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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations I'm Jerry Lee. There are many different animal rescue organizations in San Diego County one such organization. Is Jacqui blues rescue angels without profit. That focuses on finding unwanted abandoned and shelter pets a loving forever home joining us this morning is Jackie blues rescue angels founder and president. Michael and grills welcome Michael and. Thank you so much for handing me here let's start with a little background information on your organization if we can. Okay well am I started the organization almost five years ago purely out of mine a love for animals. Dogs especially and they really do need our help and her voice and that's how I I kind of just got into it what do what is the mission that your organization. Well there are an awful lot of homeless pets that need to loving forever homes weathered AP. In the shelter or whether they be a stray a band in on wants kids. Owner surrender for V area serious reasons that that people can't seem to keep their animals. And you know that's just I want to try and make a difference in. The lives of as many animals as I can a positive difference in her life. There was anything in particular that. That motivated you did to start this organization. I peaking and helping a friend of lying wins her organization. And I side if I started wine and we can help that many more pats. In whatever situation they found themselves in to get into a loving home that they deserved. So it was just pouring out and really just that deep deep love for animals. Explain if you would the name whose Jackie blue Jacqui blue was. My dog and I don't know if you can relate to this that she was chance that. Wine special Angel dog that all the dogs in my life first national but she just really had that drip. On my heart and I and my son actually named her Jackie. And and I thought about the song Jackie blue. And just added that blew onto it and she he wasn't the most amazing dog you know of course in the world so now. Wing and I thought about starting a rescue I knew her name had to be incorporated. Intuit somewhere. And since she. It's my little Angel watching out I just came up with Jackie blues rescue angels how many dogs that he had. Personal path he heck yeah. I am stuff and I just love her so that's on this one yeah he would yeah she and she was just an amazing dog from that very very beginning she was. Boring TU neighbors' dogs. 89 there was I don't know maybe six or seven of these puppies and my son again is. The whining to solve the puppies and he said mom BDC to putt these next door. And I I basically teleport myself over as soon after a tendon neighbor and saw these little two week old pat peace. And I and I picked her out at two weeks old and I don't know what it was. She was the one that was coming home with send. I Cotter at six weeks and hatter only till she was about seven years old she. Got cancer and you know it's just one of those. Situations and it lists horrible and fast and you have to make those decisions that my knee down that place in my heart is very very special for her. For her cell it's in her honor that we'd do it we dealing train and help as many pets as we can. I can definitely relate and as answer. And my dog that I have recently had. That's it is well it's kind of a sudden thing and last November she passed away so and and she pulls it. A special place in my heart too and I've had several dogs over the years now do you rescued just dogs and two and a rescue cats as well. And we have rescued quite a few cats right now it's mostly dogs because Swiss are. Recent move out to have come up anybody out there knows where coming in yeah. We have space now all Jesper dogs but eventually if Miami. Hopes and dreams and vision come to fruit fruition we will have the space to rescue mark counts as well. It was where were you before McComb. That we were in and that Rancho San Diego area Selanne incorporated El Cajon we had quite am a large. Parcel four and having. Daunting tasks that we recently were able to per chance. Ten acres. And I house that right now is not livable but we're getting there but the main thing was still yet it. Ready for the dogs before we lift we ourselves are living in a fiscally ill but the dogs have almost. Well I don't know how many square feet that we put up almost 600 feet of chain link for the dogs so they have a lot of states. So there's there's room for them to have to roam around yes and out and kennel. They're not any can only know and what I hope to use there is a a large kind of square flat. Piece of land in the property and that's what I have my sights on to actually build. A shelter or rescue sanctuary and apple have dog bronze dog kennels indoor outdoor channel's a patter he. Rehabilitation. Arena like dogs in need TU. Let's say we rescued a dog that had a leg problem or hip problem they needed basically physical therapy. You know stuff like that and I want how. Exercise Poole who you know all there's a lot of things that I wanted to hear and I lots of plans for future yes and I hope that I can get and man who. What's your background do you have any experience working and animals deny officially know. But my grandfather was a veterinarian. I did not grow up with him. On the he had passed away long before I was even at five. But I think that somewhere. Along the lines it just. Is in me on you know who is Charlie Sheen said he's got tigers met him yeah I think I have canine political. And ethnic and and it Fiat and and I actually. And really wanted to be a veterinarian. And I wanted to dodi's CD events and mine a math scorers said no this is the things that this. The alternative that Wright's soul and I am you know I seen that. You are able to learn. A lot of things if you hop of a deep interest. In Nam and I think what I know now I live to write everything I committed to get into that school and a