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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veterans San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Washington Lincoln laurels for leaders is a local nonprofit that honors it recognizes the achievements of ASB president from high schools throughout San Diego County. The accomplishments of these young leaders will be in the spotlight and morals the leader's annual luncheon to be held later this month. Joining us this morning as Washington Lincoln morals for leaders president chuck date ESP advisory and dean of students at Serra high school Joseph Schmidt. And ASB president aunt Sarah hi Danielle Schoenfeld. Welcome chuck welcome Joan Danielle who mourn Gary thank you. More Gary thinks ravenous the morning. Great to have all three of you on the show this morning let's let's start with a little background information may be little history on the L Washington Lincoln laurels for leaders. And that's slower today and again chuck and I'm I have the privilege of serving as the president the Washington Lincoln laurels leaders. A six year old nonprofit organization created 1957. To celebrate the leadership the leadership of our youth of our Sanyo community. Particularly focused on some very great people honest and ESP presidency associated student body presidents refined in high school strossen accounting. We're talking earlier we have about a hundred and Tony five high schools and accounting. And we thought located about 95 of those tunes to join us for a celebration coming up on Trevor Chrysler and answer your big luncheon that's coming up we'll talk about that little bit. What is the mission and of laurels for leaders well our mission has always been take a look at the of the future leaders of San Diego and how we can celebrate them and specifically its honor and recognize leadership achievements of is the president's trust any of counting the associated student by president. And what is. Washington Lincoln. Well Washington Lincoln and we are situated are watching each year situated between the birthdays of two of our greatest presidents George Washington Abraham Lincoln. And hence the name Washington Lincoln laurels for leaders. The celebration of leadership through these young people that they spent so much of their time and energy doing there's always located again and had that little. Right now it's pesky weaken some school districts right now but it's always been right between the two birthdays of these two great presence every year every year. That project and you mention how many schools well 120 by schools retarded we end up and find is these programs in nearly a hundred an issue we've got 95 ESP presidents reserve to come to the luncheon and celebration data we have 122 it's going to be I think a full day as we do know. Like going on and we again we'll we'll talk about Thatcher that's been a long time since I've been on high school and so at. Let's let's talk a little about obviously. Against the associated student body and what does the associated student do you want Erica. Sharing so they ASP is responsible for making school a little more bearable with his you know not a you and always has the most I'm going to high school on not a heavy and always wants to comes out. It's really our job to make school as enjoyable as it can be. Responsible for a lot of that extracurricular. Activities and a lot of the times activities are taking place during the school day that benefit students know things like pep rallies. Dan says we do some charitable arm bands we do food guys socked jives we recently had a jive in the UV. We really do our best to China involve as many students as possible and make the school day at a little more fire and kept them more involved and why did you. Get involved yes we're being honest I had an older brother who is involved in is Ian he'd really like day he spoke highly of that and I thought. I would follow in his footsteps because he's a pretty successful at eighth and it was a good decision so Europe your senior. Serra high right. Yes and what what do you plan on doing and get out of school. Well not as the great question. Who can't get us a credit this I hope I did two schools one of them being Davis and if I go to Davis if you can and containing it fuels hockey game they're playing collegiate field hockey. And in studying environmental science. I think it would be really cool to stay involved and some kind of scene organization. Continue to have a leadership and a voice on campus. Regardless of where I go that's something you can be passionate about. And and when you became president have you been with a speed throughout your hold Simon yes yes all four years I've been an SP and then just president this year. I've been like cross president pressure package and you hear this and Steve has and now okay great little bit of an overseer. I guess I just started early in continues yeah I wish I had in I don't even remember if there was AM it was excellent it's on eating Hewlett. Alice I'm being a part of me ask me how does that change your life or helped you in anyway. You know I think that opinion is B is it's very beneficial because he got a lot of real world experience that you're not getting otherwise in high school. So a lot of what we do where are contacting. Outside vendors to get quotes very DJ's indicator is. And not take that thing which is really an experience that you're not gonna get otherwise in the algebra class in English class and those skills that really. Duke retains her real life and a lot of communication and it's very key to be able to communicate and an ASP. I found myself having to communicate with. The administration and with teachers with students are being able to communicate across all levels and tenant demand respect because sometimes in high school student. People underestimate you and your abilities you have to be able to communicate that you are capable of getting things done. And you've got a community board members and the superintendent. Yes. Episode so you're like that the voice for a student at apple idea yes and that's