Lick The Plate - Dining Out SD - Seg. #3

Wednesday, January 11th


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Welcome back to look to play most David -- and this we can hang in with Josh compliments of publisher of dining note SD welcome back Josh thanks to you for having married we're tucked in music and this is a good one can say you're behind the analyst Jeff -- I created battled the shaft bends away for ships to rock out and have fun ships and our community so much charity work and get thirty dollars a week so I thought listings on that they can enjoy and have fun with Howard raising money for your console and they have like three sons they each band gets three sounds. About fifteen minutes to rock guy who surely had in November 2 at the music box we had eight and space pretty incredibly better than belly up in the testing yes in out of the daily news Austin we're going to be setting a date for 2017 we haven't said that they saw you put so let's talk about your music experience in my couch and jam. Yes and you know it was one of those things Aerosmith was on their law because of the down time pain and we have the Joseph Perry project in our jail. And so. Have you actually there was an open area and large today live locally there's there will deliver mass to look at the subject -- -- was an attack on the store hours and that was my -- desert -- straight -- you can -- to -- we set -- -- betrayed because of the Sunday trip tickets -- left until recently I've got embarrassed OK so you treat cancer -- three -- one stage one -- we welcome you Led Zeppelin and the time Jerry Garcia back on stage and Venus and I love mark O'Connor nutrition in America is fiddle player or OK yes and -- the most famous session musicians in Nashville and actually just got a huge amount of -- with the O'Connor -- and said basically that Suzuki method was crap. The economist at those words are nice and like that randomness strode into your big name. Which is let's get because it anyway OK we're back Tamara going to be talking more with just go home and he's publisher Danny noticed he.