High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Berek is Going on a Sunset Dinner Cruise!

Friday, May 5th


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This is Jenna and Japanese high of 5000. Hometown hero tool thanking our he. Image with a high fives are gold 5000 pipelines. What do think or more crews and events for helping us out with John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero to work Good Morning America good morning America's former navy and now continuing to serve California at least. As a member of the California Highway Patrol paired thank you for your serviceman. Auto promptly Q can you share with us winning viewer favorite moments either from the navy or your current time in the chp. Is that a lot of pot actually I was thinking about again leave the play in the navy down in the engine room I'll spell. A lot of work on nuclear reactors on the Harry S Truman. What does that aircraft carrier out on the coast. And we the plague and all danger now a chance. It so we have some very intelligent people played a very stupid gains include ticket people wire and we were put or not. On the wire and we knew we would use compressed air. And we get that nut speaking really really fast on the wire okay and then we would wait for someone to walk by. And we were fleeing this nuts. That's not that's been itself that you could hear it spinning. It would hit the deck is Serb out everywhere right it was a it was a funny thing to do the people that weren't expecting. Except that's not we're talking yeah. Now Chris Scott told us that you have seven kids that you. Take to school in the mornings. Well the last seventy -- me about my past seven kids they have Bible that you girls. You obviously we're playing danger not all the time. That we don't know about all the little. These seven kids. Notes advocate that's one at that very enjoyable have a large everybody I don't take in the school and then. Also my wife and I know where a ball would refugee camp external local communities. And we also enroll them in this school entry in the school in the morning. Well very you don't like needed date which Rabat to help you. Add there I'm there was enough to go to kiss when dot com art contest page. Iowa think horn blower cruises and events for helping us co sponsor our John Jimmy hi 5000 hometown hero to her because you and your wife Barrick will be going. On that fabulous horn blower a three course dinner cruise. Our look sport that that'll be fun and it's going to be a great time by the way here's your high five. A Q number 3944. And. Again if you survey wanna give it involved and hopefully get yourself a dinner cruise aboard the horrible lord's gonna kiss on dot com our contest page John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour. Derrick thank you for your continued service to California. After your service to America enjoy that horrible or cruise and give my friend. Will they commuter welcome you.