Surprising a Local Teacher

Thursday, December 8th


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So we got a wonderful email all from what he is a listener named Britney news. Child goes to a preschool. Urged her child's teacher's name is Jessica and Jessica has had a really really really tough here. Plus both of the parents and is a huge country fan and is so important in the lives of these young kids. We have a letter she has everything you guys can do to make her holiday a little better so we thought we drank the morning Jessica. This is John Jimmy can't guess when I imagine your thinking so why are these people calling him. I don't know what it. It's great SPQ he'll listen. We always talk about we've into a program here on our show called teachers are heroes how important are good in port on a good impact a teacher can be and a life. On the student I sort of my favorite teachers to this day and I'm old continued older and remembers her teachers. I don't know my favorite teacher ever with my kindergarten teacher mrs. Kravitz. And I know that sad that she's okay yeah I have to go to schools who would you would you go on health. It's funny because I've actually at work. Agriculture. And we'll we'll hit this three cent. The ways we agree we bring this up is because one of your students moms Britney reached out to us and told us is all kinds of wonderful things about you just starting with the fact. Of how important you hard to her child into your students in general. Also indicate in the you've had well a rough. Here a year and a half as far as Ross and your family and then right. That you know he was doing the job that you do it is something new doesn't really can't come out obviously. To your classroom. Right Kurt. Well we thought that on on Britney suggestion that we would do something to maybe break your holidays a little bit of we should be Anderson going to canceling the country's first Christmas this Saturday. I wasn't going to buy tickets actually. My friends since the party about the same game and I. We should be heartbroken for the collection. All I would love to sell I mean but actually can do both. Well I aren't happening and probably do this probably giving the tickets okay. Did he take tickets if you go to your friend's party for a while you have a meatball his. Hello to everybody was serving America Christmas in these guys here he's amid it was a master of this Zia she's pregnant leaves parties and nobody even knows she was glad. The device takes forever and he's just sneak away yes I mean. Yeah exactly yeah good points as an antibiotic get you thank you guys are content editor who may May Day rally. I never thought I get a call we thank those who gossiping can come. They must be really rewarding though doing what you Georgia with two to three year old kids and an ad that. They're a bath and let the kiwi barely made that made Larry dale and I make me happy go in the game at. They think they cut a clown like if everything they really deal. Are happy holidays Jessica Thanksgiving is a great impact schoolteacher I can't wait to see you. I guess it was country's best Christmas this Saturday boom it.