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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation at the end of count San Diego radio stations I'm Garry lake. It is that time of year again time for the San Diego festival of science and engineering. A ten day educational experience full of interactive demonstrations. Hands on activities in speakers to engage children and adults. Instead education and stem careers joining us this morning is Viacom institute San Diego festival of science and engineering managing director. Sarah Pavano and lakeside community center parks and recreational supervisor. Actually less for. Welcome Sarah welcome Ashley thinking Keogh a surrogate CO again and you have always a pleasure of seeing and having you on the show and actually pleasure meeting you and having on the show as well. Let's start a little background information may be an overview Sarah bell the other Viacom institute stressful science and engineering first of all what is the Viacom institute. So the Viacom institute is the nonprofit arm of Viacom and bio economy is life science trade association. That we have offices here in Southern California and some satellite offices actually global throughout the world. Seward definitely advancing continuously TU support life science industry in need here in Southern California. And I hunt itself is a 501 C six showed that institute is the nonprofit arm of Viacom. And we provide workforce development for. Life science industry as well as K 212. I stand education and pieces throughout Xenia community so. We worked to come provide programs for teachers as well as students and on the workforce side of these life science industry. Supporting programs for our membership. So classes that they can take especially you know last year. New an industry in your median account inning don't quite understand. I'm what it is to be a life science company with a researches in and how this process is where you can take whenever classes and I understand that terminology and and what it takes for her you know I Jack just go from start to finish in the discovery of that so we provide workforce development classes for. Folks at guardian life science companies as well as working to develop the pipeline so we work with veterans we have a battering mentoring program. Teachers Alice program as well as like I said on encompassing all of stem education for that key to child population has really. The key to tell population is going to be the future pipeline for the workforce appearance in the and and so how long has the San Diego festivals science and engineering. Billions and this here's our ninth here I actually coincides as well at the Viacom institute also is in its ninth year on is separate police started but coinciding that they years are working out well for us this next year will be our tenth anniversary some of the exciting here. But yeah and nine years here and San Diego for that Fastenal science engineering started. I'm wade Yu CST at winning grant became kind of an SF. Winds. San Francisco. MIT Boston festival as well as the silly festival earlier it's sort of the seed festivals here in the last and we've grown into what we are today and a lot of that came through the these start up in the mantra ship of Larry bock as well you know I'm passed away earlier this year and he was a great innovator in this basin and certainly pushed a lot for festivals and that was very important so we continue to act to follow in his past and he was a developer of the USA's science fossil which is is also still continuing strong in Washington DC. And I believe this is the third year they do than on the show and and and the of the Cecil continues to grow. I've seen gas the last few years house to house knowing the things that she's doing yes to each other really tying to if you back every year from our attendees then you know our stakeholders in no way as the community line how coming grow. I'm happy we continued our programs as well as you know some of their local events have going on throughout the week. And end the fassel. Senators around stem education and careers stem for those who do not know science technology engineering math right cracked. Try and potentially even add a bright funny right correct. Let's dived into the festival in and a seamless happening it all kicks off with your signature event. Which is explode and that's coming up this Saturday write them. It's four cracks down march 4 10 AM to 5 PM. It's a free event open to the public it takes based on its echo park. We really take over it in the park from inside and out we are at the park and park area where that. The kids usually during a Padres game that's where the kids plan a little the little tots right dine and and we also take or the whole first concourse as you're walking through the whole area around the stadium. We've got hands on activities demonstration and and I'm just an amazing day of stem learning education for all ages and mean our target audiences really that. K 212 you know I'll mention middle school age but we have families that come in and we have folks that founded don't even have kids that. We'll common lock to the event and in walk out with smiles and have learned something else. What are what is it that you hope people take away from explode date. And and festival as a whole. I mean it's really important for us today it's an ethnic community knows how much is going on parents any no. So you know with our life science companies are engineering companies. On the corporate side but as long as the nonprofit programs. He knows this coolest air so much going on on three I 65 days a year. And this is really a week for all of those come companies in nonprofits to join together and and gotta say hey this is what we do. Where he rally here we have these great programs and you can come and be a part of this throughout the year and come see what we did today comes you we did this week and