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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living better and San Diego a public service presentation of the and it counts San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Many people know the name for H can't associate organization with the raising of animals. But they are much more than that. San Diego County four H gives young people the skills they need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives they help young people to reach their full potential as confident. Confident leaders of character. Four H uses a unique learn by doing model that teaches many essential skills that youthful use throughout their entire lives. Joining us this morning is San Diego County four H public relations director Carmen Rodriguez. And 48 senior member Cornell. Welcome Carmen welcome Lauren. I could be here and it's a pleasure being here. Thanks see you again that Carmen you and so last year right around this time just before the fair yes I was so it's a pleasure having you back again I'm sure a lot of folks know. The name for H but how about little background information in the organization. Wolf fortune been around for over a hundred years at this point California's started just before the 19100. Turn of the century and we got ahead and expand from there are started as agricultural group swift. Parents in the agricultural community trying to teach the kids how to do the farming how to do the cooking. How to do these so weighing in the dar earning and all those kinda good things that you would have to have firm surviving in rural town farming life. And it's just devolve to to what it is today we do. Video technology we do environmental controls we do water quality. Camp being. As well as is typical livestock raised seeing and you have all your clothing and textiles and consumer decision making in. Consumer affairs projects as well photography. Journalism. Just about anything you can think of they've expanded quite a bit and started. Oh we definitely do add we also go ahead and try to tailor the forage program to whatever the community that were in needs. So just because you live in downtown San Diego Orange City heights. Doesn't mean that you can't be a part of foray each what you can do as small gardening project on here and Europe kitchen windowsill. That would constitute a project he could do a small hamster project Katie project for small animal. You can go ahead and do wrapped up project we have those as well we have dog obedience. Anything that you can think of you could probably manage to do something no matter waiter. And how long has the the local four H been around. Cindy McCain for H I have they've all been around since about 1914. And that's about when we all started. When it became formalized. So it's just depends an it's an ebb and flow. Clubs grow clubs expand club shrink depending on the use membership involved and what's the had a mission and it four to make the best better. And a simple an inch of or make the best bettered the kids it's Alex for Angelina learning so that means it's the kids are learning by doing. And that's what we try to do we try to make the best better by teaching kids how to do it themselves. I the big question that I'm sure a lot of people have is what does the stamp for. Well actually this for ages not just one its head heart hands and health. Pence for each hand before age and that involves four H pledge which I pledge my head to clear thinking. My heart greater loyalty my hands to larger service and my health to better living for the club my community my country and my world. We just naive I USA organization we are actually international. And how you've been without for each. I've been with while I grew up in four H I started in four H when I was in seventh grade in an aged out. And the returned. Back in 1998. You've been with them Anderson to the leader so you've been working with them since 1990 it was my behead them he had an underdog with Sonia. For quite some time early in life for each Iggy media opportunities that I did have otherwise. I am I say I love horses so I got into the horse project and with the horse project I learned public speaking. I learned how to go ahead in the in the spotlight and learn how to go ahead and take care an animal have a responsibility. I learned about cold setting in budgeting. And all that is Scottie had help meaning keep me going and I want to give that opportunity to any other students and I came across in my life. And it it just evolved from there and how old you have to become a four H member you just very youngest fighter resolve all the primary member. And I and that means that you don't have access to the large animals or two projects really do cutting like Abu polishing jams. If you can do things like the dog obedience she can use small animal projects. In hard to get into the other when you have to be nine years old. And then from there it takes out your formal foray each member at that point and it goes into a your nineteenth birthday or your first year at college okay and. And that's where that's pretty much about where you're headed right Lauren. He and I'm actually cried to being on the seven and starting in college in the fall so that's my last year Oregon school. I'm actually playing nine going a regressed minding some money GE and Greek credit sticking here and then transferring to SEC. And what is your what you want to do. Like as a jogger investment career wise on my actually planned on Ryan net taking its navy off six tests you know and then doing the media has an office. And how long have you been. With four I and Fareed it's actually science I was in eighth grade so it's this might sit here. And I aimed at I eight got my first chicken and an eighth street and I love my chickens they all of their own personalities and their own names and they just don't find it. Hang out waves and X specially planned act of supplements account for fair. Comment what would've put. Some of the benefits that did you and it someone who works with the forage for some of the benefits that that you want the kids to get out of this program. There's a lot of benefits that forays has to offer and some of them aren't to the person involved in four age. It makes them better well rounded person it gives them the public speaking capability for sure. I'm as well as the goal setting and in things that you would need