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Monday, May 22nd


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Good morning and happy Mother's Day welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. USO San Diego serves the military community here in San Diego County they are here to support. Our men and women in uniform and they do this flat providing a variety of services and programs for active duty reserve. And their families joining us this morning is USO San Diego director of the downtown Santa. Actually the Mac welcome Ashley good morning. A savvy and so nice to meet you last year had a Arnie from mine USO San Diego on the show so again nice to nice to meet you have some background information. On that you have so. So yeah so it's founded in 1941. The USO strengthens America's military service members by keeping them connected to family home and country throughout their service that a nation. Some US service pack pretty long time. And C have yet to locations in San Diego we have our downtown center which is located at 303 E Street. In downtown and then we have our airport location which is located. Between terminals one and two at the San Diego international airport so it's in between the two terminals yes it's actually in the parking area. Of the two terminals so it's not inside the terminal okay. And and out what it was the mission of US so so our mission is to stay can have service members stay connected to family home in country. Throughout their time so we we pride yourself on trying to serve them through programming as well as morale and just entertainment. And what we'll talk about some of your programs and services that you offer here and in that just a minute you you services are available to all military families in San Diego County right Traficant. Yes so USS San Diego services the active duty population as well as the active duty families from. Naval base San Diego all the way up to camp penalty and we offset service the National Guard and the reserve. OK so you don't you don't come deal with the vets now OK just active service Frey and their families right. Now some youth programs and services that you just had and event. Back in March. This is your Marine Corps trials. This happens every year right around that time doesn't it. Yes so every year we posts and it fits the wounded warrior regime I can't panel ten. I'm hosting the wounded warrior paralympics sports basically the Marines are gonna come together and they are going to you. Competing against each other to see where they're physically I since they have been injured. During their time in service. And again this happens every year right around march every single year happens around march usually at the beginning of march and always Camp Pendleton isn't. Yes it's hosted at Camp Pendleton increasingly hear that you've got to. A hand in in organizing a part of it this year than she so that the part that I played in the Marine Corps trials this year which I was very excited to do. Why is the host of the internationalist teens so we had 45 countries that came from different areas of the world. And they competed in the trials as well by we wanna show them what San Diego Paris to offer so my job was pretty fun in the fax back. We took them on the horn blower cruise around the eighth points and weeds and fed them lunch in little Italy and then we. And took them back up but we have had a little bit of a parade a party in little Italy for them we had. A singer we had great food we had you know and dignitaries from around the area who want come speak to them. But just get a little taste of welcoming them into San Diego for the start of the trials and and is this something that you always have a a group coming from other countries so every year we have different countries that participate that we have some manner consistent. And so each year we tried to open that up to have one day that's dedicated to the international center competing and that they love that. I think they have a lot of fun and a we have some great pitchers on our web site from. You know dead trip around the bay and their time in little Italy and they seem to have been enjoying themselves. Well and and taken portable crews in San Diego can't beat that rain in the afternoon the south bay as well as the north side of the day so. I think they're very happy seeing the sites from. A bow out in the bank that was just the first time that you helped organize this part of it. It was the first time that I have been a part of diet and so I I found it to be very fun. And it was just something that I it's showed them that we care a little bit about their stay in San Diego on making sure that they feel that we want them here and it. They have a good time while they're here. Now will. How long have you been with USO San Diego so I've actually been with USS San Diego for about five and a half months oh okay so well relatively new relatively new but feeling like I've been there for very long time and what was it that drew you to disorganization. I'm my husband is served eighteen years of his career and he's in the navy served submarines and and you with the US so why is somebody stent works for the navy by. I think and you know the nonprofit side sounds like a good time and so I moved over because I really was passionate about the programs they were giving. And showing those families resiliency throughout and always offering them a place that they can go to and I was just a welcome home field. So you never worked non profit before now. First time you know first time and I'm loving it and I think it's amazing way we can do as a nonprofit to support our military and their families. And what does suffer for anybody listening this morning that does not know what does USO stands for united services organization. OK and again lots of those services and programs you know a lot of partnerships to. That that tell you work with Allen comes to these programs one of those programs is your food pantry which is a partnership with feeding America San Diego. So we partner with beating San Diego to service our military and their families twice a month. There is Anita. Four service members to be provided food items. One thing that we have found just talking to people inside there hungry. And San Diego's very expensive to live and so when you are. And military family sometimes necessity becomes hard to accomplish in the household so. We try to do partner with beating San Diego so that we can give them those necessities that they need to survive throughout the month on