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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego a public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Today we're gonna talk about the San Ysidro health sent don't let the name fool you though. They served more than just the San Ysidro area they're committed to providing the highest quality and affordable health care services for you and your entire family. Joining us this morning to San Ysidro health center director of philanthropy Maggie have again. And co chair of their black white and Blaine bash in philanthropist. And social impact catalyst Wanda Selena Walter me. Welcome Maggie welcome you on the. Thank you Gary it's a pleasure to be geared carry on this beautiful sunny morning talking about the sunny future half an hour. A nice to have the both of you here in the San Ysidro health center. This is something I don't think many people know. Exists even Salina we start with a little background information. Absolutely it's kind of an unsung tool here in San Diego with established almost. Fifty years ago by a group of seven women who were. Seeking medical services that work culturally appropriate end. Accessible. And affordable for their families send. Here we are fast forward fifty years later the son he sees on house sinner is. Providing. Health care services that are. Compassionate that are of the highest qualities that are accessible and affordable took over 92. Thousand. People a year over 92000. Patients in our community which averages about 420000. Annual visits. The sunny future host senator currently has the 34 programs sites located. Throughout our entire county in so it's growth has been. Truly impressive and it's contributions. To that. Wellness and the wellbeing of our community have been extraordinary. Yes sings cedar is part of the health safety net that was developed. So back in the sixties when it was discovered that so many Worrell areas in and communities were not provided adequate health care and the federal government came in and develop something called it. Federally qualified health center modeled and that's what we're part of and so we get some of our funding from the federal government that. We do need support from the community and that's Killen has been an amazing ambassador to help us get that support that we need. And and you are non profit yes we are. I'm a one C three non profit slid as the mission then San Ysidro health center. A mission of us sunny see Idaho senator is to continue to provide aid to. Compassionate and high quality health services chewed the underserved. Patients and our community but I really can be anyone of us to any given time. A requires. House services and may not have access to health insurance and as does a matter of you know what industry worry and different things happened throughout our lives isn't all right Maggie when the sun huge house and is able to step in. Yes absolutely who we provide health services to anyone who comes to our doors. We have amazing primary care health positions we also provide specialty care. We have chiropractors we have dentists we have. Doctors you can take care pretty much everything in and what we're here to do is make sure the people stay healthy so they don't end up in the emergency programs. So often before that health care system developed in the way we have developed ours. People would wait until they were so ill that they each company emergency room and the cost to the community for that if someone is underinsured or uninsured is tremendous. We actually save our community's money. And provide quality healthcare to our community members in a way that wasn't happening twenty or 3040 years ago so we're really proud of the work that we do. You know very I think it's important to consider that everyone of us here in San Diego wants that. Healthy well baby at writings skewed and someone who turns. In two. Part of the workforce in this productive and it didn't miss stays due to illnesses and ultimately this is beneficial to San Diego because it means for vibrant and were thriving and were growing and this is something that. Everyone of us wants and so whether it's accessing. The women and I've children. The senator whether it's having access to a school based health senator than my medical mobile clinic out in the community. Whether it's the pediatric development clinic or something for teens are at the senior health center. Or they'll all inclusive. Pace program. For seniors. Sunny feed it off how Fenner is able to go from start to finish through. Our entire life and to really get back to us since our community. So again you are all over San Diego County cover the entire county of course what let me let me take your most people think Sonny she's done and think the only at the border well this uneasy doha center. It's a brand that isn't limited to geography at scope goes beyond that it includes Chula Vista includes national city southeast San Diego. I'll cajon and further north and so. It's drive and it stats in terms of the services and its geographical expanse is really something that makes it accessible to all of our community. Absolutely and one of the things that we're so proud of is our dental clinics because we. Advocated to the federal government as part of the care continuum that dental be included and in the Medicaid medic L expansion. And our dental clinics are renowned we actually have residency programs at our clinic and southeast San Diego honor king shadows clinic. And we also have a dental clinic at Grady Children's Hospital that children flying in from other parts of the country to get their dental care. So that they can get their treatments whether it be chemotherapy or heart surgery things like that because channel