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Good morning and happy Easter. Welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the out of town San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. The California State parks foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and maintaining all of California State parks. Foundation is working to ensure that the natural beauty rich culture and history. Are available for all to enjoy it now and forever. Joining us this morning the state park police officer ranger cases Rodriguez welcome Asus. My grandparent you are representing the California State parks foundation. Can you tell us a little bit about the organization. That the members support foundation which advocates for state parks Pelfrey should personally declare. It's to keep alternate distinct parts available for future generations. It was founded in 1959. The largest non proper organization dedicated to Alfred state park. Foundation works to enhance after the heat educational programs Kemper project Scranton fundraising especially stat. Help support conference to parks stay alive. Okay and and how many state parks are there to an 8280. And how many of those are here in San Diego counters ten. Now how long been a year state park peace officer ranger. Now what is it out piece else we know peace officers and Rangers but it too and it about telling us a little bit more about what your job entails. My job. Again is to protect the people from the park and apart from people as we like to say it's. Were there to make sure that the part. Is an L forever and to use and they're not gonna get hurt or not they're not hurt the park. So if someone's coming cutting our tree which is is the felony crime can be the tenth it's like a redwood which we had a couple of them are marked. Or summary scarring to and to cancel at Torrey Pines or destroy an historic. Building and all town where there to help protect them that's the word peace after comes in. We issued citations make arrests if it's needed so it's protect the park. Have you actually had people uprooted trees yes really have been in the red with actually somebody came in there with your trucks. Backed into a redwood credit down took it off and so we've had recently had just one individual who is. Was arrested and prosecuted for cutting out a brawl which is you know that. So I would redwood tree that grows asked how mica answer to cancer where they cut out it doesn't kill the tree but they pick better on the lady's set to sell on the black market. Yeah so we and that person was individualists with fatter and arrest. And and it's felonies and that was a felon because it was over I think the Regan over couple hundred dollars for the tree on the sparks interesting. How many and I years review have you been peace officer range of sixteen years. And the same park all time. No actually are are moved around and I remain from LA came to San Diego and I went to use history. I tore through parts I wanted to see Californians right for stationed on carb Maria which in central coast. Went to an island called in your island in the Bay Area right next hour contrasts which is called. Dell found on the west from there what you and or channel there's no beach which is an off highway vehicle parked. Came to old town if you want to come back to send you after ten years Portugal chopper three years mount Torrey Pines. And challenge him in a Torrey Pines I've been there three years. And and I I would assume that you love your job and I loved the job it's what you have and people tell married and got the best government that pressured him. Yeah and that he now they're all the time it's it's that there I I love coming to work every day. Now how does. Foundation or the parks how to how do you get your funding. Well most are finding this of course now is to Heath we did you do get partial funding from the state. That's become less and less over the years. So the foundation. That calpers super condition is an organization that helps if it's there to help us get France and outside funding to help support the parks. An end and funny is is an issue these days. That's a big issue now we initially had I think it's up to 90% funded by the skating at one time we're down two and less than twice for percent. So that's why when you go to parks now a teaser or what helps support the parcel when you pay your parking fees camping fees those are all out support. Park and and there are some proposed. Budget cuts now from the end trump administration. Tom is that something that's going to affect. Our state parks. I I'm not totally sure but yes eventually pried away that trickles down to the state legislation that I would. He's actually works yes it would come down in London getting less funding for the person or have to raise fees or. Phantom of the way to raise money for the parks so it could Canada. Trickle down to the do you visitors bickered cars that are just come more staffing were you know were bare bones now I recognize and eventually to Florida where. What what about agencies you mentioned inches teaser and they did the same everywhere nowadays. They're different who at Torrey Pines is very during the season that it's. But ten dollars during the low season. On holidays it's up to twenty dollars right now. We do have programs that do help support individuals. Who