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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of Vienna count San Diego radio stations I'm Carrie Lee. The school for entrepreneurship and technology is a nonprofit four year public charter high school that teaches the practical skills necessary to. Launch the next generation of business and social leaders. They're preparing their students to thrive both personally and professionally in our increasingly technology driven society. Joining us this morning is the school for entrepreneurship and technology board of directors vice chair Charles Parise. Chief business officer doctor Thompson Cellini. And student Jake Serrano welcome Charles Thompson and Jake Gary thank you so much remains on the show they scared for your beard. I'm sure there's a lot of folks out there that that have never heard. Of that set the school for entrepreneurship and technology so how about a little background information. Personal Gary I think it's very fitting that were on a show called living veteran San Diego presenting part and parcel of the mission of this the sets. Is the deliver the most phenomenal education we can't to students who is always reminded by. Friend in my Joseph Panetta who runs bio come here in San Diego we need to grow our own talent in this in this city. It's an expensive place the move to to a two really important that all schools in San Diego. To a great job of educating our students and hopefully getting them to stay in San Diego. He's the answer to living veteran San Diego is a great education and so the philosophy of this school prosper for technology. Is the delivery world class education. Not measured. By 234. Year returns on the investment we're making as a state as a city is a county and the students but to really deliver. Life skills. As a platform that will serve them well for 3040. And fifty years. And said is is high school right is a high school nine through twelve it's a public charter high school. And fortunately we live in a county where San new unified school district which is the authorized or of our charter school. We live in a county where our school district has embraced the concept of charter to allow. Folks of like the individual running our school to build a different educational product that appeals to a different kind of audience. Which again is business 101 you always want to identify your customers and build the product accordingly to attract them and fortunately. You know the leadership of sending more nets any unified and the board of directors of the universe orders that allow schools like set to exist. To try to deliver a differentiated educational product. Focused on delivering returns that may not be available now high school in the neighborhood for certain types of students that have a different than dream in mind so to speak. For anybody who may not know what is a charter school what charter school and again who sometimes we like to avoid labels because in the final analysis. You know charter schools they is a legal name but what we are as a public school. And you know different states have different ways of delivering different educational products weathered some safe it's a voucher programs school choice program here in this candy we have charter schools. Which essentially are independently run so there's a separate board of directors. Responsible for. The philosophy. And culture. The educational or. Curriculum. The outcomes that your focus on the metrics by which you measure success. So we're an independent school it's allowed to say here's what we want to do. Here's how we're willing to be measured. And here's what our curriculum looks like. And again the key is to identify. Students. You know AKA customers. That are attracted to this particular product and you know our research you know made it very clear from some of the day that we shared with you Gary that there's an awful lot of students in this young generation. That are enamored with the idea of potentially running their own business some day and entrepreneurship. While some people I say well how do you teach entrepreneurship. There are core elements to an entrepreneurship and technology education. Collaboration. Communication. Business planning grit resilience is a variety of things that can be taught at high school level. And that appeals of the students because of the number one issue that we would say for most schools. Is passion if you have engaged and passionate students and engaged and passionate faculty. You already have the two key ingredients. For tremendous outcomes. You mentioned a lot of students these days want to start their own business and and it was looking at a study the other day that showed 72%. A high school students wanna start their own business some day 27. Million working age Americans of the 27 million working age Americans nearly 14% are starting or currently running distances us in new trend. I would like to thank Gary that it's not a new trend I believe the court DNA of this country is entrepreneur some. Having said that I think since 2008. You seeing more and more Americans. Having to pursue an entrepreneurial. Skills that lie within because the economies of change we know in the old days where you were competing maybe with your city your state. A region where now competing with talent all over the world because of technology and then what can happen. From workforce standpoint so I think we're increasingly living in a gig economy where in some cases you have to. Constantly reinventing yourself and re branding yourself repositioning yourself. And identifying problems and solutions that you and you alone can. Potentially solved and so one of the things were we're trying to teach all of our young future leaders is that the most valuable asset that any human being will ever own. As themselves you are an asset to you are a brand and we're trying to do. And still on the minds of these young future leaders that you need to recognize your brands. Identify your brand position that investment. Nurture it and constantly be reinventing it. And that's called being an entrepreneur or. I would just add and that's sort of core tenets of sad is that launch crew mindset. We've discussed and this