High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour: SD Enforcers

Thursday, March 30th


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Now the latest tally. In Jenin jammies high of 5000. Hometown hero tool. But we are in the presence of the national Chan yeah. Welcome congratulations on a good to see you again thanks Travis back just in case somebody's newly shown every day I hope we get new blisters would you please explain. But the senior who enforces or Obama friend shore we're out charity football team comprised of public safety personnel. Police firefighters military we played charity football games all over the country as part of a national lead to raise money for various charities. We also have some new players in today that we have to give high fives too so we're gonna get a high 5392627. And 28. If you wanna introduce the new with the new. What do you do in the real world I am I captain for cal fire. More and more emotion and is Cortez ace I thought outside linebacker I'd unmanned what do you do in the real world are for it's prom dresses have her presence friend Austin think you're servicing appreciate it thank Limbaugh morning. I would do it. JJ JJ when he demand from the navy aren't thank you for your service and what position put the ball wide receiver and on the go and hopefully that Sarah. And I always wanted to play well. You guys another big game coming up this Saturday Saturday said Rory. It's our annual us salute to service game which you guys have been a part of in the past and taken on the United States Marine Corps. Me and naps at Madison high school at 5 o'clock I'm OK the big big rivalries are not big rivalry big rivalry are shadow tour sponsor for the game and that's it's SD thank you heroes aren't. Jane you hero when he couldn't make it I came out last year and I got to the coin toss from what happened at I think you hit the official on the head. Something like that and seriously I flip the coin won't drive off the dome the wrath and it was a display of Lewis tried again this year where he sank. I just wanted to make your sponsor too because then if this is benefiting our flight to India don't correct correct length did you guys are familiar with that absolutely on my I have the honor and pleasure to be part of on a fight with my son and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to be a part of that and this is such a great experience. -- free these veterans so it's great that they are going to be the recipient of of the charity this time yeah and more honored to be supporting honor flight San Diego as our our military charity this year and again wouldn't be possible without ST thank you heroes which is a whole rebate program which really fits into what we do it's for law enforcement public safety and military home rebate program so perfect check them out so now with the success the massive success of this Indian un forces John -- almost be gunning for you guys now right pardon upon images is something that you know you guys a chance it was taken down a notch or sure we always have a target are back Correll is you know one of the top teams in the league and so. We take on. All the teams and they're always trying to knock a soft so it's nothing new it's fun it's competitive football and we've got national champions right here in any of the income sources. And producer and now we love you guys for that thank you very much you're always welcome here you know that a things are considering us friends we appreciate that much appreciate you thank you again on April 1 the Saturday Madison high school. At 5 PM all right perfect thanks guys and it could force nurse yeah this year.