High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Evan is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Friday, June 16th


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This is Genentech pennies high of 5000. Hometown hero tool thanking our he. News with a high of five cargo 5000 high times. Wanna think dorm floor for hooking us up with John Anthony's high 5000 hometown hero tour some hero. Is going to get another three course gourmet dinner cruise aboard the beautiful form blower suit cites the city. That somebody today. Is and then Evan is a marine we're ready in my high five through the phone Evans about to be a daddy ever asked about the white let's don't you first met your wife. So I was down in the next few as a little bar called. I believe it was a wagon wheels saloon I don't remember the name of the anyway so. Mel's playing in pain that I decided to go to the bar old mom lecturer would be on me. So arms stand there and my wife as the I didn't notice I'm going to be in my life. But the stand just in my right at the barn she's had about six shots and a blogger. Went up. When I turned Guerrero on. But turned around and actually knock the shots builder and not you know being the gentleman that I am I apologize immediately offered to buy the next around on me. It should look Fred I mean she should. You look like in the military. The odds not a good time room. For all of a couple or. I think that yes ma'am pressure and that she says book I appreciate you were offered about drinks amen had to patch and she got up more delay and a lot Colin but anyhow about a couple weeks later. I was that. Another arms and burns. And then. I can't I came across your gear and I didn't realize it was her and. I'll walk right up to order. And kept from shoulder should do you remember me as I know exactly like. She hit. And she says I know that the new York and that's the manage should listen more bits and about a change in my and sure enough the there's lower and we've been put their percent. Dude listen it TU good for you good for your persistence. You knew we were doing that is an awesome story. We're rural we're joined by as it turns out the super smooth and then who's about to get a dinner cruise aboard the horn blower for a high 5000 hometown hero to work. Congratulations are in order when we are setting up this interview you were at your ultrasound. Our workers were all right on to lose your first here who are hurt. At all you know that's going to be a boy or girl or was this just checking out the BB ultrasound. Are the so you think that coupled with. No but I'm hoping pro limo electrical ultra cool. And one of you will get their wish you could talk about here that is awesome and it tells my time as a marine. I've been incurred at about five and a half years. In. I am are. Actively involved in the into the social community who has already put and yet he has birdies out there. Right on well here's an awesome thing because you signed up for our John and Jimmy hive 5000 a hometown hero tour. Dinner cruise with the horn blower cruises and events and they are giving one away every week to someone. Who serves first responders those in the military. And you my dear are this week's recipients. Of that awesome dinner cruise with the horn blower. Oh that's also thank you none Ivan thank you now it's time that coveted high five through the phone here comes. And I guess. What I put up. All right Evan listen you and your wife congratulations and all is about to happen in your life with your baby in your horn blower cruise and your continued service in the Marine Corps thanks for checking up with us this morning pal.