in corporate life. A lot of they've got ahead and they had to struggle to budget making by erasing an animal on knowing the AD income coming in the expenses going out. A lot of them have taking out loans to go ahead get those animals a lot of dining and and the same thing in the other projects as well to. By giving their projects they're learning how to go ahead and worked with their hands are learning how to work with eighteen. And they're showing each other our our junior leaders and our team leaders turnaround and they show what they've learned. To the newer members of the younger members to help them come up missing way. And that's one of the things I think it's important for use these days to go ahead and understand is it's it's a leadership capability. That's one of the big things for H teaches all the way around as they give them that leadership ability. And Lauren how has. Being a member of forays how does that help you in your life and and how do you think that's helped you prepare. For a career and and for college. Well for each it one dummies to animals which I worry really lights on and and that means like learn about the more. But it also helped me with my speaking. In front of other's abilities are and Billy gang to the point that I actually he. Talk in front of many people all the time now on not just before eight bout with Girl Scouts and other groups. I'm requested to talk to you and I pretty much. And guiding then and telling them how you're associated. Isn't seeing or I'm just explaining why I'm requested to explain. But it really. I'm also eat treasure in my local group. And it's honestly the name on the most and special experiences sigh I've hide in my life. On since I joined for each and since it joined Girl Scouts as well. IE look for eight it's not need to not only know how to ready check which I have no idea how yeah. That but it lets me understand that you could only spend a certain amount money and then you also have to like take care of your general expenses as well which I deal with all the time and so before you joined for age and gets in and speaking in front of people was not something you're too fond of no I was actually they shy girl that would not hang out with anyone on the play. And so and they joined for age at his bid. Buzz and be all of the time yeah. So let's change quite a bit and yet they had. It was it was. Was that the animals that the first drew euphoria it's this it's that sounds like yeah it captured in this league was the animals that you need a four H but once I actually got more involved my club thanks or learn more. I just got so excited to do more than just animals like now I aim to mean fiber arts I get a buying and sewing. I'm in so many others. Projects and I know how to do so many skills I went hunt knowing how to do unless they joined Fareed. And I want to go to more about some of those things that you doings in just a few minutes but. But car and a lot of people and I think a four H as you mentioned it originally it started as. Basically dealing with animals. And a lot of people think of four age they think of livestock but there's so much more you mentioned so much more that you do. There is so much warrants. It's gotten just projects that you can get involved and this year we have one young Lee from our county that was representing California and California delegation when they went to Niagara at all. The presidential inauguration. That was her first trip outside of the state had a blast in California was the only delegation to get into certain venues. Since that was whatever experiences. We have other experiences where we help the master gardeners'. Was some of their projects that they do in the community. We have people who go ahead and Adam for the community service that are along the beach cleaning up the beaches they're clean up the parks or the trails. Around the county. We have others that are involved at the the state level on the state advisory boards putting together events for the state. We have one young lady who's stayed ambassador currently. And she's gone ahead and done some lectures on healthy living at some of the national conferences. And they would've had that opportunity had not been for four H and that's over and above what ever projects they've gone ahead and decided to do for the year. It's all added on top of those projects. And end of one man stand each year Forex club member generals and at least one project they have to enroll in at least one project they have to be a club member. That's the only way to go ahead and be involved in foreign age. And then you have. From very humiliating going to be different area she can go ahead and stay with him in just licking your club and work with just projects. Or if you are more adventurous type or your more curious about what else is out there. You expand your horizons you go for the emerald star project to go Fred and stayed ambassador program. You go on the leadership conferences that we have theirs two or three of them that they have within the city California also back in Washington DC. Or you can go ahead and do county group which like a judging the knowledge teens are accounting group that we have so it's a variety. Now when you say you you've you have to be club member. Just becoming a four H member does not make you club member. No we have clubs are throughout the entire county of San Diego. And you go ahead and you join were every year your club is close to your home. So for instance we have won an Oceanside that is on the coast. We also have two veteran valley center. Al we have one up in the Ramona we have land down in San Diego last heights we have went out Alpine. So there's there is they're called clubs even those part of the San Diego County four H program youth development program. It's an individual club that is maintained. By those used in that club they are responsible for that clock. Is is that the same as you community clubs that that community club that's what that is some OK and you also have on military four H clubs as we do. Those are a little bit differently since Iran through the military bases. And it they involve strictly to military kits. Their projects a little bit different there some of them are shorter some of them are done on line. It's just a different form of four H they still have access to all the same opportunities all the same project and all the same. Things that that any other for