aren't limit funding so we have to see what discount passes to get 50% off. She's disabled we have. POW and disabled veterans who get free entrance into part and we also have a golden bear passes for two or four into the 265 or older. Or individuals who are on the income and that gives you free gay youth. And that limited golden bears depend on time a year but those of passes that help individuals Arnold and an income. That's nice to know that you've got those different ways that people can say yes so he enjoyed it park yes we have a New Jersey last year I myself by growth in an area that. You know I make a lot of money grab my parents or make a lot of myself. They can one way we got out was Gordon Parks I I really think that that's really what maybe compartment because in my retirement. My mom actually sent this test centers have to go to part two enjoy nature and you know we're on the net incomes now as as this does something then you've been doing your whole. Career. Now as out of school Narnia as murder destroyed in graduate thesis DA. I am especially were prescription at the time but I plan for state parks have never regretted it. Well let's talk a little bit about some of the parks. Let's start with the park that you worked at for those who may not be familiar with it or or not. Know anything about it tell us about now you're at their Torrey Pines so that's Torrey Pines state. Natural reserve and beach. Yes and that's the difference it people got to remember it's a state natural reserve there's only seventeen reserves under 280 park. In California. So our reserve. Is protected the Torrey pine only grows two locations. Darren Lavoy Delmarva region counts arrows silent. So with the reserve the things we want to protect that part. So we don't know dark we count eating we don't allow people to take anything out of the park. And has a higher level of protection managed UN to say Carlsbad state beach or if you went to. On the board to stay part. And I had a different distinction where. If it's everything in there is try to be protected because of that. The uniqueness of the the part that tree again only grossed two locations so that's a treat Torrey Pines Torrey Pines and never knew what that was. I just thought that was just the name of the year in at Torrey Pines it if you look at his own out of California native O. Maybe that's part of and it's been around for the Spanish came here there was only thing growing and Spanish came here others a map for an. The soprano when he filled up the coast when he actually put on his map. And it says I was mad rumors and trees and Spanish and and it shows where these trees were growing up marriage in that story apartment and and set an end of beach that that's all part of the reserve that's all part of the reserve off so and people who if you can go surfing and enjoy the beach walk along. Again it's got to be careful because high tide the cliffs to crumble we have had people get injured so severely careful on high tide. We recommend people not to walk. During that period. And another park that here in the San Diego County state park in San pass call. Battlefield. State historic park tells. Yes a lot of people don't know the significance of that part. That is when the major battles that swap between the Mexicans. And that Americans are in this Mexican American war that was in December 6 1846. And then if depending on your view I am most people view it as that's the Mexicans won the California us Mercer called. And they were able to round up the Americans were just walked. Hundreds of miles and retired in. Dimensions came in and they. Ended up steering in winning the battle and left and the Americans had to regroup. And they were wounded they had to go up to mule hill which is just nearby there and and be able to get their two's back together before them that California is the Mexicans came back and took another shot and killed him but. I mention of course the Mexicans lost the war but they they get to an embattled so if you go there now you can see. To open on weekends Saturday sending you can look at the historical. Uniforms they have some rifles there. You can see what kind of the whole story of what happened during that battle. So that was only open on weekends and fortunately right now because of limited pledging. Front and 442. And and and for people who do not know San pass well that's up near Escondido feel awful. A relieve her Cindy and we America. Rancho state park if another park here's an NF county. Great part to go to have a lot of good hiking the social campgrounds there's a horse camp area where you can you know it's purely horses while masculine. Well tomorrow and didn't often go on trails. I have worked that part. And by it's it's a great place to go hiking in the course people like you are doing financially capped at one of the cancer care or June for an apple pie and come back. And end Carlsbad state beach if there's 220 camps are fair. And of course you know that yes there's and so you can. Here's visitors tanner you can go down to the beach in it's the within walking is great surfing location. It's usually staffed by group group of lifeguards. It's great if you wanna hear the ocean while you sleep to replace the cap and that's critical. I'll end and you said you worked at old town for total count for you after three years and that's