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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Carrie Lee. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Susan G. Komen San Diego or komen San Diego is fighting every minute of every day to achieve their vision of a world without breast cancer. Susan G. Komen is the only organization in San Diego County that exclusively addresses the fight against breast cancer. On all levels joining us this morning is Susan G. Komen San Diego director of marketing and communications any all wine. And 2016. Susan G. Komen San Diego race for the cure honorary survivor and a martini welcome Manny welcome Hannah. Thank you haven't again let's start a little background information on Susan G. Komen. Susan G. Komen is a national organization. Wind added the. Ranch here sandy eagle. Sure are so yes Susan G Coleman. Armed that Biden can bring care. Her sister Suzy was a real person who died known. When she was just in her early thirties. And I and I mean she made her sister promised her pensions pop scene. Diet she she would do everything she could to finding your wouldn't wouldn't have to suffer the way she'd. And from that organization was born. And then in 1995. The local affiliate here arming columns in Diego. Much established. And I and by the way that we are shut up is that. 75% of all the fun that we raise here locally. Studies here and that provides everything from free mammograms. To. Diagnostic services. Meal deliveries transportation. And anything about a woman needs to help her get through a breast cancer treatment. And then did 25%. Armenians and a fun recently raised. Goes to research and a goes into our national. Fines or funding international research. And so here locally we have funded over eighteen million dollars since the inception of the organization. To provide local services and research. And I want to talk about some of the services and we'll do that just fuel and went to that the national organization opened in the early 1980s. In 1995 years and he anchor back flip so what is the mission that Susan G. Komen commissioner Susan G. Komen is too and breast cancer. And to fulfill the promise that Nancy Brinker promised her purse there. Now komen San Diego as the largest funder free breast cancer services and support. I'm here in San Diego cracked well what does that mean to an organization like yours to be topping your game. Com well it it means that we are really able to hold a lot of women. And I got over the debris that counties in Eagle County seeking for breast health services. Still can you imagine being diagnosed with breast cancer. And not. Armed knowing where to turn. Maybe not having insurance or maybe just having catastrophic insurance which would mean your under injured. And now you have doctors' bills piling up. You don't know what what to do work art. You know how are you going to pay for all of that and put food on the table for use for you and your entire family and not for content. If you need help guiding transportation to and from treatment. I mean do you think the black screen meaning only treatment. Facility that you're going to the doctor's visits are you know half hour away and now on the bus and since it's two hours and after Coleman's office. So we wanna help me to processed. As smooth as possible and and women need support. They can call 21 line and speed service colon breast health specialists. Will be directed and appropriately. Now most people think that breast cancer. Only affects women but that's not the case right. Right on breast cancer does the fact 1% of men do get breast cancer and if there's a man in your scrambling. For us to be a father or grandfather. And that's also a sign that you might be on the plaque at 118 genetic carrier and should talk to your physician and no. About your family history immediately. And not doctors neither review that now are there any symptoms. Then that you can watch for as far as breast cancer goes I mean of course there is you know if you have a lump on here on your breasts that's something to be concerned about anything else. Well wouldn't like to say it's four steps to how popular and the first one gains. Is to know your normal so every everyone's press are different. And their three different sizes and the best thing to know his team. Is to know what is. Normal for you and if there's any changes all that have happened. That have not been there you should contact your doctor immediately and the second thing too before he felt life is living a healthy life. And I and dot YouTube with a lot of diseases by right you know working around and eating healthy eating right gives your past to survive. On the third thing is to know your family history. And that's really really important. Because a lot of people don't realize they haven't spoken to their grandparents their parents sometimes it's to do. In different cultures to talk about health. Concerns or are things they've high and we wanna make sure that that's not the case and how those uncomfortable conversations talk to your parents. Find out what may be different people passed away from or what their family history is because that will really arm you with what you can do. On to protect your are now. And of course a lot. On staff is to get screened