then engage us address the years or really that conduit for them. I'm for stem education for the whole year around in San Diego and. And day you have I'm not mistaken over a hundred different businesses. Local businesses taking part with the hands on activities. Yes that's actually just actually day itself and I would say that number probably doubles when you look at the week as a whole. Just because we have so many wonderful community partners really can make happen without them. Yes it acts by day you know there's gonna be performances on a stage we've got folks coming down like our great friends music fans they come down from Alley they're raping mathematicians they make everything about math fun. I'm very amazing musicians and they will get you excited to get the crowd excited suit. Rap about homework in learning path and nasty environment that we create an extra days it's really kicks off this week of that fine. The training and education and that environments that are around you and everything you do why they are you just walk away with a new. Spark of knowledge yeah I remember you mentioning them last year that it would ask you. They're pretty amazing yeah they sound like sound like a lot of fun yes now this is this is expo they look what kind of some kind of a turn out did you have last year. Eyelash just over Tony 4000 people we're hoping this year to grow by a couple thousand hit that maybe 2627000. Number. And the we we stay in that range pretty amber actually every year he has so let's get it to get a good giant. And I can't say it's a free event open to the public so we encourage you to come down in. In addition to explode a look at our website lab stem ST dot work for a full listing of events we have over sixty events that are happening. Most of them Austin or free and open to the public throughout the week. So what what other. Other things can people expected at expo today you've got their hands on activities any of those that you could share with us. Yeah and meet in this so and we just found out that general atomic such as one and V I'm really popular. Lucent the day where they have and explosions and and things flying in the air on Delon may have and new bed of nails that they're coming out this year which is and that and being a presentation and any kind of see in in the country movies where somebody's you know they're they're put their hand on on the bed of nails and they're coming now with a camera on top and no one gets hurt it's it's pretty cool I don't even know how to make it work but it sounds amazing I can't wait to see I haven't seen it yet. They just told us but the other day in and their Booth is usually. Accept all day thereupon held by that that Tony went statues stand there and does definitely have a Contra the day and what a great place at two GAAP echo park system. Beautiful venue fascinating and and hoping for some good weather. Yes we hope so we we must tell last year when the weather so we're hoping that we'll get the same luck again share that I'm not mistaken San Diego ranks second in the nation. As far as the workforce in science and engineering jobs. Yeah I mean we're we're continuing to be a location that. You know companies are looking looking forward to have I'm not chance and an office here but headquarters here so I think it's really important. When you see you know companies like aluminum that are adding and their outing here in any other choosing to hide. Workers here and and jobs here in San Diego on last year I think they treated. But it and additional 60650. Jobs here. And so for companies like that to decide this is the place to be it really show his enemies inherent teeny Nolan collaboration that we have here. And that more folks are gonna come and and really wanna find SS percent or four for that continued innovation and you know and not just the life science industry but the engineering and technology industries while. Technology that San Diego hotbed for technology careers yeah I I think it's just you know I think there's so much collaboration here with a different companies working together and that. It's really an exciting place to be and and companies and nine year as there. You know as their foundation and they're choosing this am vs some of the other big. Text cities so where were getting on top of that list and I think it's going to be important for senior US economy is lines the future of you know the students here and and what we're doing here. For research kind of response do you get from kids or parents that they come to explode days or any of the other events during festival week. I think is exciting you know me for some of them they've seen. You know they ban on to some of these companies and programs and ice in an opportunity for them to talk one on line is coming in as a professional so it. Gives him more than Amy began to see on it you know on a general audience think oh I'm on the field trip for. With someone coming to their classroom and it gives and that kind of intimate exposure to an NC professionals to see. I'm someone that looks just like them and they can talks now about how they got here what their passes them. Regardless of whether it's say you know boy or girl her ethnicity where they came from you know there's. Professionals here that can talk to them Tom how they got here and that they can follow that path to use out. I think that's really exciting as well as you know folks who come for the first time and they don't realize how much is hearing in San Diego. And how much access they have to it by coming out during this weekend. How exciting it is to be apart of this field and not just this year you know directly in the lab our. Specifically an engineer but you can be sort of in those those jobs that we see here in the bubble. That directly impact the industry. Like I said you know being an account inner being in marketing niche in one of these major company's it's making an impact globally. You're