notion that the student is his or her own brand and with that comes that determination that passion those critical thinking skills. And our mission that set the minister prepare these students to thrive personally professionally. In this increasingly global technology driven society. As a good point because we do talk about though the mindset all the time because Gary I think it's important to. Whether you could be a dentist which is a specific skill you go to dental school but when all's said and done you're an entrepreneur or you can be a tremendous shaft. And you open a restaurant you're an entrepreneur or you could also be the CEO of Illumina one of the great. Corporations here in San Diego and of course your big corporation but you think on a very entrepreneurial basis and every single department so we'd like to believe. But the mindset we're giving these young future leaders' project please Tom mentioned. Critical thinking skills. You know. I'm gonna restate what I think is the obvious but 99.9. Percent of everything. That's in the mind of a great professor or great teacher or school is instantly gu global. So the entire paradigm of education. Has the change. And we think how it changes is not teaching kids what to think. But teaching them how to think. You know the acquisition of knowledge is not the name of the game any longer and a classroom in our opinion. You know were out saying we have the you know the secret sauce but in our opinion. The paradigm shifting and it's not about knowledge acquisition that's about knowledge application it's about critical thinking skills. And what do I do with this ripping apart arguments and hypotheses and we're launching some science class that are going to be entirely hypothesis driven. And the students will not even know the hypothesis that day they walk into the classroom they will decide study researchers and published a paper at the end. Because knowledge application critical thinking skills questioning questioning questioning. Is assigned the intellectual. We curious mind and we like to think about the littlest only thunder from. You know those. That meant coming with an investment company and Tom also helpfully suggests curiously strong mental we think we have curiously strong minds at that that is our goal curiously strong mines. That's when we're not have a trademark from that point but it. Is this year first of its kind in California. Yes you as you know it's always sometimes a little bit dangerous to claim your first at anything but based on what we believe and again let's talk about what makes us unique. Suppose the national being first but if if what if I was in the corner I would say. The unique. Convergence of technology. And entrepreneurship which we think of the two most important 21 century languages as much as I think every student should be able to speak other languages whether it's Spanish French Italian. Or Mandarin Chinese. I would argue that the two critical languages are the ones were teaching entrepreneurship. And technology. And of course we know every aspect of our world is touched by the convergence. None of those two things. So I believe we are the first. Certainly. And San Diego County. I believe where the first and in the state of California and I would probably argue because of what we're doing how we're doing it. And literally more and more coming as we speak every week we're creating. You know more opportunities from an experiential holes a curriculum perspective for the students but. We're just that would be happy just call one of the leaders 01 second third while of course were competitive. As part of being an entrepreneur or we're certainly we'd like to think you know a leader in this space and a hopefully we built something very successful here. Will suit the future holds big resort and sometimes this is a classic entrepreneurship. You know our own school as essentially you know could be could be a case study exactly and how to build those how do you build brand market position attract. Raise capital all of those things were doing of course. What's really exciting and I'm mom sitting next to of course is one of our great. In a student leadership to Ronald deceive the students thrive. By the adults getting out of the way. And letting the students run things whether it's our radio show. Whether it's that our version of Ted talks called set talks whether it's the inner intern ship speaker series every Friday we have speakers coming in. And now or of course social social venture sandbox these are all being run by the student and it's unbelievable. When you raise expectations. And you tell young leaders I believe in you I have confidence and you there's nothing that is an attainable. Results happen that's just how life works. Students to have the school. Currently we have about 280. Students. So it's a pretty small number we have via Wi Max out and offline world and one on one type Taj or intimate setting exactly was more meant to ship opportunities and one on one opportunities for sure. And and enrollment for the upcoming school year open now. Yet yes that is open now in fact. The nice thing about both the school as we you know we only have eighty freshmen every year so Monica and a very large county. You know it's a matter of identifying. Eighty students. That are interested in and this. Educational product we're trying to deliver the communities that we do have some seats still available. But it's going pretty fast and it is it is essentially you know it's a first come first serve at this point. But we don't have too many seats left so hopefully alone in the walls of your listeners may. They come aboard the election offer to our website is sent hide dot org enrollment information is available online at any say only eighty. For the freshman class eighty students how do you pick. Your your students. He says it's first come first serve and are there any special requirements. For for a enrollment. No actually to go to good question in fact we get that question mark because sometimes you'll won't think that we must be a private school or we have a selection process. You know we we we don't as a public school. This program is open to anyone. And every one that wants to potentially