again at Romo to a think we don't buckle down they say oh that's for these are the Margarito in fact. But there's this. A state park at the state historic progress for sending the start it. So that the sole although town is considered the state park I know only there's an actual partners actually apart on mostly the plaza and and the surrounding going around the plaza our our state parks focus runner by. Why and Taylor. Congress was of the streets are surrounded that that's answers or account status report again yeah outside and there's a lot of guys were building thought I'd like to Presidio. Right which is owned by the state I see city. And the way else nor you have to know implement any yeah levels down a path great place to go cats are saying who started. And my daughter comes to visit from a organ we pretty much always that handled that she has gone down to walk through the end of the area. Al how about now this this winner has been. Pretty good winner for for San Diego County as far as the weather goes a lot lot of rain this not yours has has it affected. Our state parks all in San Diego County. You the most effective courses has been Torrey Pines it we last year we lost several. Hundred trees and we in your cutting down a 120 threes. In the reserve because they died of the part you don't. Which causes the appeal goes into the trees chokes. Obviously took it cuts off circulation. And then the tree dies well we it doesn't when has watered they want to extract those fuels this rainfall analysis has done all blogger for the trees. But it's also dams are trails so again the trails or man had a chance stone wrote the sandstone. Cliff big calendars and and man and so now we're in the process of trying to. To get the funding to get to replace and repair and that's where collect the foundation are cooperating associate instrument. Desolate terrain was a good thing in in many ways that also had some negative. Yeah consequences in life you were there recently and you can still feel that there is a great flower blooming now going on so there's a sort of here yeah yes he pictures it was not Torrey Pines had party just as good as the desert and it was incredible. Have also to flyers have to grind. Well spring is upon us summer right around the corner partially dizzy I would assume this time a year death. Any advice here or tips for. Polo think of them visiting the state parks this year. When the wrong thing I should bring your patience Torrey Pines is that it's one of the women's issues per continue county we had over three million visitors. Pardon watch those quickly. So make sure that you I get there early. We do get they're bringing that I can use sunscreen and a hat. And be curious you know follow the rules stay on the trails in house picked apart from carbon to the tent camps around. Enjoy visitor visitor center there and know what you abide patent for series and it's kinda hidden I know I can understand why but has a lot of information in their shop off there. We resumed each bring sunscreen we have had always from your life cart. You have several programs. Different programs that add to that state parks all over them all over the state but what about here in San Diego can't it was some of the programs that Janet you have some that are geared toward students in and for you right so. You know we at Torrey Pines we have a great perm with that eagle scouts to come out and they look and see what we need. We did get fed up their response for four. Raising the funds come out with a project and then employment and finishing. So we don't have fences can repair we get some trails can work console you threats have done a lot of good for Torrey Pines may also work with other parts Matt. Same manner. We have internships for students how old town had a great internship program. Where if you interest is in now. If her caution you wanna you program your interest in history. He involve the U do presentations to give tours and you again I can affect your professor art works and they write a paper and then. Alumni and the actually working for state parks and or even become Rangers are resource colleges. Opportunity you have a lot of parties say they get to know part so internships are a lot of game we asked on the ports program. Which is they video. Which I knew your standard front an interpreter or ranger. And talks for the park and people can respond asked questions while they're watching the video life. That's pretty cool yeah. And another not programmed it to. Is available is is camp camp can't tell us about the offense can't there's not a lot of parts that mostly for the campgrounds. And what that helps as individuals who normally don't rove is part so underprivileged. Felons who. Maybe have never even heard of can't hearing started so they they bring their kids and the family all come together and the through parts gives them a tent. Sleeping bags there ought to do now to bring anything except show up. And slowly choking with them they fed up and they. They talked what depart they walked the camping experience the whole camping experience. Without having to put up any money for a and so that's what purpose offense camps and get individuals who normally would and we're camping to come on this parks and and how would somebody get involved or or take part in that that camp that defensively there's secret