still part of that you know that process and apart that important. Piece that's happening here in the. And I think that's that a lot of people think when they think of stem education. And it's you know we're in a lab coat you in some lab somewhere doing research but there's so much more than that summit in other other jobs. That fall under that umbrella and we've talked about this before when you've been on the show Taylor guitars frame does a tourist part of festival week right. He had very cool tour actually if you've never been I've before it's back an hour hour and a half and now and they take you behind the scenes of and their factory that's here in San Diego. I'm an east Connie and you get to see from start to finish how name in all of these guitars and it's amazing and they not only build the guitars that they actually engineer in the machine's ability to charge so they're doing everything. Is truly Humi there in there in their warehouse and it's it's a pretty amazing process and walking through there you just you learn so much you never we tacos and you you know what it takes to make a guitar and some of the greats that have walked through the air because they've had their own guitars made. So it's it's quite an experience they're definitely suggest taking and I haven't yet. And especially if you're musician yes definitely Indiana musician major plus to check it out scenarios guitars are actually made gamble goes into it yet apps that. But what does the down economic impact. Of stem. Stem careers here at San Diego. I'll Y no. Coming here for school and for resurgent and they're going other places for jobs I think it's really important as these companies continue to create the jobs that we continue to create the pipeline of the workforce it and it thriving industry here in San Diego and and keep these companies and sandy. And they're great jobs to pain wise just that read a recent nerd wallet report. Found the annual mean wage for stem jobs at San Diego County exceeds 86000 dollars. Yes and it's eyes and I'd say on the engineering side as well as the you know on the life science cited the jobs there. In the top range and an as well as when you're looking at jobs for students that may not have degree that they don't get certifications you know they can start off in you know you know as a lab attacker. You know kind of start from the ground at work area so there are opportunities at all levels. And we need folks at all levels of solace jobs. Let's talk a little bit about festival week the different events that you got during festival week of course. The festival itself kicks off as we mentioned that expo. Excluding this Saturday but then throughout the week following explode Dave got all kinds of events on all over the county to right. Yeah so we're really excited and you know our our program that we started last year salmon you backyard has really and continue to be successful. And we've had a lot of community ams. Reached that. Folks that want to get involved in this year glamour new locations is lake side so we have our land our partners here with us today who can talk a bit more about what they're gonna present that game that we. Are so glad to say communities are seeing this as an important de ice it and it's a smaller version of expo neighbor into these communities are really offers that. The Stanley is an opera singing on that you know lower like I said intimate level where they can talk to industry folks and they really can get an experiment in. Have these. You know awesome experiences that they may not get in their classrooms there are just honoring their basis now. I'll actually talk a little bit more about what they have planned for this this really well in fact I'd. Yes so on March 11 we are actually going to be host teen stemming your backyard at the leaks I mean he sent her. Which is located at 941. Pine street in lakeside. We're excited to have them around twenty base rate now that have r.'s peak heat from mad science to. Microsoft fashion valley which will be doing a Kimi device aren't that were really excited to see. As well as pre K is down and stand careers that was a needle. Are you to understand what type of partnership some kind careers there are out there for them at. This a partnership with the lakeside community center and the festival had an added this all come about how does this is this is a first for a for a lakeside yes this you can't. So I got a phone call from. Amanda who works for our Viacom and she let me know what was going on and was looking for another facility. So county parks is really excited because we have many and activities and programs. That we do year round two from anywhere from two discovery programs that cater to elementary that goes over the next generation science standards. That connects with a common course so we. Are working year round with science technology engineering and mathematics. So that's that's part of the county parks. County park system up and he asked so we have not only do we have interpretation programs. We also have track trials echoes over the different wildlife so. We work with the youth and also with an art school systems to really connect as students with county parks and how. Engineering works within our county parks to use the science and technology. So this was perfect fit it was a perfect match so you looking forward absolutely and I'm not only am it counterparts looking forward to it but pats were advertising. They community of lakeside in east Connie is. Really excited to see that we have to offer to argue through getting some feedback already are ready yet. Yeah and again when is it march 11 from one to 5 PM after leaks at community center. And your event is free it is free for all ages all right and and death the F stemming back yard series Sarah not only lakeside and in addition that. We'll also added Alpine this year and then returning to the lineup is that's sad Chula Vista and