High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: Breaking Down the Oceanside K9 Competition

Tuesday, April 25th


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This is Genentech please hive 5000. Hometown hero tool from members of the military to fight or flight. But police didn't. Yes we love you each and every one when a high five pogo 5009. Times. We got a few more of those out of the way we're almost at 4000 all right I'm down pretty close yep okay. The long time to get to 4000 longer than we thought I think. Please let us know where we can go and see you give you a high five and take you for your service we did that just that this past weekend leading up Oceanside el camino high end. And the beat canine competition. Zoran canine competition right now. Which boasts he's beaten him hunched he's just only can your golf political element to our officers and they would join us earlier this week of course works with a canine unit here in Oceanside. Banks can graduate and cool event by the way there you're welcome you guys do need to keep it down we don't want the dogs to come over here and right. Yes I. OK we don't want that to. So you need advice if I'm picking up on this right now or watching these are judges here who are just like at the Westminster dog show if you will. Judging these dogs on there I'm making ability is correct. That's correct what we're looking at here is that obedience and the agility portion we combine it to try to look at the controller handlers have a and then their abilities and never negotiate out. Arm all right so calm China's novice but I plants and things I do think that the dogs are gonna notice on the narcotics detection was yesterday so he's safe he's hitting today I like choice and that was our kind of walks us oops I mean evidence detection narcotics. To. That's about it just doesn't know it is. That's something like curry picked pork sausage at any other animals eat zipped a fellow I had to fix here today. Yeah he's I think. OK so I'm just a dances is the start of the competition where where we want to watch here so sergeant Novak is calling you obedience agility course. They're giving him in structure and the judges are are getting ready to escort this dog he's just gonna he's gonna walk through the course. Not unlike the Westminster dog club. All these dogs are so highly trained you're gonna see some. Dogs like stop the track and chase is tailor something out. How does he differentiate who's the best of the best treatments that dogs most are should stay at a good she'll. Listen to but the handler and some of whom have never seen some of these obstacles of a runner on offense a little. You don't have to go and struggle with the windows Sabrina. So there should be top five award in each category in the overall top five points and a top dog is the highest thinks that every weekend you a complete screw up this ordinance unit who. Watched that it was evident to me there are better dogs than others who consciously I guess any any job that you have this and is a really good good job of Summers as they don't I'm getting better about not there yet where it wants some that was a brand new ones that are easy Batman and there are also some rookie cops that didn't really know you shouldn't walk out the blade suit when there's dogs competing on the putt putt at at at this guy comes out trying to put a dollar of above by the the bites is what they they train these dogs on between these dogs to attack. After these bites it so. This it's four IP he's a repeat count Iowa giving him up. He was just walking out near the course while this is going on and start putting on the spite Suton and in officer hey who's so well trained and in that you know a complete canine units like. Dude seriously do not put that suit on right now unless you regulate five dogs coming and she and I'm pretty sure that you don't want that doors the crowd policy that but. How we had a great time well I think our friends normal or cruise and events for helping to sponsor. Johnson is high 5000 hometown hero to our wherever he wants drowned video iPod and they keep what you do would love to do that with the to get that chance. Please just let staff know ST EPH and KS ON dot com.