the paycheck that there again. Now serve are there any special requirements for for someone to take part in this the FB. Low income is earned income level. We don't check anybody's income if you have an active duty ID or if you have a family member ID. You're welcome the analyzer program we ask that you fill out a quick. Registration form and we ask that you bring in bags to fill your items. If they don't we're not gonna turn anybody away but it's just your requirements that we have. We try everything in our power to service everybody who shows up that day and again for any military families San Diego yeah. Any family can come to food pantry and and how often is the pantry open so we do with the first and third Saturday of every month. Starts at 9 AM closes at 10 AM it's at the corner of third in a downtown so right across the street from our downtown Fenner. We do it outside because we wanna keep it very easy for people to participate. So we have a relationship and a partnership with the east parking system downtown. And the reading San Diego food truck shows up they fed up and then we have people lineup. We offer them free parking within that Isa slot while they're there for food pantry we don't want it to cost any money. To participate in the program. So we try to make it as easy as we can with the partnership. And and is like all types of food items is it just food items so on the one side of the truck we set up tables were all the Tryon and so. This past Saturday we had had cereal all. Fruit cups granola. And then on the other side we have our fresh fruits and vegetables so it could be cans that Tito's tomatoes. And carrots that's with fox speaks out. We always have some produce. It's mixed with vegetables and fruit. And then we always have dry items that they can pick from. We try to do something and where we also offer. A recipe card since they can meet a recipe out of the items were kept and so it's not always mix matched items it's an actual meal that they academy. So it's not always the same same foods every every time we actually Trier bounced to work with beating San Diego so that we can give them different items each time. Do you ever ask you put out like death. Questionnaire to military families what what are some of the things you need more out almost. We always ask questions so we above feedback from our. Family members and a lot of times they do ask for cereal and they love the fresh produce. That they can't sit there usually happy with. Almost anything we get that I definitely ask for. To have different items each time. Specially because we've we do see people let utilized that more than once a month so we wanna make sure they give Iran a variety to that family right. That's great. And another partnership you have is with the united through reading at had them on the show before they have a great service tells about what is it you do with them. Say united through reading as a program dedicated to providing the service member an opportunity to read a story. And and how that story films. And then sent back to the families. So we are a location that I can occur any time the pats need. I'm so the united through reading as a separate nonprofit we also work very closely with them to provide the service members and their families. With the books and the materials need it. To get Pakistan. USO volunteers often go out to the command and senate that day where we sent out there that the service member does not have to come off. To get that done so once the service member. Leaves on deployment. They picked a date to where that story that they read will be melts and then Steve Finley will get a surprise in the mail on that day. Maybe not knowing that they ever did that for them so it's often times are really fun surprise that they can. Dad I've ice and I had them on the so before anything's a great service that they provide pretty cool. Yet another another program. As we go down the line here you have a Tuesday night dinners tells found that since Tuesday night dinner is one of our consistent weekly programs that we have. We partner with a lot of organizations. Throughout San Diego County who help us sponsored out of that. So what that is is every Tuesday we setup our second floor dining hall in the downtown center. And we feed anywhere between 215. Is 250. Family members an active duty members a meal. The two things in her program is meant to be. To feel like home. Is announcements. It's not to feel. Like you bothering anybody investments to feel like and to someone cook this week and when I go meet people die. Are feeling the same thing I'm feeling of from a family member. I wanna go somewhere where I feel welcome and I know many get quality. Food. And a safe place to do with my family and and it is their cost. Every single program meets you is very. So Tuesday dinner is absolutely free for the active duty and their families participate. Now if active duty. Military member is not here in San Diego is is out doing his job. It's open and four for his family his or her family absolutely don't have to be so the active duty military member does not have to be with family to take part in this bright. I'm so. We do see a lot of families that come and they meet other families and that's where they feel that sense of I'm not alone through that deployment and on Tuesday night dinner. Program really offers that's who the family so we always welcome families to come. Even if they don't know anybody come on down we're gonna into DC to somebody and you're gonna know somebody before you leave. You gonna feel welcome every weekly offer something different to eat. So if they get excited to hear about what we're gonna offer. And sometimes it's pretty hectic on the amount of people that show up. But we will do our best to service every person comes in the signer to eat that night and again this is every Tuesday at free Tuesday. I'm in December because we have our holiday programming things will slightly be different. Base south of those things buy it for the most part every single Tuesday night we served a meal and if we aren't going to we would promote thought and start email on our FaceBook page. And military ID required to get in so in both runners to get into the building you have to show your military ID. And so once each other military IDS the frank they'll be okay to get through to the program side now why do you sum up some work on the side with that. Service dog organizations I know how important service dogs are two people. And you work with therapy dogs you have therapy dog team