but for now I'll just settle at that inner rescuer and you know why all of my friends calling asking for advice and I say OK first off I'm not of that second off. You should probably take into the vet by here's my advice. You know it just all kinds of things I you know hole. I'm not a trainer by any stretch of the imagination but I have paid interest in. You know feeding and more holistic. Approaches to you rule. Flea control and parasite control in you know because I really firmly believe that a lot of that contributed to you. That dogs that I had passing away at such an early agent with cancer plan I've read. Books and you know consultant with bats and you know I'm not too far off off base with Alan you know you pick up a lot. Over the years yes just just being around it absolutely absolutely. Europe India fairly broad. Organizations Stanley and volunteer family and volunteers. And I'll look you know a lot of very very heated friends that. Help me out in Europe and non breed specific. Rescue. Right and there are some rescues psych Osce rescue or you know. Cocker rescuers specific. Breed IE I didn't want to eat breed specific. But I ET you'll have. A soft spot for it for the police that pit bulls yet and that payables and you know home. He staff retired terriers and you know anything that kinda goes intent that. That bully breed that a lot of people are you know fearful. Now you mentioned Ed as you said Nielsen stuffed with more coming out team mentioned something about breed specific. Legislation and then right at you. Or against such legislation explain what that is. Well. And you had mentioned that you're beloved dog was a German shepherd right. I don't know if you remember when. Probably in I'm not making than seventeens. German shepherd through one of those dogs that were thought to be patients also had the with a Rottweiler. Doberman its. So there are decades that how they're breed of choice that somebody has spot TV inherently vicious. And for along time it has and that dogs in in that hit pulled three or. And category. Hit bullets not see breed of dog but it is a type of dog that share similar characteristics that are very muscular. They have a very muscular. And strong job a lot of people are under the impression that their child locks and that is not true they are strong if if they do you buy yes they're going to cause damage that there is no dock on the planet. That is inherently. Vicious and aggressive. Any dot can be that way if it's got teeth and claws he can be aggressive. And breed specific legislation pinpoints a certain. Dogs and says they're dangerous and I and you can have any dogs in any breed. That house in issue. And there is not one whole pre heat. That he you know he can say well every single dog in this breed is gonna be a killer. And that's let breed specific legislation is in any one it's an advocate for the police. Tries to get people aware and educated. That you cannot pigeon. Hole one hole. That's something that's is there a law or or something that's on the on the books or something that they're trying to put on the books. There are nine in in San Diego Tony pit doubles and that the police are not illegal. But he'll have for homeowners associations that will not allow certain breeds of dogs and not just the pitfall. On the air our insurance companies that will not keep you homeowner's insurance renters insurance things like that if you have a certain breed of Donnelly. And these are not people who are. Educated. It's just that Campbell is the dog days you're just say a wall you can help that the injury stop and it's it's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous because. May I am telling year that they are whine of the most affectionate. Loyal and sweetest dogs you'll ever want to me are there are some that are not that way of course. There is every single breed of dog will have some dogs that are not nice that. They don't particularly care for the company of other dots I mean there's people I don't like. It's an unrealistic expectation to seeing that every dog is gonna love every other guy. But god forbid if the people that write you know they got a bad rep today TU aid deal and and I am soul. Hopeful fat especially. In San Diego we have so many wonderful. Rescues in organizations. That are trying to you completely banished that not only for the pebbles but for every three. Because you can't. He cannot pick. Ivory and say okay we're gonna make this streak age it's so now and because I have gotten to know that breed and have several myself and have rescued several. You know it's kind of like once you go payable. Year year year audit data got you wrapped around their finger let me tell ya they're wonderful dogs and there's so much history of the bullies I mean. You can go back they were in the military. PDA on that little grass holes I mean uncles on an on and that they were officially the nanny got people in the early nineteen hundreds would leave their children. With that dog because mania you. They had to go do whatever they had to deal come back those kids would be taking care nothing what happened to those children. Now have one thing that you you do it Jacqui blues besides. Out rescuing and adopting out. You have a deal that tell you provide donations of dog food supplies basic net services to clients a local nonprofit. That works with homeless youth don't tell us at. Yes. Disorganization. And is called urban street angels. And I met that director Eric Levitt through my son and daughter in law. And it was just. Some things that I felt I could help with because. I am able T get. Food and supply base through that humane society and the air into T pause PA WS. And I just thought what I wasn't able to use. I can help another organization. So if they open up there. Kind of at their headquarters. For temporary shelter. For their clients and their dogs are able to come with him to. So all I provide. Food supplies what I can. Help Dan help their