avail themselves of this particular educational products so it's wide open to public school. Simply put an application if we ever get more applications than the eighty seats. Then there's a lottery process that drives all so the good news this in a unified in the leadership the unified. You know they said very very clear guidelines on how charter schools Ron and what happens when you have more students that love your product. Then to see chip available and of course the world business that's the best thing in the world supply and demand doesn't match. And unfortunately we'd love to have more students of a more seats available school but you know it is what it is in terms of the building size we have been. And the size a number of students we can we can take anyone's time by. So who do we get more applications than eighty then there's a lottery process so there's no pre selection. And again I would argue that you don't it's not need it I think if you do very good job of communicating. What you wanna deliver to these to these young future leaders. I think a lot of students identical light automatically identify with what their interest as. And and some cases not L students may make it and if you have more applications. But we do know pre selection whatsoever. All we ever asked of our students is come to the table with an open mind and ready to learn some great great things. Allen talked to Jacob second before we do can we can talk just a little bit about the curriculum. I would assume you have you have to have your core basic. Courses. For the requirement of of the state what what else is it that you teach these kids cure and Al Ahmad Al kicked off and then I'll probably turned over to Tom because there's. You know what's fascinating is that. And the nice thing about a charter school. And again I have to take my hat off to do you know of the leadership of the school district. You know for allowing you know this kind of creativity to take place at a at a school is that. We can literally create on the fly like again like entrepreneurial companies if you identifying. The need that the marketplace has. No we can build things on the fly so. Of course the platform from a curriculum standpoint is you know. University of California 83 G standard which basically covers the various no math and science the English classes and credit you need cannot accomplish over your four years. And again that's a great foundation but. I would also argue however though that while most schools are organized by let's say subject. We think a better organizational structure for schools by discipline technology option portion of what your core mission is so. The reality is for for our students. What's. Leadership. Of course as the core foundation where kids are going to be taking leadership. Classes. Over the course of four years which Thomas building. Then there's options and worship programs you know from for example of course called steps the sorrow. The garage that we have a variety of different types of opportunities for students and again Gary the good news is. We're literally building building building building building as you go as we go with more and more needs and again. Here's what's fascinating and I I have to share this because you mentioned since statistics about how many students wanna be entrepreneur or. We here's what's really very cool so many universities all across the country from Harvard back peace to USC incentives they locally. Have been braced entrepreneurship. You know as a major and or minor takes any state locally Alex and a war runs the entrepreneurship program. Loves what we're doing. And we're getting together with and you stayed in April to work on some curriculum ideas graduate students coming over to the school to be faculty. Adjunct faculty and our school. So it's amazing the embrace we've had I mentioned when we are all fair USC. As wrapping their arms around us Pepperdine University. You see as the sinister and emails that hey we just kind of heard about this new entrepreneurs who can we come talk to you and CEO we can collaborate. So the universities understand the importance of an entrepreneurship education. And everyone scratching their heads saying no our commitment ever done this before but that's the same question that every entrepreneur or years right why wasn't a fourth someone always pass the B. First for first in your key players he started and you know we don't take any we're just really following I think in some sense the DNA of this country and what's happening at the university level. Because the great thing again is by collaborating with great partners like San Diego State's. UCSD. Pepperdine USC. We already have the road map the terms from curriculum standpoint. In terms of what our you know students need now. We also believe and again this is the other thing that you know Tom and our board talks a lot about Tom in my you know addresses that. We're making it very clear our students or something really important we want every student in our schools to know that. Every taxpayer in the state of California is making an investments. And they student that attends high school sometimes we don't we don't we're not that clear in terms of where does money come from done in the final analysis. Every taxpayer. Who pays taxes in the state of California. Is funding an investment in this young man that's sitting next me Jake Serrano the question is. The only reason why anyone ever invest money. Is to get a return on the investment so the question is what is the returned. That the state of California wants and the investment in Toronto and what is the timeframe which the two critical issues that any investor asked. So what we tell Jake is that we're not looking for you. To just get 15100 on your SAT exam you know we could probably spend hours and hours to organize standardized tests in the Salinas of the entire process but it's a game in the game is a war that rigged and I don't mind saying that. But as we can talk about that. But we're talking about measuring the return on investment at a societal level that we're gonna know 4050 years from now that the investment that this school make in Jake's Serrano. 