don't you. So there's a little bit different than than a service department but I know how important is tossed out what is it you guys that you as the San Diego do with them. So right now we have a partnership with an organization that helps us post therapy dogs within our airports that are. It's our airports senator. Is the transient senator because a lot of people are either on travel and stopping by or they aren't leaving or coming into the boot camp. Here for the Marine Corps. And so having therapy dogs just kind of lounging around. Is a welcoming site for its scared marine or service member who missed its home. And so it diet Erica dog can help them emotionally. Smiled just a little and make their dale little freighter we wanna do that. Says the organization that we partner with brings those therapy dogs and weekly. And we try to bring the men in the high traffic areas that we know Marines will be coming through our sailors will be coming through. So that they can feel that comfort from the talks and is so this happens and at the airport yes at the airport actually right now we do it at the airport. We're looking into bringing it to downtown center for apparently right now at the airport and they can do so much to help person really can I mean I know my dog is the thing is iiroc and he has no concept of time. But he knows that he loves me. Strike and so I know that he loves me and that changes anything that's happened before I walked in the door yeah. Exactly and and for these servicemen and women doing what they're doing this this has got to the end that way to really. Uplift their spirits. I think it also you know when they walk into the airport and they see dogs Eric gives that sense of relaxation like. Popular dogs and yeah goodness is this is like home you know not so we we aim to make it feel like for them. And speaking of the airport and saw this on your website you have. Pillows that you offer for. Servicemen and women as they travel so we actually have the next pillows thank you would use when you're on the airplane and so. If a service member is traveling you know five or six hours away maybe they're going to the East Coast maybe they're going overseas. And they'd still home. They don't know they even want one but we have America offered their handmade we have a group of volunteers that hand makes them. And we offer them at no charge we want them to feel comfortable wherever they're going. And so it's just another thing that our volunteers are so amazing act providing us so that we can give it directly to the servicemen are so many great things that you're doing for. On the military community here in San Diego what's the what's the community chest. So community test is started off this partnership with Costco. Costco donates random items. And our families have the opportunity to comments toward downtown senator. And basically shot. So they are going to walk in and they're gonna say I didn't know I want it that's today but I loved say this is offered to me and it's very ransoms they never know what they're gonna come in and shop for. So it's kind of exciting. So basically a family would walk in and they would come into a room and they get to pick one large item three to four small items so that large item like right now I'm thinking about what we have in the signer. It's patio set and so they lock in the center and iron. Participating in community test may offense wide enough of the patio at but I want one now. And so depending on what timeframe may come and make it to pick first come first serve and again it's items that they didn't know they want it. But it's simply there are just to be fun. It's not dared to be anything but diet. We also use that partnership to help with necessities than this honor so if the family comes Tyson says. I'm really struggling and I need some diapers or whites if we have them from our costs and donations we will definitely provide that to the family as well. So we use the community chest as a morale boosting find the experience but we also can use items for necessities as people need them out. He's patio sets itself it's kind of awesome kids you know and they feel light. They walk in and near unsure what's gonna hopping as we try to randomized who can comes about it's fair that everybody. And so a lot of times it's their first time and then they go in the room and they think to themselves I didn't know I wanted to dance and he kind of it'll smile from them because they were it's very unexpected the items that they leave. So this is not open to everyone all at once. Now we can service everybody at one time about what we do is we will post a sign up process honor fees that impedes. And send out the links or are you now to notify everybody. That we can do it. And then they sign up that they wanna be apart of it and then we randomly select them on dates that we can host. So when we do them we might pick fifty to a hundred people to come through and so those people are randomly picked. And then we go down the list to try and make it fair for everybody over weeks on them. That's great. Another service that you provide a great service is four family members of fallen servicemen and went. So US so once to be there and support. The families of the fallen. One thing diet are all of our airport locations offer. When families are transferring in or out. We're there as breast and comfort for them. And so those grieving family's house somewhere Nikko. We wanna make sure that they get everywhere that they need to be. Tennessee playing but in a comforting way. Now you're a couple of events coming up. Now one not actually them both on the same day on the twentieth of this month which is next Saturday. Sammy de on the day what's ahead. Family down the fake and it's one of those programs that we've registered families prior to the day. Who gave Phil black it. To partake and everything you can think of senate and yacht club offers. So they're gonna show up to the mission bay yacht club and they're going to have. Kayaks. They are going to have. Clowns in both tourists. Are going to be on the stand and they're gonna do different activities by. Just did whatever you would feel that would happen any hot club it's gonna happen for them that. And so it's completely free for them. They're gonna get fed they're gonna have better team and it's all going to be along the mission Bay Area. And as and all day thing it's a couple hours so it ends at two so it's between the hours of ten into. So it's it's a pretty bong date but got a full day as. Nicole liked that and and Nam