if you're forty years and older you should be getting a mammogram. Every single year and if you had a family history you should talk to your doctor about the appropriate screening schedule. For you because it might be starting early years and forty and that's what you should how those conversations. And also should learn about what the different screening options are. I'm really is recommending mammograms have a conversation with your doctor if you have dense breast. There could be different options available such as MRI. A war on and BI and how those conversations between doctorate and really educate yourself about white on his right Rio. OK so you mention mammograms. And so so that's not the only way to diagnose. I'm and he it is our best tools that we have at this moment. And what common is doing is investing a lot of resurgence of finding better. Screening tools and outward V infections like cash. Such. There's a common scholar. Doctor Rhodes who discovered. And BI. Which is molecular breast imaging. And she is working and had to come up with him any tool. That is similar to a mammogram but it attack at a 400%. Higher rates of the tumor then and then mammograms. And she is working to bring that to the standard of care. I have won the services is free diagnostic. Mammograms and have won the other day at Qualcomm Stadium and in. Along with chargers right yeah we had a great turnout. Of the chargers now for the fourth year in a row has partnered with. You provide free mammograms. For the community. With a lot. Health clinics that we often work well. And if it's fantastic thing because working with the charges that really able to help us reach so many more women in the community. Until we also have free mammogram events happening. Through owl it's the month of October and really throughout the year so if you. We need a mammogram if it's been over a full year since you've had a mammogram if your uninsured underinsured. Or if you're under forty in a have a concern. I play good karma from Diego dot org I think. I'm back slash events and look for a free mammogram. In your area. If you don't seem runner you cannot attack and one of those about it. Please dial 211. And you will be pleased that the breast health specialist. You'll be able to direct you. Into the appropriate breast screening place near you and you can make an appointment cities. Yes so each of our free mobile mammogram about and and we encourage you to call. And make an appointment and on our website there's different phone numbers for each of patents. We do welcome walking instead we do encourage. Pre appointment as. Let's talk about some a year some of your other services temporary financial aid. For living expenses and he mentioned a little earlier about how you help out and it tells who have been more about packaging service. He got so when a woman and diagnose. With breast cancer can be an extreme financial bird and and we wanna be able to ease zapper and so if a woman or man means supports wind. Maybe their utility bills. Or needy. And they need support with friends. We provide temporary financial aid to help individuals get through treatment. And the big thing with this coma San Diego Tuesday you're with a woman or man from. They won and on yeah we like to say that we're the only organization. Can provide for free services that a woman means every step for the breast cancer journey. Food that is screening before army you bet you know untreated in education. Outreach. To educate the community. And then it goes all the way through. Two while you are getting treatment. Okay and some of the other services transportation I think you mentioned a little bit about that earlier too. And what what kind of transportation as it did to their doctors appointments have you read we help provide funding for transportation to and from doctors appointments. On to treatment sometimes women have to get treated every single day of the week. And it can be very Harding cumbersome if you are maybe trying to work or are also support him during that and we wanna be able to ease. And another thing is tougher for anybody that. And I has cancer or any life threatening illnesses. Nils you know preparing their meals and you have a meal delivery service right got. Susan G. Komen we're grant making organization. Which means that would be a fashion the every four years we assessing Diego to find out. What it means our lumber guarding breast cancer and on our service serious reflect back. And one of those means is Neal. And so our green team mama's kitchen provides home cooked meals. For a woman and her entire family during treatment. Hewitt started now that a woman who's just providing breast cancer patient and meals. But what we found without that breast cancer patient she was getting nutrition she needed because she was. Giving her food for the rest of her Fam. And so we realized that that was also in need this to be able to serve about whole entire fan. And it's about that is what we do. And a lot of times it is you know financially based it's a financial burden but sometimes it's not and you just may be your single mommy you're just too sick. Plenty to say to just get out of bad. Analysts make yourself food may cure you know kids you'd get them off to school and so this is another way that. Mean I believe really help these are these breast cancer patients becomes writers. And mention mom's kitchen great organization effectively on the show later this month a great idea how we live on number four love love having them on and talking about what they do. Now how does somebody taken advantage of any of these services of humorous and they just pick a phone call you've. I yep they can go to our website comments in Diego dot oracle or. And Susan G. Komen has a breast health specialist. 