clients and there about a hand up not a hand out. So they have mom. Resource is to help these kids get off the street if they want to you and I end. How being a companion especially at pat. When your situation is may be less than desirable. Is really. A great King and I and let me tiny I have tang on homeless outreach on downtown Condo ocean beach. To help with you know food and I bring dogs need and urban street angels provides. Toiletries and on and feed for that for it he immense men and I provide fee for the dogs and let me tell you these people. Will definitely go without to make sure that there are dogs are taking care. I do not I deny it deny exam tit to be able to how that companion because sometimes has sent only asking me how that's only. Seeing that keeping them going yet and if I can help just a tiny bit. So that that you know that dog house has proper vetting team they need their shots do they have food giving house. You know playing kits and little sweaters since and it's the least I can deal. It's great I think that's great thing that you do and that partnership that you have with them. Let's talk about Europe. The dogs that you rescue and and I wanna talk about a few of the dogs that you have that are up for adoption before we ran out of time let's ultimate and final. I am happy and a loving forever home where you get the dogs that you. Risky OP may they do you come from. Shelters. Come they come from owner surrenders. And some of the dogs that I I have with me now iPod for quite awhile. And eighteen from shelters more in north San Bernardino. He now needs a Los Angeles area. Most of what I do now is confined to San Diego count me. So I also have some that were situations. That people. Could not keep their dogs anymore and me. Called the shelter is called the humane societies and some in some cases were referred Al Terry rescues to see if they would be able to help them with their animals so that's how I've gotten. Some as well. And as it is it to easier tuna adopt out a puppy as opposed to an adult on yes idiots that have happened. Every you know obviously everybody loves a happy man a puppy is. You know they're they're more easily he. They're not set in their Wayne is me path. They may not have any behavior issues yeah they may not have any health issue she had. And even the everybody loves a puppy. And down it is harder to get. The adults and especially the seniors. The seniors adopted now and there's wonderful organizations here intending on that specifically help seniors. And buy you out at puppies Ollie she get a million applications. Have a. I mean there's there's there's good in the bad big right course is still have the training to do. And and younger adults may not obvious difficulties or train right but I went out recently death and. Of course aspirin well yeah out they are by email there is there's a lot of people who prefer a little bit older not. You know it just depends on. On the person in the situation and the situation presently on the play you know the dog is going to be good with kids are not right. Right and when is the dog and be good with any other animals they have in the home you know things like that gaffe that he ever of that onsite. Picture if your ranch no we did not have that on sites. I ate you haven't sat in ocean beach that's wonderful in helping me wins. The clients of urban street angels. And and I also have a few other vets in the east count me. That you know I can yeah out that I can mark went right so let's let's talk about. Few of the dogs that you have up for adoption and to say and we talked a little bit before we went on the air that I have already fallen lovely ship with two million every Danielle that. Now tell us about chip how old ship. Sure it's coming up on five months old and on he's a German shepherd had. I don't know if he is next with anything else but to look at him he cannot see another breed now he he really looks German shepherds he and is aid doll. 89 he wasn't owners surrender. An elderly woman and I know. Got a puppy because she loves dogs and there was a later at ten from you know lack. An unwed mother. And you held an issue if she had at ten puppies and Shep was one of them and will end. This woman realized that. She was unable to care for such a large dogs. I believe he's gonna probably be a hundred pounds and her niece here isn't good friend of mine reached out to me and the next thing you know. I have ship and I'm. Trying to find him that perfect home the perfect match. And that another dog that you have up for adoption right now as it Zoe is Ellie yes she's picked Carolina dog which if anyone. Is familiar with Carolina dogs are what a fantastic breed I had to do some research on them. And I and we think there are related to you. One of the oldest dog breeds a pariah dogs and she is Smart and beautiful and wonderful. And she laid me. A wonderful pat she's she's just fantastic I can't say enough good things about her she's wonderful and and how old is she she saw Powell. Four and a half. Who pay about turning out she was an owner surrender. Her previous owner was unable to keep her due to having to move in lists. I believe parents her. Boyfriend's parents something like that in she contacted me I think Vienna the humane society. And I Tim Curry and in she's she's a fantastic odds super Smart like Border Collie Smart. In theory Smart and let that affect. How about death about Roscoe what's his story minster Roscoe. He won he's about foreign half as well and he came from. Me I think San Bernardino. CD shelter. He was in litter of three he had a brother and sister and him. And I and then three and Sam were intercepted. Outside of the shelter by the person surrendering them. And they were under 87 weeks old underage meaning and they would have been euthanized then. So fortunately. I had somebody there that I knew I was able to take them they all came to me. At about like I say about seven weeks soul. I had to