each member would have access to okay that's it's just run a little bit it's just run a little bit differently because of the nature of where they're coming from right. And death affair. And that is coming up opening up Friday this coming Friday yes and four H is always at the fair. Always at the fair either for the full run of the fair. For a front yes for each they're pretty much from the start to finish yes and no you had you still exhibit such is that the cake decorating the sullying the hobbies. The kids that have gone ahead and and would work you know what I those kind of exhibit a there there are out in the infield in the kids best chance. And they are there from day one of the fair all the way through the you have other things that command option on the very beginning of the fairly dog obedience. You'll have some of the Al Pappas a come in and he's showing that the kids are involved and the small animals also be there in an out during the first portion what everybody thinks about when they think of the fair and the animals. It's the second half with a fair that you typically see everybody in quite. With the white shirt white pants you don't quite have our green hat under paying on their age and they can in the second half. The first half for those animals it's for the large livestock here cattle cattle a year sheep goats and your pig. Those are done primarily with the professionals. For the first week of affairs first week week and a half of the fair those are all the professionals. And during that time the other four H animal projects like Neil Pappas. I'm poultry Turkey. Bikinis all those will come in in various places during that time. Then the second part of the fair comes in and then it's all the kids who have breeding animals. Your breeding cattle your breeding sheep breeding goats. Will come in during the second part the middle part and they will have their time their for the junior portion of it. The very last week we can I have this can be your market animals. And that's where it's anybody's gonna be going to that livestock auction that last few days of affair before the fourth of July. That's where they're headed. Is there an age limit or. Age requirement to show at the fair there's no age requirement to show at the fair. We are invited to show at the fair we are not part of the fair. I'm you have to be what every year project requirement is is the age you have to be hard to be able to take that animal to fair. So for instance if you wanted to show a cat steer you would have to be nine years old. In order to be able to shut the fairly that year. And end up Lauren you're gonna be do an end to get the fair this year. I mean sadly and not let me do anything at the fair and not because I'm focusing on and some of the girls I actually teach in my pirates are. And I'm hoping. Then with their projects primarily and then maybe next year as an adult though all enters some stuff have you shown before at the fair. I hate how necessarily should make animals at the film Marlins but I have shown sound mind pirates projects last year I showed days. It was like a shark soon. But the we is played it was really beard and you just released. Because they displayed. Latin eyes are like all of now that you've mentioned it the other times tells value fiber arts project okay well my favorite project it's basically. And teach seeing it used Yang in other people that want to know more. Is Powell exactly the gate yarn how we get are the fabric that we Wear on our backs. For our pants and whatnot. On so I have been teach seeing it than hide it Kirsch and which is a way of making fabric. And I've also been teaching now and how it to me. Felt it polls. That you did just toss in year drier. And an eighth like reducing static. And it's just. Others things like that Michael Potts as funny animals she slimy animals that you keep it fiber from. I don't remembered the other animals there's like a prop it at arts yet there's notes. The rabbit for those that's very expensive. As is something that they use started yourself this project. This morning viewers hunt yes this is one of the projects. Myself and my mother who had to be a leader because I was under age so I can be a leader but this by the lines diet. My mother and I actually started together. On and and we have tied it for about two years now. Okay I'm on another thing that you're involved in that you just recently completed. You're emerald star project tells about that once that is right so eighty an all star project is basically it is. Project in my case you put on a bank got is countywide. Yang for mine I ended up putting on though large animal learning day weight she multiple Tonys were. Her clubs are allowed to come to new. And Nadine have to be for each member is there are allowed to be at that they members. Oh word just members of the TD that we curious about animals. Hanging dying and it. First going to. Almost every single feed stored in seeing any ago. And asking for donations and I was in this part of first by I got easier. And not actually taught me how I write a business letter. On how I'm status and asked for donations in general home. And I named it I also learned I. One of the major things and what is that I have to call my volunteer day is every single week. Just to make sure that they are so good dig down. And that's because. One of my volunteers seeing shots and I did stand now so likely someone who had her phone number. Called her and Mina. So this is this emerald star project this is separate from other projects right yeah it's it's a leadership project is what it is. One of many that they have. And you earn your emerald star which is an action star that you can put on your hat that you can Wear it and showing competition. And it's it's gained by completing properly completing an adult star projects and sort of leadership type project. In her case it was going head and arranging the animal learning day and large animal learning day. We've had others at a dental community service project they got him in taking a coat of many colors. And turning into some sort of a major community service. Project that they've taken the coats down and distributed among the homeless. That's another type of emirates are project it's it's just you have to organize something to show leadership. I want once again before age. Do so much more. And Jessica were human animals it's so much more than where he would just animals mean. Even even I tell you around that we actually going to India that he'll have groups that will go into the idea out. Elder this senior living homes. And assistant senior living homes you haven't taking in some of the smaller animals as pets therapy can you have them help being out at the food banks. You have them helping out at summon the missionary area as going ahead and doing the sit tight kitchens. Helping feed the homeless you have them helping to close the homeless by a donating to doing that clothing drives in and taking those in donating them. There's more to it than just animals and those are all separate projects that those are all separate separate pot shots at separate get things to do I don't. Now you have also. Junior and team leaders and fifteen council tells them that. Junior leaders are your younger leaders there at their kids who have been in the project at least a year. They are usually in your seventh eighth grade area are age range. And they'll go ahead and they'll have one or two kids and give them that they're trying to guide along some of the new remember some of the very younger members in their project that they'll try and and bring along. She showed them how they to do things to give them the knowledge of behalf. Your team leaders are the ones that are in high school. And those team leaders are responsible for one or two junior leaders and that team leader can help your project leader as far as organizing project meeting. Com teaching certain members how to do something giving demonstrations. And then going ahead and guiding the junior leaders of that the junior leaders can better men charity care that they have under. And and how does one become. A leader. I mean you mentioned agent and such but is there any utterly environments senior leader team leader yeah. It's now you fill out a kidney feel a plan it's done it's done via a leadership plan. So you go up to your project leaders say OK I would like to be genuine leader for. I am. Their rep tap project. Okay what is your plan they give you. A plan to fill out you have to answer the questions increase your plan for the year and a special requirements other than the age now. Okay and and become a four H member and again just just ages or is it membership fee. There are membership fees currently it's at I believe it to be 46 dollars for remember this coming year. Those that have difficulty paying we do have some waivers for. If it comes down to it but most of our our money is all through donations. And it Wear you out where's your office located. It's that on hazard weighed in San Diego. I mentioned a lot from mesa boulevard that's the main offices OK and and now you just stem you talked about. Donations and in session you are nonprofit. You just recently had a second annual golf tournament can choose yes we did and it was another that was another success. The money that we have from that golf tournament is what's gonna go ahead and help support the program for the coming year. We do have quite a few smaller ones during the year right we will do some swap meet lions will do. And we did that and that's fine debate that's farmed one. Com our fundraising director of will go ahead and create different fundraisers during the year. But our main one right now are we have to mainland some of the mainland is this that is that golf tournament. And in our next one that is coming up will be during the fair and we will have a picture of his. In the animal in the small animal area we are going heading kind man and take pictures with the animals we have. You get the hole when you get to coddled we get to pet admit. He gave this year you can either we can either take the photo for you and print it out or we go ahead and take your photos into the shot for you. And only request is the dollar donation pretty cool like that. And and are you gonna do and golf tournament and then next year yes we are planning on it there are already going ahead and trying to line some things out. Sponsorship was an issue lies it was a huge success that we would love to have more golfers. We can almost had too many prices for the number of golf are so we ask. So that golfers coming in would be an extreme big benefit. And and is that usually the same time it was in April wasn't it's an April it's usually they're they're seeming to go ahead and put it in April every year that seems to be what's working for them as far as planning for. All right Lauren before we wrap up any any advice for somebody who might be listening this morning some. Pretty cool I should I should join. Well if you originally. If you tried a joint four H. I don't don't be standoff just go ahead and ask anyone. Like any questioning not just go ahead ask. If you don't go and ask questions or not I'm knowing I think the whole thing mania do is just ask. And you highly recommend it yes I highly recommend you collapses someone who's in four H and ask them questions. Because I was on and. All right Carmen what's. Website. What selling beer senior Kenny farm advice. That's what were actually listed under. See any accounting for Rachel also pitching there's a variety of ways. Images putting an shady accounting for Rachel just (%expletive) you write where we need to go. We have an interactive. Map of all the clubs are currently operating for Sanyo county that you can click on wherever you happen to be and see if that when it's close to you. Okay and your social media they are on social media they have a FaceBook page an AA. Put a page I believe. Any final words from you regarding San Diego County four H and and what you can do for someone. Doug what we've talked about here today is just the beginning. Aching go ahead and help boost the seniors and colleges. Better than they ever thought or hoped it could do. As one of the that very few. Unexplored areas for each. Our current. Pleasure seeing you again and having you on the show again in Loren pleasure meeting you have you on the show good luck to you. And Jack O'Connell C at the fair and see at the fair. That concludes another edition of living better in San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management at the end of count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from the San Ysidro health center. Nonprofit organization committed to providing high quality compassionate accessible and affordable. Health care services until then I'm very late have a great week.