foundation has. How works are a link to it you can. Connect to you can also call. We can also call the parts individually and see if they have a programs that involve the defense cap. So not all parks had a now parks have them give any questions you can visit the conference that part what's right. Parts fancy touch he'll be. And look under fan can simply that there's program where that's located and it is is there at an age group for the kids or it doesn't matter or family tent thing gets more if found attracting and I believe that its merger two small children and and their parents. And and India. The ports program any age. What was the other first senator through the schools I think there's also where you can help put it on the website they were having reports video and you're welcome to join. And and apparently awhile where presenting it to anybody can join those. There's also wants to features for school so you can ask request. If you have a school program your class to join the ports video. And not see if they can set that up for you. So now on its limits on when they say that we've got a video up is is that on the individual part it's due and it over the Foundation's website no it's depart it's your individual parts that you and our guests are each part cas will present it. And then to be on a class finance it'll be several classes from entrances and can ask questions no fog and say. With satin. Welcome planners hadn't. What does that mean and can act basically ask questions in the person's giving the presentation and answer the question was basically. The net depart without Henry at the park ask an eight yet and an educational. The same time that is that the website. For the state parks does have a list of all the parks yes it's another one that website just gave us is it just San Diego County know that the state park. Works for us for all the state parks and conference. Okay and there will be a list of all the all the parks yes men now Saturday this coming Saturday April 22. It's Earth Day dinner and down via California State parks foundation. Holding its annual birth date restoration and Venus arguments this Saturday tell us about that. So we have. Here's Tim Kaine is from before parks are you participating. And their day. So be Carlsbad tally ho queen marker and course Torrey Pines. Torrey Pines is going to be having. We're having an OK we'll be in created for our information Booth so we need to do is to help put that together you're gonna have a trash pickup. Gonna have me our door restriction and grab an invasive plant removal. And so that's truly the most people than me to implant removal and so we used to go into areas are you known couldn't go to any going to be. Removing invasive plant and and connect on a way. Because that's going to be planning native plants and putting signage. And Lee qui marker is going to be general cleanup intro maintenance there. And Hannah and many years is this. This Earth Day event and been taken place if there's been launched in 1990 thanking Andy gets the and you had a hand in organizing this event for several years now guess what yes for this one this is my Torrey Pines my second one I'm in doing that but I've also done and that help them enjoy Arlington. Their program open car under a state beach would planet a couple of trees up there. So each each location here in San Diego County is doing something if there have been different yes correct and and it's happening at. Dozens throughout the state 42 parts are being Turkish air being held sponsored by PG Intel. Oracle and then niche services are all Huffington. Support their day in and grants that are there of any specific times and they all different he had they're from going from 9 o'clock in the morning to 1 PM. And there will be at Torrey Pines will be free parking. So if you do come out that game there will be free parking candidate to people need to sign up in advance for this or yes we knew we ask you put her sign up beforehand and then you want to I can say that. What I'm sure so it's going to be at. Cal parks so fear now PA RKS dot org. Back flash earth game and that's for you to fan up means that you should park we wanna go volunteer and HTT Torrey Pines quick reprise and sign up and and I asked for membership fees and a preachers preacher named and your telephone number and that's it. And is there anything that people should bring with them any any tips as far as that goes like what they should Wear yes clean close to issues. Long pants. Bringing I would recommend bring long sleeved shirts if you're going to be doing an invasive plant removal. And patents on screen while we will have some water there. And that will have that reprisal to an introduction and then we'll. Generally separated and where they wanna go and then from there to finish up approximately into the game and so finish depending on how fast people were partly wrong 1 o'clock. Okay and and part of this is also its it is clean up so you cleaning up the beach yes I think you're left when I guess will be doing the trash pick up along marked her plans growth of -- from the top and are very friend wrote. All into the bottom into Libya and told me another trash pick up on there and obese creeping off of keeping your fees and founder he. And picking up trash along the beach. I've had a antenna love between San Diego on the show