High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Bryan is Going on a Dinner Cruise!

Wednesday, June 7th


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This is Jenin Japanese high of 5000. Hometown hero dual thanking our he. News with a high five our goal 5000 hide behind. Are Jon and Tammy hi 5000 hometown hero to work very happy to welcome navy man Brian fox to our show morning Brian. Ordered Brian's going to be Gmail go to our show. Bright you definitely have a name that sounds like a military guy Brian fox what's the coolest thing that you got to do in your time in the navy. Oh and the I love deployment between a lot of different places and a lot of different people and it really goes out other parts of the world works act compare our. What was your most exotic stop there. Probably. Manila the Philippines. Very beautiful country to when you get there. Get out of the city area. I've heard so many people that Serbs say. There's times as we have the kind of gaming you're doing your job and your obviously on watch and on guard and being trained it to you know to do you do but. There's times you're looking around these exotic ports like. Is this really my life at this point you know I mean is that something that you experience as well brunt. More so he definitely. Ground or on liberty you know where kind of review I'm in you're kind of like outlets and also I'm getting paid vacation. That clinic experience. Well you do more than that that is for sure you make up for that without putting your life on the line for us that we appreciate Bryan how brave how long have you been in San Diego not armed when did you leave Kentucky. My door I'm back. Security out my family and I are and I just under another contract for our secure. Six more years in San Diego. Honor our have you and your family here meant so much so that we are going to let you know that you all are going on horn blower dinner cruise men are gourmet three course dinner cruise. And the beautiful San Diego Bay aboard a horn blower cruise ship can't wait to get you out there amount. Are so much. They are so quote you never experience and on the horrible or personal fabulous to a new course and drinks if you so choose. And the beautiful 360 degree views of our bay. As just calm and casual taking your time in enjoying the sites in do you have some reminder you can be taking with you stop it. All right man congratulations on that thank you for what you do you know they another congratulations to your six years added to San Diego we're really happy that you're still with a man. You're. Also honey we have to get you high five through the phone with John Cheney had 5000 hometown hero tour here we go high 5000 number 39 a 59. And Obama that. RR and all right Brian fox US navy and another winner and John do is hire 5000 hometown hero to think you do horrible or cruises and events and thank you Brian. Remember your first responder in the military or the police department. Go to TS ON dot com and sign up tween Dora horn blower cruise.