36000 dollars over four years and we tell the young students we have 36000 dollars to invest in U 9000 dollars per year. And we need to get the absolute highest possible. Societal Laura why not measured over four years is we don't view it as our job doesn't and when Jake goes off to college. We'll know you know in 2047. If this platform called sat. Delivered them great return on the 36000 dollars let's gets invested in Jake. We're not gonna for a long time I may not be around the measure but I'm willing to bat. That the returns that this school gonna generate from our students is going to be superior. Then the quote average return on investment that most high schools get from that investment. Falsely connecting to I just wanna have that Charles and the rest of the border as well have have really driven home the point and time and again that. In today's day and age we shouldn't be limited by time and space constraints in school. We have so much technology so much access that we should just happened to. And so getting back to the curriculum question in addition to our standard core curriculum. Who also resorted to enhance our curriculum with certain concepts and foundations upon tourism with our current courses but Ross is doing so only if I believe unique. In that we're getting an adjunct faculty Piniella for example we're bringing in subject matter experts. To really again with the bottom line student outcomes preparing students for the future. And to really enhance the curriculum provide resources as mentors and as teachers. And they've really the sky's the limit it's really went over to a we can do and we're already paying those things in place. Charles mentioned some more partners already some universities are working with I work on my team we have a community opportunities officer gave him a part of tone. Annie we go on the community and look for partners we are non profit as well so we're looking for funding. Resource partners trying to leverage what we can really really make this it's. Appalling product but all of baloney does that onto wanting comment and I think there's something you know words matter and I know coming out of the last twelve. Eighteen months. All Americans have experience words matter in this whole political process but words do matter if someone were taught in the community. Even though Tom mentioned we're nonprofit we approach the community not from the perspective of can we have a donation. Because we think we've been a catalyst for building the community asset called sets but nobody owns it this is a public school. We've built an asset that is now incumbent on upon everyone. To invest in it and make it the best possible school that it can be. So when we're approaching community partners were talking about investments. We're not interest and and donations because to me those almost at time frames on here's your donation this year. Thank you very much now we're looking for long term investments from community partners who believe. That's that. Has an important purpose and we can drive impact the highest possible so we want investors. In this program colts that. Now we're we're getting closer to the end of the program we could probably go on forever talking about this but I do wanna talk to Jay for a couple minutes here and and find out. His take on on what's going on etc. now and it looked great EU and the senior friendly so have you been at. And it's set from ninth grade I know I actually destroying this year so join me for almost a year. And where would you go to school before Iowa I'm from point site owner and answer this what's it been like for you. It's an amazing programs and the sort of like the teaching and then my mentors. Has been amazing from I've gotten to speak to entrepreneurs through intra programs. Apparently in my English classes were doing there in the social entrepreneurship. And I'm learning how to build a social company that can help the community in ways such as through human trafficking or reducing it to their waste. An incoming other programs and I'm breaking in is our social ventures and box which we're helping in nonprofit organization. Get out there and truly want we're working with is traffic stories and what they do is they help children only if it was presented loved to read. And these are great opportunities that I never thought I would get it's actually did. What what is it that you wanted to do when you get out of school. You start your own business Ellison yes and you coming out know exactly where in areas partnership of one being a gallon. Sort of continue on with. So isn't the stuff I've been here where I do wanna work towards producing child. Homelessness in the future and in some of the things teams I do wanna create a product can help society. And sort of teaching them how to protect themselves to security possibly and the need to that pops up. And I understand that that. At set. They may encourage students. To get out into the community and do work yes and that's what the sandbox thing is with you yes so with and we won't believe these fields sometimes a box and Tom. We aren't working on with the a few other students on helping her daughter company and we ash can help from USC he's in the social being convinced to sort of notre compete and raise half in the mean to actually Oprah grow it across. Plus and you can Yemen possibly crossed the state in the country. There was this your idea to get involved with the organization. It was sort of it was we had them on a radio show resets our Unser ashe's talking about what it what it is now police are taking this passion for them. And mr. Parisi of this very idea of intervene with a community that's her how to start. And and nobody mentioned it your your radio show that you have Tulsa little bit about that I'm glad you asked about that because here's another example of we had this idea to do a radio show in fact the original the catalyst for was. Drew Schlossberg at the scene union Tribune who has this community spotlight radio we were on the show and and they the belt off saying hey we should do our own show biggest from a marketing standpoint. I don't reveal our secrets of the community. But we believe. You know the best way to build friends is to meet them under favorable circumstances and what