for the whole the whole school body or again just scenic. Yes and we have other we job other elected representatives and as a freshman sophomore and junior and senior class president. And have you and is supposed to be the voice of their cost that is so my guess is it's because I am supposed represented integrity of the student body. And as ASB president isn't it just one year thing. Well I mean for for Danielle unfortunately will be because she's gonna graduate now that we've had is the president's for more than one years so it's an. Every year their term is up in the get reelected I see you are elected yeah phrase be president. It is an election every student in school has an opportunity to vote for the president they do in their classrooms we have animals into some voter turn out. And they have a week of campaigning Daniel can easily without the buy for her and it ends with. Some sort of monumental speech that is shown on per meat imports all across classrooms and then people vote in the Walla at present we now. So tell us that your campaign now have a that. Campaigning. Campaigning is definitely my least favorite part of being an heads in I think anyone who is elected can attest that I. We do prep pretty stringent limits on campaigning so it's not go overboard I think is like a fifty dollar spending limits and is a limit on how many posted you can make but essentially it is. Yea Teddy canvass the campus level bay. Get your face senior boys out there is a I need some posts there is an and religious China today toxin and connect to students that you wouldn't normally. So during lunch and spent a lot of time and really putting myself out there and just going and talking to people I never spoken to you before and time and who I wasn't asking them for their vote. And then yet there is a speech component involved and we've got a little high tech with the recently we get it recorded. And that it plays as a video for all the students I like that a little bit better than having to speak in front of angry and wives. Did you have a certain platform or or anything that you were promising them. You know I have to say I was very generic and his ascent and I was gonna chatter at present all the students out what are the things they did touch on is unity. Score unity is very important to me and I want everybody to feel like they're connected and a part of its and it's campus. They regardless of where you come round or what you anxious are at the UN is a kinky surveillance system on my campus and and we should feel that way. Well whatever you do it worked good. And would you recommend being president would you recommend being a part of yes me. I would definitely recommend being a part of ASB it's the best way to get involved to get your voice heard if your copy of the schools you're unhappy at the school. It really is the best way to get involved. And high school is just infinitely better if you're involved and you have. You feel connected to this school lets you have a reason to be dynamic queue making a difference in creating an impact. And do you think it's really gonna it's gonna help you your experience as an ASB president or is the member of the is gonna help you. In your future career how. I absolutely Avant into a lot of situations like for instance I'm here on a radio show that wouldn't happen. Yes I eat I've gotten dissidents and pretty high level board of education meetings. I've had the opportunity to have my voice heard on. A lot of levels that most people normally talent and like I said before it is a lot of experiences. Negotiating. Compromising. Coordinating logistics that you just it's experience and wouldn't otherwise get they know that it's really going to be beneficial later on in life. And enjoy as as advisor who what is your role you don't like my role really is idea to have the best jumping campus her. I get to be the guy in charge of fun I get the work of the cream of the crop of of of high school like its watch amazing young people. Participate in the program that kid literally have a legitimate change on people's lives all across campus. I always say about what these kids do any speed we can have an idea one day and don't watch over a thousand people participate. In that idea the next day and end and something that we talked about lines and Ella is is one of my very best these these presidents and every ounce of my fourth year working with Daniela. And she really doesn't in body this whole idea of beating from a place of love and compassion immunity. We have an extraordinarily diverse campus. And it's a belt making sure that everybody feels like they have a places that they belong that they have a voice that's heard Antonio that's a really good job at doing them. How long you've been how longer with us or high. Well I went to Serra high school Osama I'm a graduate and I and I and I and I never left of the technology coordinator and collagen and I became a teacher and I've been is the advisor. If I think for about twelve years of Sarah and so nominates the advisory Indian students argued beef in charge of fun. And also kind of in charge this one so. It's a little little little of both little of both worlds. End. At laurels for leaders and what are some of the things that you and again we'll talk more about the luncheon here just few minutes of what some of the things that you recognize. And award these days as the president's four bunkers or learn from Danny Allan just listening to her and talk about what she does is be presidents have one thing in common regardless of school they have to reach out and lead all of the students at their individual high schools. And so. There are a lot of great student leaders of the high schools with the is the president is the individual who stepped up that kind of seven mineral doing all. And doctor frank close the president of the the school board in San Diego back in 1957 felt it was time to find a way to recognize and honor these kinds of great young leaders. And that started with our luncheon which was really all about it just getting up and make sure that they felt like they understood that