barrio Logan. I'm so we F five locations this year were probably gonna have eater nine locations next year of art he had quite. A lot of our reach from cents communities that want to be involved in and were hoping that. In and you Munis likely side Alpine are gonna be really successful in and they're gonna whine again in a you know grow even more. Let me piloted this last year at this it was one of the champions are really kicked this off and they're event last year had a you know a thousand people and attendance and we took over that the small little parking lot next that I have a theater great airing sorted of Vista village area. And it's actually doubled in size this year so we have a street closed down on next in the parking lot we they've got to to dozens of three dozen different vendors on CSU San Marcos alone is gonna how hole. Alleyways of blues where their students are going to be teaching to the families and so it's really exciting. An essay I really prime example of businesses. Balance kind of spear headed our our stem champion and that areas actually from. The owner of wavering for rulings it's really shows you that businesses coming out with an education like CSU San Marcus. You know they are they're champions in the communion and the ones who really tried this events and it's. You know like I'm back to lakeside. If it wasn't to have champions like Ashley in the community center. That once you advocates for this and get there relationships have their businesses and partners involved these events when he cost us and it's really important trust. How these relationships throughout the company. And so again a no brainer adventurer from lakes absolutely all that all that work you already do. Stem education right to be able to educate the public also on just what county park systems do for the Stan. Industry and we're really hoping that it's a really nice turnout so we can also offer it possibly up in North County had one of our other sister communities honors. And that way it would be. You know something that county parks and definitely. Provide aid and resources to our community within Viacom industry. Now you've expanded. The stamina back yard series and have a new locations you have also expanded your adult 21 and over. Series and these. Listen I a lot of fun yeah. One of them yes so you think you attended they're at bedroom NHC which is and night where. They shut down the fleet for her anyone under 21 so it's it's a really cool because they think. When year at at he would tell agent in if you go today to this leader of the museums with kids as saffron or just to walk through its. Sometimes difficult to enjoy it no learning yourself as your as your watching out offer for all the young ones running around and it's. It's set opera Cheney for you day to walk through the exhibits and take part NA yourself and in addition in their fleet and a science not only has he exhibit opened the they have additional. Speakers and activities going on to depending on what the topic is in this year it's topic is senator around engineering and I'd mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and they're debuting their and their new big IMAX and peace that his team being about. I sure I've come so it should be really exciting evening and Nash's wine. Six or seven different events that we have going on almost every night of the week. We kick off in week actually app that we've linked brewing in Vista have on offense and we have a keep the kind night where. They'll be a sky watching party in of these folks talking about it. You know the stars in astronomy and how to get excited about that you can actually look at the telescopes and hopefully we'll get a clear night so that you can actually a lot. Any questionnaire and we've got it. The they think drinks science is our series that the festival actually puts on. That's happening on Tuesday down the court yard I would that event we're bringing out graduate and post doc as students from Stanford and for him Abbey's research institute. And Miami talking about out there on thesis work and in a lot. Developments that they're doing now cancer since Jimmy really awesome time to come out and talk to these students. And really Enola needs health science program it's it's fun and learning at all ages but it's to get adults talking about science so. You know to go button and having evening where you can have some live nation's house sensitive but have some real discussions about what's going on in the world and and how are things continually improving and and a lot of that that's happening right here in San Diego so. Kinda opening your eyes to all the cool things we have going on from their research side to that. You know the new medical devices and products have and need to adultery here in San Diego. So those are at a couple of baton we have some cool ones going nine on Wednesday march 8. To kind of bringing me on this steam we've got rushes in speakers so it. Partnering with buying canned it's down at at 52 degrees where you can come in and learn a little bit about oceanography where you gonna paints. The painting of that OB pier as is Canada campus part of the night and then we have and some research folks and talking that Schneider in. Locally here for San Diego's that's really interesting. And on Thursday we have a really big night because we've got an event going on I think in San Marco switches to cyber security experts walk into a bar. And I have this same sort of version of that. I'm down here in the southern part we've got to cite his lack into a bar and it's actually a scientist and an artist this year. And bill be in 25 bars to outs the counties a few log onto our website love stent ST dot port. You can find out which bars there in. And now and it's just another one of those casual encounters where you're gonna walk into a bar and you've got to scientists parent artist Aaron. You know got a drinking goh Chok salmon and find