Legacies Alive's Next Challenge Starts on Sunday!

Friday, June 9th


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Joining us now argues in the week and is mark felt doubts he mark as the co-founder of legacies alive make service member Chris ring. Ex navy seal also part of legacy alive Chris slam. The entire length of the Mississippi River last year that you heard that correctly to raise awareness. And honor the fallen in connect with the gold star families goals are damaged by the families of service members were killed in action there's a third legacy challenge. Coming up very soon more on that in a bit but first Chris. Tammy once you help me get my man card and you got some suggestions for me. Are we B two options peculiar so you can either sprinter by doing it like when you're so tied at least forty times since my body was twenty years in a row. Spread out over. Yeah. Milk are good and heart you're not it can. And then the other option is go on bike with caper confidence K. Is the gold star mom K Jordan and June 11 shall start biking from San Diego to New York City to honor her fallen son. Austin stags he was killed 2010 that would be my honor to release write a few miles and with this wonderful woman it. If people if your Mikey you like to buy what I do yeah there are people able to do that yeah. Sun there we support it until after the kickoff or along the journey can reach out and we don't support income opera and then after the complex once mark you were the co-founder of legacies alive a nonprofit. Whose mission is to strengthen support the gold star families of our nation's fallen heroes you guys have a big weekend this weekend what's going on. This week we have a gala. An and kick off to our third. Third legacy challenge. And we have gold star mother. Into who lost her son. In Afghanistan and she's gonna arrive from San Diego all the way to one portrayed senator in New York City it's called cycled celebrate. So when we came up with that name we said you know we. Weird things have happened and we just said hey we don't want him we don't mourn and that's one great thing about laces by this week. 12 there's a time and a place for. You know that the sorrow but we wanna celebrate the lives we were celebrates those that the families you know because that's a new normal. And whoever they. You know what whenever cage and Jordan rides across the country. With her team I mean. We want her to say okay this was that this is my son Austin went in the celebrating connector as many golds are found mrs. She can. From you know from from San Diego and New York. In her kiss when loyal listeners can help out several ways they can either buy tickets for the gala that is that is tomorrow night at the Kona Kai resort right here in San Diego. Or if you can't attend. There is a button for you to donate to this wonderful cause at legacies alive dot. Com gentlemen thank you very much dust locking your cause again that led to his legacy is alive dot com we've come to the right place and many cancer loyalist is wanna help out. Legacy is alive dot coming at the gala and the big send off both this week and again that web sites legacies alive dot com.