the leaders of our community were recognizing their great work. And it's considered ever sense and now six years and this deal we recognize over 5000 students through our programs since 1957. All of it would be school one commonality that these young leaders have all had to deal with a variety of issues and problems and challenges and opportunities. Risen to the occasional and every case and a we are Richardson now as we begin one of the future bus for laurels leaders is to a better job of tracking any alumni and our our organization find out where did these leaders and up and where are they doing now only be doing in the future. That was actually my next question. We have we have many times and there are so many of them and they've they've they spread far and wide in Yemen come back and the San Diego you know one of them is Jim develop who was a guy called compliment many years and now is not on his own and high tech environment now we've had people from throughout the county Todd Gloria. Circuits are City Council person interim president president of the council for years now of course are similar number. So we know that these young people don't stop they only keep going and it's kind of fun to watch this go forward and that is our former biggest project is to find undetermined. These folks today yet it would be kind of neat to see what they're doing them in their lives now and and you would think it's it's as a result of don't look at you it's me you've got and I think there's a research project airs at that predator it's discovered credible site but you know as we see these folks throughout their careers now and have to tell him now. 1975 ahead of privilege of being in the room has an history president and that kind of kind of moved forward to do what I do and I wonder what those other people of them because it's certainly set the stage remain ahead guys. Like Joseph Schmidt and women out there doing exactly what he does leading us in helping us understand what we do. So ESP advisors the school superintendents and the parents are are all part of the honoring ceremony for a cent. Washington the loss leaders as the educators and sandy accounting and don't follow jobless with these young people so your former ASPs present yourself a long time ago. A long time ago that talked about past it and Hilltop vice coherence and throw us out and great. And and how long you've been with oh lead laurels for lead well it's been about fifteen years of and are off the board and they needed someone to take over the volunteer leadership position and as privileged view that it's a 501 C three nonprofit organization we depend on our community to go out and do what we do. The cost of the San Diego is really the founding organization working with doctor Lowe back in the 1957 timeframe and we've gone hand in hand developed their own. Endowment from which we disseminated to how do we do for the students on that day. And and there we go out raise money in the community and there we asked folks that they would they have time on forever twice second coming into a B and his response in other words sponsor great kid liked and Ella. And be part of awarding ceremony honoring ceremony when we award certificate and a personal award of 250 dollars to each of the history presence in attendance. We just wanted to commit to get them to stand up in front of a group of about 403 leaders. Big knowledge for the work and commitment and compassion and passion that they shared rather fellow students and then encourage him to continue to do what they do so at a luncheon is enough. February 22. And where is being held San Diego City University Conrad crevice as that students in Iran on campus beautiful facility we've got parking their available to all of our participants for free. We're actually by Danielle and her her colleagues and Joseph and his colleagues to come in from morning session we're gonna do leadership training just for the students and ESP advisors. The Blanchard institute will be providing some. Malaysia during their animal also invite US bank and one of our sponsorship community kind of kind of a financial overview for students as they go forward into the next part. We try to bring a little extra value today for the students. And then we bring them from that river run into the luncheon and this year we have chief deputy district attorney summer Stefan will be speaking as the keynote speaker kind of inspiring and remind students about now how she got where she is today and nor should it where she's may be going in the future perhaps invite students to follow her leadership steps in the future as well heavy select. ASP presidents to be honored to they apply for this on on this as we know that Joseph and his colleagues supporting these people through the ringer how much we do now suing on is the president has already been vetted and almost without exception these are some of the brightest and smartest and most committed students at San Diego County. That is their qualification all you need to do is find a way to be elected is the president and a then we're gonna try to reach out and find out if you have February 22 or that Wednesday between Lincoln and in Washington coming and. Celebrate with us has become so that birthday and that birthday celebration and in this case our celebration or sweeteners so they're not there is there's no selection process so to speak then they've been selected by others by the fellow students that's enough for a us. Agassi and makes it easy for us. The saudis pick between people like Dan Allen some other student and it at a high school movement outstanding leaders they have gotten onto a selection process and that that title is the president is what when it's all well we mentioned earlier that that there's over a hundred. Schools yes in in this in the county yeah about a 125 high schools but not all of them have ESP program I see that we've we've found through Stacy branch and you accounting officer educations and sandy unified school district a great way of kind of putting together our list of on find these folks and so we spend our years