Employment After Deployment: Lee Griffey

Monday, April 4th

Lee is a retired Marine after 25 years of Service and ready to work for you! 


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League Griffey is joining us now marine for John Jimmy's employment. After deployments been brought to buy when a woman as a green university good morning Lee who moratorium. And totally trashing Hillary you are grateful always good. Ari for song give us your background in in military does your thumb the first saluted Lisa thank you for you guys do your misses are just obsolete. An amazing opportunity and I think I can speak for all voters are so it. Thank you for this program. Permits to also scored so well that means a lot and you know Tim I'd never served our country and only got San Diego we realized just how important how patriotic. This city is where we can do something we got to get on board. Unless this whole thing started I'm really happy to see how how much is catching on about absolutely him. But it again thank you for just relatively recently retired from the Marine Corps after an amazing point fighters whom I initially came in the record interest enough. Who do for years. Giving out to him. Oddly enough going back to school and in the Kelli arena announcer but to stay without a I see it was this organizations and to us. Absolutely breaks into laughter. He does a radio in the passing out you can own home by bill Williamson know I'd I had an opportunity I was in the I wanna might become a tour I was in Kabul Afghanistan froth. We have a new issue is. Suicide. And I'm more of the enforcer parent soup. He's had a son committed suicide. And being asked if I'm going radio talk about suicide awareness and and I did that he knows therapeutic for me if you'll bear market started running you know and it and what we go through as a family. The service members who don't fortunately we have a lot to do that and to deal stood to talk those are servers about what you go through. As apparent distance it was supposed to give therapeutic for me to do well thank you for sharing that Leslie what did you specialize. In in the Marine Corps. I initially to Iran soared to an infantry Cora Jane some invaluable leadership skills. In Duma I decide to move on something different they're moved over into logistics and were stripped of the amazing 41 years. We just the point where my remarks are taught him. It was five years we wanna continue once the thirty. Horror or maybe one of her hand that the private sector we were going back and forth are really what to do in. Partial intimacy wonder who's six and who was fired for starting pitcher or to me and that is. Put his hands in my face and what it means to tab. Please don't leave any more at all. Premiere that was the catalyst that would really. Resonated with me there and elsewhere all right so now transitioning into the private sector Marino is tough and this is why we we have this segment. What area are you looking to grab. I think the logical source and obviously you do is to see imminent logistics community will come but I'd like to do a more senior level. Yeah having said there's been years I didn't worry core. I am having exposure that I had. As a strategic lower I'd like to think that over to the private sector as well Li is information will be KS ON dot com is going to click on join Tammy and that employment after the money you'll see Lee and and many other qualified men and women. But just wonder the same thing and put themselves or to make some money so he can help out again canceling dot com John Jimmie in an employment after the clinically it's great meaning here. Thank you so much doesn't greeted him as well.