Luke Bryan is King Beefcake 2017!

Tuesday, April 4th


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In this corner. The man with the widest tee tightest jeans and I was not Dustin lynch and cut off. Arnold oh no one where's the energy Angela Bryant as if he's known for now. Brewster. I'm sorry associate prison Jessica it will vehemently agree that she is yeah now under resemble I just found that out to villagers who live on her. That gets along the right oh my god I didn't know almost as passionately as Bruce's staff loves our other contestant in Timothy K bracket Blake Shelton Blake Shelton. And Brian. Paddle out in the finals is now. Absolutely had your own March Madness and angina we did Jamie's PP bracket joining us right now. Is the 27 Tina. King BP PD throw owner of the two time champion. Chris Young. I'll let the man speak for himself are in new. King beef cake. What's up all the fluid student college superstar like you super on time aren't you guys mostly fashionably late. I mean you know I'm not grandfather. Worked retired from the railroad and he was a an engineer and you know you colors aren't going to be on time how. And Bryant are we try to be punctual. Very impressive try to rewritten and punctual ten reviews of the for a loop Brian hot hot hot. Hundreds of you know of CNN that now Luke might hear. You have beaten up Blake Shelton and officially become a king and panic. He came. Right. Back. All ignored that you won Luke Bryan entertainers of the year grammys right to mail me Oscars Nobel Prizes this half. Beneath the cream of the crop my friend congratulations. It's a man of few words. Do you think you can get through anything be happy you have more to say I don't know them. I think is an elephant out about what. You'll hear more public Brian tomorrow I don't know may be. Perhaps. Owing utility guys after all I guess cameo represent something in October when he got here it and it's mattress from empathy ask that to get another king VP trophy. Last year the problem with can be of geeks trophy was that it was ten million re trophy parents there I thought when I was going ordered online added there was actual. Real sized trophy in little teeny picture but it will let them match books trophy. But a matchbox trophy Agence anyway I was that congratulations to Lou Brian Luke did it. Shelton fans remorse and Sahara Desert.