better way than to have an interview with a local successful entrepreneur or civic leader. Event to have a nice conversation. Kind of like what we're doing here in the studio today so we have a conversation with a entrepreneurs. About their journey. And try to impart lessons so not only are students put our listeners and we are goals the bill little very large audience you know. But the thing is that that the students are running at all from. Contacting the guest doing the research on the gas story boarding the one hour show. On air asking questions as just an amazing experience of actually helped turn it back to you maybe comment a little bit. He hasn't though we should have been great it's like I've met. Everything from banning people to a venture capitalists and since we get a really learn about them their complete and also them personally and their goals and what. Sir how they became this entrepreneur they are in and what is your role with so I'm one of the co producers and so what he said we. Contact them we research about them creator story boards and we interview them and show. And have you ever done anything like this no this is like first time opportunity was amazing also excited and there was little nerve racking Padilla's people. It like it yes and love the program. The other thing I think is really important to. It was a threat for the show and all the opportunities duo we wanna drive through the school the students is that the only certainty in life is uncertainty and that seems more more true every day with technology and how fast the changing an artificial intelligence and everything that's coming down the road. But we believe and its sister Tibet that when all of sudden done human beings are still social animals and there's going to be a variety of skill sets. That are going to be irreplaceable and we think one. I'm learning how to think critical thinking skills. To how to communicate and collaborate. Identifying what makes the human being tech. From psychology standpoint so we think we're building lifelong skill sets. And Jake mentioned he's not sure exactly has some ideas you know you want to do something on his own. And that if you talked to a lot of entrepreneur orders that have built successful companies they always knew they want to do something. And the key is life is about serendipity you don't know exactly when that opportunity presents itself. But you should cut you should be prepared. To take advantage of that opportunity so again part of what we're teaching the school is I eighty nation opportunity recognition which is really important. If you don't recognize an opportunity it's going to pass you by. So this is all part of the curriculum what we're teaching at the school so that when serendipity presents itself. You know the sets students know how to soar ready set sore is of course our slogan can already set soar what are Sera school located. Schools located in a Kearny mesa Thurman is right very centrally located in San Diego just off of narrow drive in the Serra mesa. Segment of pretty messed up. And and what this year website again. The lesson is set Qaeda or if somebody wants to enroll in the upcoming year tells it into the website nation is on the website sure. And your contact information with what's that if you wanna call it the community as well commitments he has now as era and application online that they can fill out this is an enormous package on line. Easily accessible to PDF file. They can come in and or didn't come in and scheduled school tour. I was just gonna ask you about that people come in and check it check it out absolutely were on spring break for the next two weeks went on when they return. How we can schedule too with them but if someone wants is his third spring break we're onto the norms so the building will be opened the consulate and they can contact our community opportunities officer Dave Clark are confident. OK anything else before we wrap up by no ice that we can we could talk for at least another half hour on this and anything else that you want people know. About the school for entrepreneurship and technology. What I would say about a. Our school is we should always never lose sight of the fact in the history of our school but all schools and I think this is importantly true in the shorter world that we have an opportunity reinforced this. When I'm in the building that doubled since I work for them. I think it's so important and education. To remember who the money belongs to and who is the customer. The money belongs to the taxpayers of the of the state of California and the county in the city. And we have a job to take that money and deploy it in the best possible way for our customers the students the families the prospective future Fam is of the school. And I think if everyone adopt that mind set. All across this country. Focus on outcomes what we're trying to accomplish not over short time frames for over a long time frames I think we can turn around. Public education in America and everyone has to do it once all the time this is our school. We're gonna do the best job possible or school and hopefully we can demonstrate the results many many years from now. That this platform for building colts that truly was. A great way to empower you know a young future leaders. And and Jake just before we wrap up. Somebody listening this morning thinking hey this sounds like pretty cool cool thing to get involved with what do you say to them. So in the schools now you should be involved with the school because opportunities and less he's been here you won't get from any other school this is a school that. We'll teach you how to not just be educated got a list. And actually survive out there who are. So highly recommended yes Charles Tom thank you for being on the show today Jake is well thank you for all you're doing at the school. Front and our ship and technology and that Jake got lucky. Thank you so much extra innings. That concludes another addition of living better in San Diego the opinions expressed on living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living that San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from the McAllister institute. Until that I'm Jerry Lee have a great week.