Employment After Deployment: Sam Moore

Tuesday, April 12th

Sam Moore is a retired Navy Veteran and is looking to work for you! 


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John Jamie's employment after deployment being brought you might point moment as a marine the university of San Diego's number one for new country KS ON. Please help me and him in welcoming Sam Moore US in the game they. This we just can't tell us about you. Well from 45. Mary got four kids. Notices in the air force actually. Congratulations it was a very proud I am very proud don't get enough of those and that's what I've been at San Diego Cincinnati five. When I came back in the navy after being an opportunity here's and I spent connectors of Washington for retired in 2011. The interface though with CDs over there did one tour and Afghanistan gives us a near ground over there. I'm working with civil affairs team didn't I humanitarian assistance. Security work. So look that's Dan can you explain humanitarian award we basically what what it will be dealt with is when the big push was reconstruction. Pro there we helped them rebuild schools. Government buildings hospitals. We also gave out food clothing. We also give out equipment and of prayer rugs and crimes to the local mosque and stuff we can share some juice the last thing people don't realize or hear about what we're thinking about the conflict in Afghanistan. Iraq is at. Not only are we trying to you know maintain peace and our safety but you know you're helping out people who are they are dealing with what's going on as well that's really cool yeah thank you for that. Very Egypt Egypt or breaking went to college and by the way I am starting score in the summer taking. Classes to get my degree in our business administration OK I want you back into the job I was doing before Warner retired places are in administrative. Duties or does department I was invited managed all of those. The administrator for about a 130 plus people any particular. Type of company that you have in mind no particular type of common and as I know since I've been out of it for awhile and I'll probably have to start at this. Do you know kind of a lower level ground level and work our way back Oprah just fine. It won't take me much to get back into that insurance because I still remember a lot of prestige ranging your kids you mentioned that you have us on the air force yeah. My youngest is so we'll be fifteen 1000000 December. My youngest daughter. Just turned. Sixteen yesterday which I just turned 45 on Sunday. I ended. My oldest daughter she's out of high school she's going to college back in Texas she is a Twain and involves forced when he took my district or two on the fifth. So you know exactly what time you go yeah. We're out here except that 1 December maybe what happened there. And is there anything else you want people know about you before we wrap this up I enjoy helping people. I've done it for. You know twenty years plus but I just. I get a lot of satisfaction this much in other people. Persistent and people I'm always going to help. Come always been very optimistic about things and don't get upset as I used to so I don't let things bother me patience is important especially sometimes when you're dealing with you know office politics out. Any administrative field in the office I mean you can even going to human resources there's a lot of options for you here and human resources. Legacy fertile serves. Customer service sound a little bit all of that are perfect perfect for you only kiss when dot com final but Sam Moore and many other men and women. Who just want to work for you and help your company glitz and great meaning you have ready your entire family. I am best years on the air force it and thank you Sam.