What Would You Do With $1,000?

Wednesday, May 10th


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Emmanuel good morning. Marleau so explain to us was like when you get a call back from somebody officiate official sounding saying hey Emmanuel will be give you a thousand dollars each. It and it it it it. A battle of the dug Edberg but it didn't believe I actually. So what's it feel like 1000 dollars. You know pretty often got the game. Everybody's trying to hit. Pulpit you have right that's good that's good they can access the 11 o'clock this morning by the way banking and so and right and so what do you think you're gonna do with the first thing you do that's just for you we we you know we can all pay your bills and do things like up with something fun just for you. Yeah. I have a couple I have a couple pretty cool thing I am actually guarding you there the drain out cocaine so that's gonna help Eli I am starting in upper repair shop widget company though it. Billion U. And not myself and our earliest groups so you've been jittery start. All of our league is there any thing better than every time. It's garbage day that is awesome. Other bloodlines that figured. But there's going to be a terrific thing. Where Rahm Emanuel has great what a good pop you are all right melody gradually since they are proving yet again. If people really do went on K as it went another thousand dollar winner in case it was 80000 dollar cash scout manual good for you man. Go get that race car bedroom romantic hit. They did. I'm bed opens the NBA good at 1000 dollar catcher.