick up after your dog there's there's a lot of things can be done to protect our water quality. Other things and website that did help with that you know we have a great blog and an ever website there are a lot of hits on their analog top ten list onion it's certainly easy and for water quality toxin is you can. You know eat sustainable seafood things like that there are less it's a really good researcher people learning so parents are looking to learn more about all kinds of different. Water quality and now you have that of a big event coming up in September that's true yeah we haven't in you'll fund raiser called the seaside soiree that's going to be on September 13. We have a whole page of our website dedicated to that and I think it resource for an adamant Islam but it's it's really fun it's in neighboring come together and we. You know get a little just Appalachian because keeper office if you ever come to visit us you know the rarity. It's a little bit stressed and I got a radio and ethnic your tux looks great and well thank you. That's a fact so yeah we guess we get all dressed up we have some cocktails we celebrate the progress that we made because as much as it is important that you know focus on its challenges it also really for to celebrate successes about the part of the year were read. Yeah congratulate our community and the good work that we can protect water quality and we just couldn't you know had a cocktail again that's with its content and where's this going to be held. This year it's in India the Bali Hai who acts now cheeky fun times. And and can people get tickets on your web they can't get pretty simple so I let's say is is the place you learn more about the event and also purchase tickets. OK and so you are nonprofit where do you get your funny aside from a fund raiser likeness. The good question we're lucky that we are pretty diverse. Funding stream so a lot of a lot of our support comes directly from our own community so that's our members that's that's donations from community members who care about water quality. We love that that you know that shows the support that we haven't communion or so appreciative of the folks who support us. We'll give grants that support specific programs that we will you know right Branson and receive grants from generous foundations and on we ifs and you know. Corporate foundations he gets to us and so we appreciate their help as well and it's it's. Yup pretty pretty diverse actually. And so somebody wants to help you with your mission and make sure that there's a big shiny donate button right on the front. As a daily deathly Entergy analyzed. But yes we are very grateful to accept any donations that that people would like to share. And volunteers of course volunteers are dear Europe cleanups are pretty earnest but. Other other opportunities for volunteers there aren't we also have a really great water quality monitoring program so. Again our rivers and streams might be sometimes you know under appreciated resources that it's it's important for us to be monitoring their health as well so. Within our water quality monitoring program we actually trained volunteers to go out. And we like to think of it hasn't taken the vitals of our rivers and streams Sodini might you take excellent titles in ninety their pulse and their front blood pressure we gotta check things like. Dissolved oxygen and eagle indicator bacteria and all that good stuff so we get this good read on the health of our different watershed. So I'll just go out to collect samples berth in the field to bring those samples back we have an on site laboratories that volunteers can help I'm allowed. And I think it's good it's a really good volunteer family Selanne and I'm so proud of and impressed fire water quality monitors because they come out one Saturday a month and we make them trump ignited in. Who sometimes plays and Eric and nipped it in a flu season and the less attractive edges of San Diego. And their just intrepid amusing people so we're so grateful for them. And they can sign up for your website or paso you know volunteer opportunities page on our way of saying and that has the schedule of the upcoming training as well. And they consent for training and then join us dressed as part of the team and we would love to have them. You had a a new report just came in I think you mentioned a little bit about that yes statistics and stuff yes it's your most recent beach cleanup data report. Anything else from that that you like to share. What that report you know again that's that's based office dean issued some people submit to us on we did have. Over 6500 volunteers come on join us of these clinics last year which is so wonderful those volunteers collectively found. Almost a 190000. Individual items of trash. Which is pretty staggering and then you know keeping in mind that a lot of that is lately things like cigarette butts and found in bag. I'm all that added up since 9500. Pounds of trash so that's a lot of etc. let's include the and so those are although there is really interesting numbers for us every year so. We're so grateful and people come out tore cleanups and and keep those tallies coming because it it gives us some very interesting peek into the composition and and and sources of trash in San Diego. Now the next at cleanup again is is this coming stereo is the it's it's this coming Saturday said June 24 and we're going to be needing crystal pier and Pacific beach and after Aaron from nine to eleven. And again just chill there's no sign up headed to death put on your sun screen and your hat and bring your water. In your reusable water well and then up just a shuttle signing in Armenia there. What's your website again it is www. SDs post keeper dot org and social media. Mean it's ST underscore his keeper who hasn't faced we've got we got this that the veteran earning an answer grants that we are living in the modern world all right Kristin. Thanks for being on the Saturday my pleasure thanks Seth for all you and everyone else at San Diego coast keep just keep water's clean and safe thinks he has while we appreciate it. It includes another addition of living veterans San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the an account San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living that San Diego are available on the station's website. I mean next week when my guess will be from the simplify file till then. I'm Garry lake have a great week.