that the mall they you know spades neutered shots microchips everything. They were all adopting it around Christmas time because that's about the time I thought them. And mr. Ross Roscoe came back to the rescue when he was about ten months old. He is Snead family had decided they just don't have time. So he came back and shortly after he came back he blew his hip out of the socket and required searchers now. So he's had T you hit surgeries. And might possibly need another one putt. Let alone upon all my gosh he's he's about. Sixty pounds and his legs are almost as long as mine he has seen the long lean dog possibly has some Greyhound in the air and I teach you not seeking get up on your lap and curl up into they don't act. On your lap heat that arrogantly and I love for. FF Koch. I loved the mall hooked up but it must be so hard to. Today and adopt the now uh huh because you get attached to them yet a second glance like a piece Andy as being ripped right out however. That makes room for another when it needs help right and you know they're going to be all right right now and with his medical issues you know it would ably. Taken very special dedicated person because. You know he used in the upwards of you know six or 7000 dollars of that being fair and you DOE eight EQ what you need to do. And we have just a few more minutes left hand and there's there's another dog so we ST apart sweetie sweetie because Sweden has influenced she is an IRA called her a blue fine panic because she hasn't. Her coat it's kind of the color that's in Chela so I just color blue finding cheese skies and green eyes and sweetie she's. She was and Sam Bernie Tino again. Pregnant win if she had I believe twelve puppies. And all of her puppies. Didn't make it now they passed away. And she has been with me now. Four years she he. Loves her people when she's not that her people things tend to get. Cute and look at this book as she. She wants in a kennel she house some separation anxiety snow again of theory special dog will. You know lick you to death loves children gets along with most other dogs can be female selective by you know hanging. We all can affect. And she is just she is just a little bundle of joy. I hope we can we can get at least one if not all of these dogs adopted it that we timing as. Don't this Saturday could say yes and some really nice dogs that you have there yes. If somebody wants to adopt one of these dogs how revealed that did that. Omelet daily go to my website. And we have I am an adoption Foreman adoption application on the web site. They feel that out that goes directly to meet and Dan I would contact them if I feel that they would be a good fit for that dog. And then we set up a home check and meet new entry so I need to see where the style would be living then on they need to meet the dog the dog we need to meet any other family members and everybody has to be on board any other animals. To see how everybody gets along. And then me we go from there and that decision and it's a collective decision. By myself and my board I have the behavior as Stackhouse com. Other. Friends in the rescue world. And we all make a decision that we seeing is best for the dog investment human OK and and what is your website. I am well it's kind of long its its three you adopt a pet sell its adopt A pet dot com. And then slash Jackie. Blues rescue angels. And and you are social media yes we Wear on FaceBook and we are also on in stick around and the lean looks for everything is on the face that page. And insert ground to the web sites. Okay an end and again we're we're just that at a time I did want to mention you do some events throughout the year. We just had one the other day this past Wednesday you have some coming up in the future as well right what what are some of those events. Well we usually have two events on a year at the hill club in La Mesa. And they deal week care Wednesday's and that's always a really fun time we have an opportunity drawings and then they give a portion of their sales between five and nine. And that is always a good time for all and you can bring your dogs they have a patio outside. And they and week do you eight Padres games so this will be our fifth year having a pottery scheme which will be somewhere between June and August. And all of these events I put on the web site. And Dan in October will be having our third annual carnival for canines and France. Focus of some some authority and probably some other things in between there. And that's that's a way to raise money yes help you with your your mission. There are other ways that people can help they can of course donated to website right yet and there's ways as far as shopping if you shopping online. There's what Amazon's Amazon some. I know all IE GM is another one and that's kind of like a market place they have all different stories with in this one site. And it's real easy who doesn't chop. Amazon everything's the same same log in same palace where you'd cheer shops from Amazon see my ill. Instead at just Amazon. And you can. You can designate which charity wanna give you and you can change that up every tiny shop. Okay and and aside from a monetary donations you take in kind donations to don't absolutely. We can always use. Beds blankets. Panels I mean you name it cleaning supplies. Week we take anything and then the other organizations. That I'm enchantment. If I can't use it I see what at their organization might be able to use it whether it be urban street angels or any of the other rescues. That I could need it. Need apply lace yes and nothing goes to waste. Michael and thank you so much for being on Saturday it's been a pleasure and thank you for all you do for our furry little friends and I appreciate the opportunity thank you so much. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website join me next week when my guess will be from the American Heart Association. Until then I'm very late have a great week.