211. And so all you have to do is dial 211. And you'll be put in touch with our trained breast health specialist. Schools will get you in touch with the correct service that you need. All right so Hannah we talked about some of the services. That colon San Diego offers. You are a breast cancer survivor. I can't come when we first diagnosed. I would diagnose. Just over a year ago in August when he fifteen and I was one of those six slamming in a day that was sag now. And how old were you then I was 29 and I am very young for having breast cancer. But I learned that it does not discriminate toward your age toward your lifestyle toward anything else. And what was what was it like when you first found out that you that you had had breast cancer. It was very scary at that time the word cancer wasn't even on my radar because I was 29 I. Had just finished running a half marathon I was getting ready to run a full marathon site I haven't healthy active lifestyle. I had no family history of cancer whatsoever. And I thought that's the only way that you could get breast cancer as if they're raining your family. So when I felt a lump I didn't think anything of it. Right away. But I did go into my doctor. And she also said oh it's probably nothing but let's just get it checked out just in case so we went from one specialists and other. As an option sounded a biopsy and we did learn that it was breast cancer. That was that the only symptom that you had the the lump. Absolutely for me I didn't feel anything until the lump and then I went and got it checked out. Okay so again we talked about the different services that common San Diego. Provides now you weren't looking after being taken advantage of correctional services right. Yes I am lucky enough that I have Od health insurance at the time silence my primary care physician and but I didn't know where to go for emotional support or raider turned to for what was coming up next and that is when I reached out to common San Diego. And I said I'm new to the cloud I have no way TO what I'm doing. Please help me through events and they were there for me emotionally. As well as financially when I needed it. As I was going through key mount surgery radiation in the entire process. So without them. We wish you and how what audited the end what do you think would have been like you've had nobody like that it was very difficult I needed some guys that had gone through this before you tell me what to expect. And I and I needed some people I am you know it's helped me with some of those financial service says I'm. I was between nine years old at the time that I was diagnosed in going through treatments. And I live here alone in San Diego so in order to fine. This financial support I needed to pay my rent while going through chemo and recovering from surgery. It it was very difficult and I really relied a lot on home in San Diego's. Service's forecast so is mainly that the emotional support and financial support you got from them for me yes I was lucky enough to have health insurance through my work. And and how are you doing today. Today I am happy to say that I am in her mention I've been in remission since about June of this year. So I turned at thirty Angie and I finished radiation. And I will always have ongoing treatment I am stage four. Which means that I can never say it I'm cancer free because we know that it's probably hiding somewhere within my phone. But I am environments and that tells tells little bit about stage four after handling this on another misconception hideaway is what is stage four. When my doctor told me I had stage four cancer I thought that meant I only had weeks to list. Because that's what you see on TV and that's that you see on movies so I was very very nervous but what stage four means is that cancer has. Jumped from the region where every Jeannie did it and moves into a different body region. For me what that meant to what is the cancer had started in my right breast. And it had moved into use and tissue which in my look within the area between my lines. So I like to call I have. Seats for it lights because it doesn't mean that different organs within my body have been affected at this point we are able to catch it early enough. But it does mean that there is a higher chance. For the Kansas your current leader in my life so that means I have to be constantly on medication and and some different. Medications throughout my life time to make sure that we can suppress cancer what with a treatments that you captain got you where you are today. I may have been through quite a few different treatments that first step for me because I am 29 and I would like to have a family Sunday as I. Had T you go through a month fertility and then freezing my eggs. From there I went right into the