out more about their work in what they do and how important it is and what they're doing here and standing so. And this this trying to impress series that we do is a partnership for the fleet science center. And they have a lot of these amazing programs going on all year round so this is a sneak peek into what they do on a regular basis and and again you know awesome learning experiences at all ages and great conversations to have Mike here. You know you pick up that after the. Now those those that. The scientists and artists is is an artist going to be there about doing some painting or or drawing at the time were. I believe they're gonna be doing painting inside be added to scientists in which is the artist the scientist addition but they will. There will be on that whining campus pain may have the you know that research scientist engaging when artists as well. I think they're good at what they're gonna do with it the twice I bars don't have some of their work fair but they won't actually be. Painting or jarring at that time but some of their work that. I'm so if it's you know someone who's I you know like I say when I fits its attention on her feet and you have a scientist. That matches the work of the artist so what they're talking about a research I will match what the artist is actually. Is doing for their work as well. So I know it'll go together. In this particular event Massey didn't have them in bars and we didn't I think we had two or three bars so this is that super surge and we're really headed out and it's really all due to that the hard work of the fleet putting this together. And it's interesting because you mentioned earlier that that pretty much what you what you gear. The vessel towards served our K through twelfth grade yes and you have these events for 21 and older and and he hoping that some of these folks. Especially those that did have families pass things gamma to their kids. Sure absolutely no it's it's skid they think that when you look at it from Matt promotional standpoint. Science and learning is at all ages so if if we can get out there in front and their parents and the young professionals and say hey this is what's ion in San Diego and he can be a part of it you don't have to come out you know to the Stanley event if you wanna do something for your own. I'm group of friends and go out for a night and you know how some drinks in in discussions about science that's great because we wanna can we wanna make sure that people are talking about science. Talking not San Diego and that talking up innovation here and it's all happening in the same conversation it's just opening eyes to people that. May not noticed before so I think it's really important at all ages to get in front of them and and shot and that learning continues at all ages as well and and yes we certainly hope that they bring that message back to their family whether it's air. Younger Brothers or sisters or their their sons and daughters or grandkids they wanna show them that we're here in San Diego and with an amazing weekend ads free Stanley fun and for them to not engage. And most of these events it's not not not all that tree but most of them are yeah but 90% Emma free a couple of Mike it's funny one class events if you remember freeze some of them have you know ten or fifteen dollar admission fee depending on the events and there web saint like I said last MST dot org it'll tell you all the events that are free. I had a family events during a week the majority of them are free with the exception have if they're caddie museums have to act like. The children's busy hammer something where there's already in mission to get into enemy's camp. I'm menu yet to pin and mission to get into the additional events that are going on our party part of that admission otherwise it's yeah free and open to the public in and really. It's important to us to continue and you know as we grow that these events stay free and open to the public says the only way you're gonna continue outreach that we have. And wanna make sure it's accessible to all. All right so once again explode day. Kicks things off for festival festival week yes and is this coming Saturday or Saturday march or are ten to five pick apart. And absolutely absolutely free so come on dad and if you missed it. And you can come out whenever stem in your backyard events off throughout the county happening. Between this lakeside Alpine. I really again and Chula Vista so there's definitely am anywhere you are there's another and feeding agents while in and in addition to all events going on in between. And those steadily backer series as a basically. Just smaller versions of excellent her act and free and open to the public and Ashley again you are event in lakeside will be march 11 from one to 5 PM. Point 5 PM and and the location info lakeside community center 941. Vine street. And again absolutely free absolutely free and and you are on the social media. We are love stem esteem as our handle on FaceBook and Twitter and it Stephanie FaceBook is the best place for up to date. Announcements changes in you know really cool pictures of what we have going on and we're gonna be having some live face but its shares swap so great. And and just have been mentioned also we do have information about explode Daon community events page on the station's website so. We have information that and back to your website link as well back to your website craze. Sarah always pledged senior now yeah show and actually pleasure meeting you so much have you on the show as well as always say any professional science and engineering. Sounds like it's going to be a blast and then very educational as well and well me. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the NFL San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's web site. Jug next week when my guess will be from the San Diego County taxpayers association. Until them I'm Gary late have a great week.