needs need to be taken care and as our partnerships with our general clinics are really something and were proud and we also have the only special needs adult dental center. In San Diego at our king shyness clinic where people are coming in from all over Southern California with their adult. Family members that have. Everything from autism to and as cerebral palsy that kind of thing we take care of folks that and other dental clinics are not able to do so and we're we're proud of the services that we provide to everyone in and in all spectrums of the community so. Sandy cedar and it is his doing work it really nobody else is doing it's it really is where we consider ourselves revolutionary in the way that we provide health service. It's I think what a lot of people don't understand to a don't don't think about. Dental issues can cause medical issues if you don't take care of those that dental care is very important absolutely and week. And that's why we provide things like dental and we have a podiatrist that we work with and we have. Cardiologists we have. And we refer out to specialists and we have an ophthalmology clinic and our sandy cedar clinic. We work with and California retton associates does some wonderful work with our our patients that have. I issues due to diabetes we work with other ophthalmologist in the community. You know we try to make sure that our patients have every need met when they come into our clinics and mentioned some of the things that. That you doing that that probably didn't do when you first started aside from those things aside from the number of sites in patients how else has. San Ysidro health center changed over the years I imagine this it was. Literally a group of mothers that in 1969 living on the border they were from eighth predominantly agricultural community. If their children were sick they would have to get on the bus and travel to use scripts in Hillcrest that was nearest hospital. The sisters of mercy mercy hospital. And it would take all day and they would have to get on the day of work and their children. Would have to be on a bus not feeling well and name decided that they were gonna take things in their own hands and they found a woman. Doctor Ruth Cavallo who still is on our board of directors after all these years. He'll help them to write the first grant to the federal government to set up a clinic and it was started with four volunteers and a tiny Casilla in the south saying. And it's grand to this incredible health organization. So. They eat recognize the need for health care in every community and we continue to do that and one of the things I'm so proud and those are legacy of going into communities that other people. Perhaps were not willing to do health care services and or wheat what we've done in our expansion over the years is. When their health clinics that are struggling San Ysidro steps in and helps to continue that care and those communities whether it be in southeast San Diego. Or an El Cajon. Our services originally started with the Latino community but now we serve communities. From the Middle East we have patients that speak Arabic and Aramaic we have patients that speak Tagalog. We have patients that are from North Africa and different parts of the world because we know that everyone deserves quality health care. Now is is it true that I think are the other day that you are the second largest health care network in San Diego County. We are they second largest federally qualified health center network and sending canyons. What does that mean for an organization like you guys while NF QHC is it's it's a and recognition from the federal government that we provide health services at a certain level so that week can apply for grants from the Department of Health and Human Services. And those grants top last to offset the expense. A patients that have no coverage all are or have very limited coverage and health for their health care. And because the federal government recognizes the fact that. They can't provide the services that nonprofit organizations can and that's why we have nonprofits in America and is. The federal government recognizes the need for all these different services whether it be education health. All these things that they know that our citizens deserving people in this country deserve the federal government cannot provide. But nonprofits can come in and provide them at a lower cost and more efficiently and effectively. And more held an incredibly high standards we are regularly audited theirs regular. And checks in with it with our partners at their Health and Human Services Department. But it really is about they trust stay in Entrust us to provide health services to the people sending him. And and as far as your your patience. And those that you serve. Are you clinics free or is there or is there a discount for low income or those that don't have insurance the weighted that we work. At saint BC her house sinner is that anyone who. Makes appointment. Is brought into our clinics they get to go through that process to see if perhaps they do and qualify for some sort of support for their health care. But if they do or if they don't we still take care of them we have a sliding scale. Am weak if they do qualify for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act or through Medicaid we help them sign up for that. Helping children sign up for that. If they don't we have a sliding scale that it affords them a chance to command no matter what. And we have literally one of the lowest co pays insane you county of twenty dollars a visit any even if they don't have that we'll take care. As is there any chance now now of course with. Current situation the way it is in our government is that is it going to affect