surgery to remove some of those lymph nodes that they had found in that region between my lungs. Then I went in T team why did eighteen weeks of keen now. Six rounds. From there I whence you surgery I had surgery in early march of tiny sixteen chairman of my right breast tissue. And any limits now is that where meaning that had cancer and and after surgery I did seven weeks of radiation so I got a full gamut it's. And all the treatments. And it was a long road it's that about a year I am again I was diagnosed in August when he fifteenth and I passed them on road. And now I'm nine at what's called ceramic cheese inhibitors. Which I which is a daily pill that I take to make sure that the cancer is suppressed as much as this weekend but in my potty. And Susan G. Komen still therefore you absolutely still help you out when you need it yes they offend very helpful on this doctor's bills are not cheap. No they're not now you are DM Susan G. Komen San Diego 2016. Honorary breast cancer survivor for their. I'll race for the cure right that's tracked what what what does that honor mean to you. None is very important to me because I feel and I can share my story it's turning negative experience into something positive. And I can awfully empower others regardless. Your preexisting conditions which are regardless of your age or gender or anything like that if I can inspire you to take control of your own health and be empowered to go to your doctor when something doesn't feel right. That means that I can hopefully have an impact on helping other people become diagnosed earlier and becoming treated earlier. And those things don't happen to be siege for fourth and they can go in as early as they feel us and attempt. And really get the help that they need right away and get treated. Now the the race for the cure is coming up next month before we talk about that you have another event coming up here in just a little bit October 13 this year dine out for the cure. And tell us little bit about that path you're on Thursday October 13. For one more delectable day. You looking goes to any participating restaurants throughout San Diego counting. And only got to do is eat how school and for me and you are an important people like him hurry here. So you can go to our our web site komen San Diego dot org backlash is dying out. And find a participating restaurant in your area and you know let go to breakfast lunch and dinner that day. Because all that's going through good ties those restaurants are either providing anywhere from ten to 25%. Of the proceeds of the day. You komen San Diego. To help us continue to be to county's largest funder of breast cancer services and support. Also where the next to the US government were the largest funder of breast cancer research in the world. And you know with diet like Hannity said you're she's gonna have to be. On some type of treatment for the rest of her life and said these advances in research are still so important. We Palmer really long way since the eighties with breast cancer that we still have a long way ago. One woman today in San Diego is still passing away from this disease and that shouldn't be. So when you go and dine out you know you are helping. Put these you know provide these services and get that research. Some of the restaurants include Grant Hill mill in San Diego. Nothing but and Kate. Oceana coastal kitchen and how ideology Sally seafood. And so many more said go to our website we have over fifty. Restaurants participating this year which is the biggest yet. And if you are restaurant and wanna get in on the yes please element it's a sad comments indeed a good dot board. And I don't like your restaurant miss out. There's still time to get in honor I had. That again it's a Thursday October 13 and next after that is you race for the cure yak. That is coming up November 6 years and this is your twentieth year out I have. And where's he going to be held. Army is going to be held in Balboa park as it always in double park. It's always in Balboa park it's always the first Sunday of November this year Sunday November 6. It's a five K and a one mile walk Ryan you can choose which one you wanna do you know. And I and if Tim is an incredible. Day. The emotion and that there the camaraderie. This is the you know you've participated in boxer races this is the walk that started all. This is. And you will not experience anything. And we have some surprises coming up that are opening ceremony that would never have before. Any hints. Formula BIL these. It's eight. I am. Last year. This race pretty cute or foul about two days after one of my key man factions. So I did go one mile and it was a brutal one mild form because I had no immunity. Mean it was very difficult and I am very thankful that my dad was there Whitney. And that's right there next to me hopping through me through that when mild and it was very important for me to be there and that's why I'm really excited to get back there this year. And to be able to share my story without its because night it's due the five K I'm healthy and in remission. And I also wanna share my story because. This is another way of we raise funds for comments India is through this race for the cure and at thirty years old and being in treatment for however for the