McEachern is he presents as soon as we get into school in the fall mode at this since coming in. We recruit them we have 95 RCPs as we sit here today and we'll get everybody there. But we're we go as far as pareto so we get kids coming in from all over the county to participate in the Stan. And you mentioned becoming a sponsor him out for area experienced that before AST. President. How does somebody go about doing that and and what does that entail well. -- leaders dot orgy that's our website and there you can find it opportunity come and it is the sponsor and that basically is a seven dollar ticketed by your lunch in the launch of and ESP president and we ask you to sit within history president and at the latter part of our ceremony after a keynote speaker we're gonna take a moment to this and produce each individual at the luncheon. Present them with their award them their worth certificate and that's what the sponsor gets to spend an hour hour and a half with. A table of great young people. In a room of 400 community leaders to it to take a moment to thank the students for their service so it's it's B sponsor that's what you looking in on our website we love to have you there. Okay and and do you find and we talked about. Alarmed me doesn't have gone through this this process before on the and the launch indeed do you find many past. Loss leaders come to the launch and we see some it's kind of it's kind of the next step we if we lose them. When they go to college and Edward that next transition out of colleges when we lost most contact and so what we've began to do you know we found Brad Wilson for example he was is the president veto this high school. We found him through connection through his insurance company that he formed and he created and ran so we brought him into the full. And these people have to reach out and find it's kind of a bit of a challenge that way because everybody goes far and wide. But those that I had a chance going for school had a chance come back copd to Daniel on many of us who come back we just fine now and that's that's your next project project and I yesterday that the work on that. So services again February 22. What time is is luncheon will watch it begins at 1130 mean we're gathering begins 1130 we will start promptly at noon hour lunch lunch period and we'll have the how have our lunch of course and and introduce a right to folks in celebrate. Against more accomplishments through the San Diego food bank the ticket Cushman food bank would get a food drive and on several our high schools. And we'll celebrate the winner of that competition in which. Thousands of pounds of food was donated to the food bank. And then we'll also ask Somerset and come up and talk and then we'll go back in honor of the students will be done by 130 that's my job skill or talent time okay. And and you mentioned at the at the food drive yeah. Now that part of laurels for leaders as the president's are encouraged to involve their schools in a service project each year. This year was the food drive for the saints food and what are some arguments from the other panel's thoughts project we've had that to be the most successful key. Program for us in that it has an effect on every aspect of San Diego County. And so we've bass RR ESP presents when they candidate always is there's lots going on as you know. To participate in the program that's been the one rallying cry me patter on the sending food bank and gathering food donations and it's been an impact the program force of the year we also at nab an award from a source entertainment. And it through US bank to provide a gift to the winning if you will winning means how many pounds of food did you donate to the high schools we consult with the Muslim enjoy you've you've. Participate in that in the past haven't we are down we actually I think got a few years ago we actually came in second place. In the food drive through geragos. And that that this year you couldn't write you out of this you know communication error we were out helping out our in JR TC widgets and a phenomenal program at Serra high school. And we got and the scheduling window kind of mixed up so we were. Disqualified from this. For participating in this that we were able to you did a lot of food donated. For the media around San Diego. That's great though is always nice it's always great to help outs are about to disqualification but I think it actually having an actual week of food drive right. And now I'm not exactly a hot and had a miscommunication. Or be jive ran an extra weeklong it's and made is ineligible for the competition but on the bright side of next weekend. Getting intonations and and at this convention not too bad. So there is it was a win that exact thing definite win for it and for the food bank. Not out now for people to attend some of the luncheon you encourage the public. You're certainly welcome we just needed to go to oral laurels leaders dot orgy website you can register there and join us at this and UC university we've got you covered for parking. It can be a little adventure seeing an ever we have that's also go to our our website to find out more about that but we'll pitch count from park and you can join at that kind of premise as sixty center. The luncheon will get you in and out that they have the leadership training is just for the students and SP advisors. So was that separate so we like to see 1130 I'm favored twice a content. As the issue. And community leaders you have a community leaders and business leaders attending as well I do it again the cost a represents a huge collection of that and and educators I know of right now we have Cindy Martin from Cindy inference school district and Glover from Grossman school district we have that the gentleman who runs this school superintendent Vista so we have a lot of our leading educators and sandy are coming joining us we'll have some military guests that will. We'll that was set there is some folks from law enforcement trying to make this kind of a mixed group of community leaders. So they can both enjoy and embrace of the young students there with