you in any way you if if and when Obama care. Well I mean it's segue to something because I'm not gonna get political. It's really important to recognize the need for people in our community have access to health care. And saying you cedar recognizes. And we will provide health services to anyone who comes to our doors. And Gary that's CIA events like the ones that working on. Over it this month of June are so critically important it. In terms of garnering support for our community. Because these are the events that are going to allow us to raise friends. To raise awareness and raise funds and those funds are going to be utilized to halt the sunny future Haas center continue. To provide. Access to health care for anyone who comes in and allow them to continue. To bridge that gap. And that's why my daughter in India and I were. That first legacy co chairs for the sun huge house synergies. A graduating senior from high school. Who's excited to spend most servers senior year along with myself and an incredibly dedicated. Team of volunteers. From throughout accounting. To help us raise the level of awareness about the sunny future half an hour. Serve variety of initiatives and we're incredibly passionate. About the mission and we're incredibly passionate about bringing the spotlight. To the sentence is a high Fenner and so that's what this does tears consistent and we have some. Fabulous. Opportunities. For anyone who wishes to get involved at whatever level that maybe. Whether it's just appearing whether it's. I monetary donation whether it's donation. Talent or time. We have a spot tree is so we have some exciting things coming up in Hampshire I'm happy talk about. And we will talk about those you have couple events coming up here symbol get to that just few minutes. You do have a you have your own pharmacy to the right. Well there's several things that we have an addition to the pharmacy there's also meat bikini got which is the sunny sees it on house senators retell clinic Ashton Norris. Gate on China's market and I'm sure Maggie can tell us more about the pharmacy services that pharmacy services. Aren't in number of our clinics we have our own pharmacists help our patients to insure that they get the medical. The medicines that they need we also. Work with like you'll wanna mention me clinic says it as a great example and it's. This was a clinic that was started by someone else and it was providing that drop and care that oftentimes when you work shift work when year. Working two or three jobs it's hard to make the time to get your children inferred. There. Annual physicals for school that kind of thing. Clinic is our urgent it's at its are dropping clinic not urgent clinic we have an urgent care clinic also an art Chula Vista medical plaza. And urgent care is something that. Obviously is so important for so many people. Because you have a sprained ankle or you have something like that you can't spend ten hours in the waiting room at the hospital where he can commend San Ysidro will make sure we take care of you. But our pharmacies. Are part of our network to make sure that our patients get everything that they need. When they command for health services we have a number of patients we have an extraordinary number of patients actually to have diabetes in things like that chronic illness. And we want to make sure that they get the medicine they need and they get the testing and care they need we have our own laboratories we have our own radiology. And wheat are a full service health center. And we working in conjunction. People come in for their prenatal for example we have any. Women and children's health are maternal child health clinic down in San Ysidro that is densely beautiful space. But we also have obeyed she lands and all of our clinics and so patients can come and get their prenatal care. And we partner with local hospitals on the delivery side so we take literally take care people from before they're born. In older elderly our program for all inclusive care for the elderly we have a center down and NEC drew. That is second to none our staff is incredibly passionate about taking care of our elderly citizens and the beautiful thing about case is. It provides an opportunity and it's predominantly Latino Latina. Folks that are enrolled in pace since NEC drew because that's the communities it then it's Palestinian. And in in that Latino Latina community. It's often difficult to leave your parents you know you're you don't want to send them off to Summers he's a family takes care. But when you can't go to work because you're taking care of your mother who has alzheimer's your dad and ask chronic health needs. You lose your job you lose the income for the family that kind of thing. And we developed pace of it folks can send their parents somewhere safe. And culturally competent. And that provides incredible services from full service health care two needles to. Xoom look classes to yoga. To an occupational physical therapy. It's it really is amazing program sent wheat we do so much that we can take three hours instead of third and it's talking about it and thanks for asking. And you're here clinics and programs sites those are different. Is there a difference between those are they saying. Yes our programs or things like Marwick offices we provide and women in financial for an services and for those folks that qualify. And that's a federal program to ensure that mothers pregnant mothers and mothers of young children have access to. Nutrition and health information. Center at eight their children strapped life and a healthy way. And we also have Aaron Costa. And our and our place which are HIV aids programs. For families and people that are dealing with the diagnosis of HIV aids. We