may have to sign up for this and if I'm not mistaken registrations you know it is just. Six days away via registration is closed but you would have to sign up for this initially right. Brain and so I would encourage anybody who's. Listening and I SP one of her taken some of these parents are really. Look out and follower feats repeat the thoughts were put a lot of old links to sign up for. This particular day on the day is full but if we offer another one soon or the one for next year. We will post that link on there as well. So is it pretty much the same time every year do you have more than one so we do one every single in here by every every year all of our employees work hard to add more programming. So we don't wanna say that there won't be any more open if there is the opportunity to have more we will post about five or email and now. Okay and and your big event. This is a yearly thing this is the 76. Annual stars and stripes gallon that also is coming up Saturday this coming Saturday. May twentieth. What's the team this year so this year's theme is land of the free because of the brain. Okay an end and where is the the event taking place going to be hosted at the San Diego Marriott marquis and marina. This Saturday may twentieth. And the time. So our event starts 530 our doors open for the champagne reception and mobile fitting auction. 645 of the Palmer doors won't open and 7 PM dinner will be served. And where can people get tickets for this event. The people can get tickets by going to our web site USS San Diego top org. Back slash 2017. Kayla and what can people expect. Going to this year's I salute fine. I'm Cynthia. So have I am I gala celebrates the strong enduring relationship between San Diego and our armed forces. We'll feature stories. From various San Diego service members. As they share their experiences inspire us with their bravery. Will be honoring the lean burn hand who is Terence Blanchard pests and author of the book community before south. And will have a silent auction as well going on so it will be a fun time. And all the money that's raised from from an event likeness. That just goes into the main pool for a USO San Diego what is go anywhere particular. So goes directly back in he US since San Diego. So it'll go into our programming that we offer to the service members and we just talked about OK and again he had the date is this coming Saturday may twentieth. And now where again. The San Diego Marriott marquis and marina. Tickets and your website on our web site USS San Diego atop Ford back flashed 2017. Kayla. And if you're awesome looking to sponsor the event. There are various sponsors. Act different levels and say confinement information now on there as well. Okay and we will we'll get some information about it. I'm posted to the community events page of the station's website as well so people have a link to a click on as well to go into more info. And tickets now you are non profit yet. Weird as you funding comes from so our funding comes from fund raising. And we do right for a lot of grants so you do get grants gets the federal funding now. OK so mostly that's rain and you didn't answer or or individual you have or enable our own money. So if somebody must make a donation to us they can do that you website. Totally and I'm sense is we have people diet. And they're standard thing is to just come into the center Emeka donation so we go out and say we don't say noted by effort. And some people comments on their radar and send us you know. Attack every year and then a lot of people attend our gala so that they can you know give the money dot way. But we also would you rate for grants to different things like that because we're not federally funded. But it if somebody with where he said if people come into the the center. But you have to have an idea began when somebody is not military Lawson drop off donations so we actually have a system at the frying. Where they can talk to us so they say they want to con man and they're not active duty but they wanna support the act of TV and they're there to make a donation. We ruled usually get somebody there whether it's myself. Or Bobby blitz the airport on director. We will get somebody come talk to them and except that donation and and to see how they see their money being utilized. Can somebody take tore of one of the senators let's say they wanted to make known what somebody wants to make a huge you know generous donation that they wanna see a little more about what it is that you're doing can they get a tour of of one of the centers. So I think against probably. Six or seven hours a week. I'm sometimes it's people off the street that they wanna see because they've heard about US over the years. USO does have a strong tie 82 names like Bob Hope. So they kind of know but I they're not military affiliated they don't always know. Most people that come in for a tour in the downtown senator are usually shocked at how begins. And how many programs we offer. So if anybody's thinking you know I wanna support USO San Diego we welcome them to call the signer. Because schedule to war and they can come by and you staff members who are there every table offer that tour and show them what we have going on. Still one of those people I'm not I'm not military I don't have military in my family but I know of US so that I did not know what USO. Really did bring chill out last year and had on him shelf. Pray and a lot of buyer major contributors and the organizations we partner went. Don't have military affiliation we have many that do. We have lots of defense contractors and things like that that worked closely with the military. But for the organization's size. Do not have that background it's often eye opening for them to come in and see what were offering. And find out why it's in need. And why it's really good for that service member in their family hobby in itself outlets Chara the website. USS San Diego atop board and you sit here on FaceBook we're on C spoke he to searches USS San Diego and are peaceful come up I. Actually thank you very much to be announced Saturday pleasure meeting you thank you they all do. I mean everybody for all you do that you and so San Diego think you. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living better and San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the and a count San Diego radio stations episodes of living that San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guests will be from the department of rehabilitation. Until then I'm Gary Lee have a great week.