a sense that those kind of liked a networking thing for the state yesterday yes and and that has as well happen it's fun to watch the students in Iraq. Throughout the daytime as well as they have some connection but I think it this is an environment where altogether and viral veteran is the president's office. So what are you looking forward to as far as the the luncheon Daniel. I think yeah I'm making connections as a huge part of it because being an ASB president you're the only person on campus is going through that particular experience and at times it can be very stressful on a taxing. And so it it'll be really great to get to meet some money people who are going do. Some experience and to be able to get ideas things that they do on their campus that worked well for them. And likewise for me to be able to share ideas and things that we do it says campus and until it. Able to maybe take that back to their schools. I'm also very excited about the morning training and waiting some new tips and checks for you leadership always been needling. Am now healthiest. In the future for your career. And out where you go after school and what are what about you Joseph how how has this been for you when you go to these luncheons to see. The students recognize it and in this way you know I can't help. Feel a sense of pride just been involved in a program with such remarkable people in the field the seat the professionals in the community members. Coming out to support student leadership. It's always it's hot it's heartwarming you know and and something that I think we've we missed out on we're talking about Daniel's leadership and is decent in all these kids do that no other students really can understand. Is he ran a class you know I mean they kind of they kind of in essence what kind of the teacher of the class lesson that the device that didn't Ella kind of feels the sting of when kids are paying attention and how other. Still with a non ruling a disengagement on shore how to approach a student who maybe isn't really on task and and seen all these kids come together at the luncheon and kind of having a shared experience is pretty I don't come magical wash I think. That's kind of you know again not only networking but a nice little bonding session for the students I think to. Then the days before a little. Attending the lunch there is an end and year than I've been I've been for many many years now that you don't awkward feeling just a little bit better about our community and about the future for our country. Now you are you mentioned earlier you are nonprofit organization yes so how can people help you with your mission well thank you for that please join us for the luncheon and underwrite one of our students sponsors make a donation if you would as well we've got support from Costco San Diego US bank Patrick my our communication San Diego County office of education specialists entertainment local all sponsors for the day. All making contributions to help us offset these costs and will be key for us to continue to do that so we can do. More of this programming in the future do our best to continue to reach as before as a way to make a donation on your under better side aside from that if the defeating get get into the luncheon a wonderful question absolutely just go to that website had to donate but we would love it. And and what's the what's the cost for the launch and 35 dollars but if you wanna sponsorship we ask in fifty Euro luncheon one more so that would be seven dollars if you wanna come sponsors to enforce and were looking for the sponsors that would love has become join us. Kagan as February 22. Over 22 and Danielle any advice for anybody listening this morning that might be thinking of joining ASB a becoming ASB president. Oh absolutely go for it you will not regret it. Like I said it's really a phenomenal experience to be able to be so involved in your school. To. It looks of I'm an activity that really connects with students and engages them and to be able to see that you're truly making a difference on your campus and making somebody's days sometimes weeks and yeah. They making it bad. In any way shape or form it's it's really an amazing experience and you get so much out of it you get a lot more out of it and you put in the end of the day. You know I don't I don't know we have enough time for this with Danielle has single handedly. Certain events or high school then you're just an entire school we've done this be our third year we do this here. But it's our look that it's been a hundred Centennial unless you're never entire school participating. And it was really probably one of the most fun things we do lawyer and all wasn't it looked arguments on. So lipped out there is Canada's commitment phenomenons. That one day is super excited and came into the cost you sent me this video the school. That was like essentially the entire school was lip syncing to back to a song. And they have they all their cubs and cost is represented in the video at some point. And he would detainees and we can do is can't we can convey guy I guess. And then I just kind of stood away from a only turned Daniel on the can happen. I think the first but W producer were Nieminen. I wasn't and I had a camera multi couldn't. I think I had a mega fun in my hand and I might have been yelling at people but did you get the whole school involved in this crazy you didn't that the psyche every day doing. Yeah so 17100 kids lining the halls Serra high school screaming and yelling to a song. And the great thing about it is every single student participated no matter wise it was. It's great now yeah that's cool well again. A lot of Banco off preview. Chuck joke Danielle thank you for being on Saturday thanks for all you do at Washington Lincoln. Laurels for leaders and much success to you Daniel thank you thanks for having us here think very much that concludes another. Of the staff management of the and it comes in Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Done next week when my guess will be from Jackie blues rescue angels until that I'm Gary late have a great week.