have eight a program called yes switches for young people who have. Perhaps mental health issues that are struggling with things we have behavioral and health services that are different clinics so sweet we really take care of everything. Yeah again a well kept secret I think. Now yeah. You also provide transportation don't you to your clinics. Yes we have a transportation program. Patients can call if they are having difficulty getting to their doctors appointments and we. Are able to pick them up and take them to our clinics. If transportation to and from our peace program says that if someone is elderly and needing transportation to their day program at our pace and are they can do that. We also you know just back to their different and clinics here clinics in high schools are high school clinics are so that kids can go in and check in with their physician if they're not feeling well and not miss school they can get their physicals and things like that on site at the high schools. At a teen clinic that's a drop in clinic down until this effort kids that just want to answer questions about teen health and different things that they may have concerns about. Now that they're starting to gather at the age where they don't want their parents involved now they just sounds so. Now you do you did mention along the couple things come up this month. That's great receiver excited to have two events or I'd love to see a great turnout from the community. On. Next Sunday. On. June 11 we have depriving you know the class on the beach at the hotel del Coronado the historic. Venue as the backdrop looking out it. The ocean and the waves crossing on the rocks that are right next to as. 6:30 AM registration and no worries we have coffee ready for you we'll have. Renowned yoga instructor mounts are included as is parking for two dollars and cents. Minimal fee of 25 dollars and for that you get a fifteen minute yoga class and live music date memo says afterward we have a ton of giveaways we have. Colors science mineral sunscreen we have. Some inspirational Montrose ban. We have T issued our teacher's teacher and made by. Women and girls in there and escaped from human trafficking. We have Bhuj crafted out there was some of their samples. I mean it's really a way for you to come fellow for you to bring your significant other for you to come with your kids for the with the entire family. And really incorporate house and wellness into. Sunday Sunday and so it's a great way to not only raise awareness of the sunny sees a house that are in. Broader context also a way for you to give back and and walk away with an arm full of goodies in your flag back and so wearing publicly incredibly excited about that's again on next Sunday. June 11 at the hotel is now we have information on this in outlaw on. Our face baked pizzas to and website and you can find all the information said that's coming up and I suggest that you law. Right into the computer and sign up immediately and I mean be really excited to tee there we. Have several. You know we're we're looking for really. A large number of people because they may have different yoga instructors who are modeling figure I never far from. Someone who is demonstrating a downward dog or any other yoga because. And I have no idea Wichita. Well I'll go along with the yeah. Yeah that's got mad love to say hello chorus and then on it's Saturday. Gene Tunney forest we have what is now the eight annual gala for the ascendancy to house senate. And this year it's at the black white and bowling bash again. The historic hotel del Coronado has been such an outstanding partner Q. The sunny C doha Fenner and where it so all excited asked about the evening's show you can come dressed up. In your finery whatever your interpretation is the black and white or black and white and Blaine. We have the first ever culinary showcase its part is that evening that's cure rated by renowned chef not for Angola and we have. Seth strung throughout the region and I really do mean from throughout the region we have. So is coming down from Haitians I've from Ramona from La Hoya from buy at Atlanta group on the other side of the border Imperial Beach. These tests have come out my human being now we have and says James not to hunt and Giuseppe two Christine your Barack we have. Fourteen mad keen fan remind me. Fourteen chefs and and and an incredible. Array of winds. From here a month is few lines also buck wines from the via that one and two bad. Several secure companies have also offered us their support. And so. I promise you that you assemble them and medicine Avery. Fights ever. So we'll have that we have an extraordinary. Live and silent auction and we have. Go warriors an incredible opportunity for me angry system of the assistant coaches and players. A home game and then an LA. We have opportunities travel some of these Shas has donated extraordinary. Six an eight course meals paired with wines and like cemetery and it fixed thing about that about this is. You know that you actually don't need to be present ten big. You can't if you're not a bit about a on that they could check out our auction items on the website you kids. Bid on the live auction by DuPont will be. Yes or you couldn't or you can bid come on line that day and and produce pig and to get to Rebecca. And we have. Packages that appealed to all budgets so. There's something for everyone would totally made sure of that. We have an extraordinary black away. Saturated selection of art pieces and created by. Pilot and come overall cost of Alexander counselor fine art that are going to be available means. This is really been a cause that has on appealed to many in our community and outside we've seen this extraordinary response haven't. A legendary. DJ Hughes found escaping the entire evening. We're recognizing individuals who have done a great deal to to effect positive change by protecting and promoting the house and and and wellbeing of our underserved communities it's going to be. An opportunity. To give back to walk away with exciting things that sample to feel good to really. Have assault come together in in in the spirit of making our region healthier ones so I'm incredibly excited there is. We're almost at wait list status so anyone's interested in attending make sure that you. Right here came Peter and a half ahead and purchase a ticket. And if not find a way to support as every every little bit counts and helping the sunny C doha center really bridged that gap and cover the X. Ordinary you array of services and programs I mean Maggie I. I am I'm Meyer with most of them in just listening to them. Being described again is it's outstanding that that there is an organization in San Diego. That's all doesn't it almost fifteen years. And that serves a 100000. Patients ME if that's not something that we can't all get excited about it that's something that we can all rally. Around acts. System health care for for community I you know I surely don't know what it is so I'm sure you would agree with me I know Maggie says and I know that our listeners. Are are getting as excited as I've been throughout this year today and become more familiar with the sunny so. Her husband and I tell you what that death. Black white gambling bass sounds incredible as it did so you. Well yeah Elan and the other fabulous shares at an Indy and the name done an incredible job and we're so proud and and again now more than ever health care is something that we need to rally around and it is so important that changes in the political. Priorities. Might leave us with some some serious gaps in funding and it is so important that we take care of our neighbors and our friends and our sisters our Brothers that. Need health health care and health insurance and sandy cedar is here to provide that health care and it's something I'm really proud to represent. I think San Ysidro has done an incredible job at making sure that the underserved. Always has access to quality health care. It makes a difference in the quality of our life in San Diego. Where America's finest city because we do things likes and see your house center and say you can feel proud of that support has come out. If you can't come of the gala. Make a donation. Get on our website learn more about us the other opportunities we are always looking for volunteers to involved in so many aspects of the organization. They are so many opportunities for you and every single person in this community to be involved so thank you so much for having answered well. We've got just a couple of minutes left so what is said the website for someone to just to find out what is it you do if you wanna make a donation can they also get information about these two events. Yes they can sell on the website it's www. As YHC. Dot org backlash scale that specifically if you wanna find out more about the gala access donate if you want to identify more than one opportunity by which to give back we also are on. They suspect under it as quiet house censure. And we have as flight eight sees black white ambling bash is an independent and then you can also find this on Twitter step. I mean there's no excuse I mean. Had to look for me how I thought beats its share some of the exciting things that there's any number of ways and of course with people like Maggie was people like them who. Are are are available you know 24/7. Says Tim making it easy for you to become involved you know. Like Maggie said now more than ever you know access to health care is is is the primary thing that we're all. I'm happy to support and so. I'm just thrilled to be a part of this tremendous numbers this year is is there in false about the ad yoga dance and US night we also have. Information. On India on the other specifically unfazed Pickett's I'm deprive it yet on the beach at the hotel del. It's actually. Public of information that page. And so it has more information has to direct link which can also be found on the sunny future. House and her website that they compared to their directly again it's only 25 dollars and you want going with an influence of kiddies and and and feeling. How CN and good about being out in. Sunny San Diego. You know doing yoga giving back to the sunny sees how do you need to register ahead of time that tonight yes we would like you I mean it won't always except I happened obviously I'm we'd like to be prepared. Yoga mats are in created so if you are listening to this today's Sunday a week before. They yoga event then I'd you know just register. Right now. And and and we look forward to seeing you next Sunday of course. All right and we will have info as well on the station's website for the yoga event we already have info about the black quite in bowling bash so. And even listen this morning can go to the station's website to the community events page for that. As well I'm begging you on the thanks so much for being on Saturday have learned a lot about San Ysidro health center. And good luck with the early morning yoga on the beach in Europe black white and bullying has carried and he now. Leyland isn't V. Mac Q I know my outlook. That's I didn't think it all right thank you so much for having me on that morning thank you. That concludes another edition I'm living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed are living better in San Diego did not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the account San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from serenity acres force rescue. Until then I'm Gary late.