Lick The Plate - Dining Out SD - Seg. #4

Thursday, January 12th


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Welcome back to what to play and host David went on the sweet guy and hanging with Josh Coke moment he's a publisher. Dining out as do you look back Josh great to be here David Barrett then what are we got on this Thursday February dining noticed defense. After the day all right we'll send you restaurant week is coming up very quickly January 15 through the 22 all the details are at San Diego restaurant week dot com there's so many amazing restaurants participating for both lunch and for dinner it's great way to try out spots -- -- haven't been able to get into before next carrying the sewer and take notes that when and where you need around McAllister with ten bucks in your pocket I love the west though Questar they're doing a great job everything's fresh everything's there and tortilla and get away with it for ten bucks and they do have a great to have done via go to bed I love. Love love. Carl Schroeder the market environment and fishermen going vegan drilling down on market tomorrow secrets on her read on Cisco -- the played as yourself to your craven under regular basis sushi and I would say Psycho sushi isn't my favorites there we have sake flights and lots of fun we're in San Diego is or Mexican join you for quite some trash talk goes to second action at take it. Read on our so we closest one note with your last supper he had a starter domain. You're gonna do. Never did see. I realize from I have so butternut squash from any particular play serie let's say that Westgate hotel and radio show for Reese his soups are incredible Ireland remains beautiful salmon. Contaminated water plants and your dessert and dessert from them and let's go back to presto cruiser it's amazing. Read comment our right we're going to be back to merit just hope nobody that he's the publisher of dining out SD. And with a plate.