before and we've talked about beach cleanups and then and you guys and all kinds of things. Quickly we you know Torrey Pines the high tide comes in washed most everything went but there is trash on the the biggest problem is people. Writing their names on the offense Don Baylor so it's it's easy easy takeoff. But it and that's a big problem that that could project that we're gonna retire came removing all that graffiti not to much traction. On the road there and that's where remains the beach I guess that is if it's like well what's washed out for financial get tires are these last storms we've had tires and some. Publish are from wash can I've heard some of the things and stories of some of the items that are found in and doing beach cleanups yeah pretty. Pretty amazingly. People stand for you believe there luckily in the world that Hartford friends wrote his beeper going 5050 for miles per hour there and it. If we turn right in the middle of our part so. We do have a group and every maybe month or two we have our group of volunteers go on and pick up trash through there that's what we'll find our parts. Cars are crashed and fire and so there's a lot of trash out of that habit to and do that. Now volunteers have been part. Of our parks our state parks not just for Earth Day you need volunteers of course to help you with the cleanup and restoration and that in general. You need volunteers right. Yes so we actually if you go to that. What type tougher parts that she'll be there actually is a section for volunteers he can choose your park where you want a volunteer. At Torrey Pines when we have a very dedicated. What we call docents slashed volunteers docents are individuals who give torso. And talk about the cultural or natural resources we want to you know that's now we give tours are a lot of our docent tours on the trails. We have volunteers and help. Maintain trails. Or they build fences. We have five doses or volunteers that pick up trash. Or also do the invasive plan species so every. Twice a week they go on do invasive plan species removal. And again if it's a small group but the more you're that we have the better and when we get these church state groups that come out. It's great because we can pick a can of big swath of invasive plants especially at these heavy rains I was going to be Eli if I had a lot of people that did on Chile for Earth Day. Come back and help the other time yet here and that's that people have such a great feeling of helping out. That they actually become. Regular volunteers. That's great now. Has got to feel good to the end and you're out there making a difference and clean and a few community I have we've had individuals who've been volunteering you know between some parents and they you know first started off as no hikers and panache or hiking and I thought that. There's a need I came in and day. It's it's great to see such a dedicated group of individuals at Torrey Pines and well all our parks and and every Parker worked at it and I think it's great dedicated crew. Outside from volunteers alaskans someone support. Support foundation and state parks you know you can help financially support the foundation by email. Giving them money being good Steward of the parks. You know make sure when you visit parks and your respect what's there don't taking thing for the rules and regulations. But also you can become you know. A member and I can be a territory park association member or or how often organization where helped raise funds for an international park. Anything else before we wrap up here anything else if you'd like people know about it state parks it you know Steve Preston Shuster purses provide for the health and inspiration education and the people. We're we're trying to protect the court to resources creating opportunities for high quality doctor creation. Also Warner bank. People on in California continue for the sports a few parks without them after person be here right again Earth Day. This coming Saturday April 22. And a year annual Earth Day restoration and clean up event going on this Saturday starting at 9 o'clock in the morning at four. Of the ten state parks here and count in San Diego County right correct. And they can get list of those parks or if they want to volunteer. At the website again. The website to sign out argue that more certain cal parks which is TL PE RKS dot org. Backlash earth game and that's where you can sign up. To volunteer first day of the second and the parks website itself. If parks with an asp dot seeing dot TOD. Analyst ballparks in the state on this website correct. Great debt aces thanks for being on the show today. Look forward to Earth Day yeah unfortunately I won't be able to make it but I think now. And out and make an effort to get out there and healthy as one of these days it's it's it's something that's really important son steer my heart painting him as well so thank you for all you do there. A California State parks and all that's being done by the California State parks foundation aren't thank you. That concludes another addition now living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a con San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guests will be from circulates San Diego. A local organization working to promote public and active transportation. Until then I'm Gary late have a great week.