rest of my life I plan on living. Furlong time yet but my life is also extended. I advances in recent years so that's why it's very important for me that we continue to finds. Different methods of research and finding care for us. And what time is the race for the cure start eating M Balboa park and to be opening ceremonies at 730. So I get there early get parking. And go to our web site komen San Diego dot org back slash race to find out about parking information transportation shuttles. All that good staff and they can sign up there as well you can sign up on the day of prices do go up that day so we would encourage you to sign up in advance on line. It isn't very Sunday that party for shared pattern and stressed out and high energy and it's really empowering let's get him and then again that's them November 6 and that. October 13 for. Dine out for the cure and by the way we have information for. Both of those events on the community events page of the station's website to anybody needs more information go there can go there as well. The money that's raised from this event goes back. Into San Diego komen San Diego right Kerr acts all the proceeds from the event go to Susan G. Komen San Diego. And 75%. Of the of the funds raised stay here locally. In 25%. Goes to global research. The nonprofit organization like yours and likes and others. Volunteers are the backbone of those organizations. How important volunteers for komen San Diego. Common volunteers are so important a lot of people they see this pink ribbon they see us throughout the year. On and temple are big but we are actually only his staff of eight people. And so it's a lot of work for just of us and is so we need volunteers in our offense meaning volunteers and all of our van. And if you go to our website as a volunteer. Application fill that out and Gabby Marietta as a volunteer mandrel being contacts if you. And yet he's trying to put the job. Can't somebody wants to make a donation. To help you with your mission they can do that website yes they sure patent. That would be fantastic it was really really going to help me here in October were really improve encroaching you're gonna see that pink everywhere. Our own boat will we like to say is. Susan G. Komen has more than paint. We really are more than matte color. And we really really providing services and support that is needed and it. I'm before we wrap up. Panic Indiana. Any advice. For somebody that's listening this morning that might think they have breast cancer or know somebody that that might have a what what advice do you have for them. I theme that we live any age where. You can't Sydney gay anything make you feel that might be wrong it's important to go leaning get it checked out it's whether you think he might have. A symptom of breast cancer are you think someone else close to you dads it's very important to encourage that person are yourself to go to the doctor and get it checked out. It's so important to catch a disease like breast cancer right away persons. Letting it wait even longer. And you you went as soon as you found. The love either way I did digit yes sometimes you just try short straw ballot. I think that was my case you know I did not wait very long at all sites. I'm very lucky that we caught at this stage that a wise so we could catch it in time before it spread to other organs within my body and I think that's something that's that's important. Like he said don't waste time because you're doctors soon as you see something that might not be normal for you. And especially because even if you don't have any sense and other than a lump or. Anything like that if you don't have any family history is still means that you can get cancer and that was certainly my case that Tony nine years old and in many cases you can't. It early enough then prognosis is is held a lot better absolutely it is breast cancer is 99%. Survivable if it's caught and it's early stages. And like Hanna who is a great story I'm an advocate for yourself. That's what we want. Everyone's views you or your best advocate. And you know I had problems as well my mother her breast cancer my grandmother passed away from breast cancer. And you know I am at the time I was thirty and I and you know I advocated for myself. It turned out to be a benign tumor but I still. You know I thought what was best for me and that's what I talked to my doctors about. And sometimes it can be intimidating. Not knowing why you know the doctors are telling you something different Internet might be telling you something different. But like in the senate and you know it's an always go with. Right again you know it's best for you and your body. And what's normal what's not normal for your body doesn't always get it checked out absolutely detest that so. Annie and Hanna thank you so much for being on Saturday and and thank you half sharing you story continued good health. And I mean and then desolate thank you for all you do it komen San Diego and and best of luck with Dinah for the cure and race and your thinking so much. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of Vienna comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's web site. Join me next week when my guess will be from serving seniors until then I'm very late have a great week.